Transforming an out-dated canteen into a cool cafe-style hub of the school has earned top marks for Robinson Build-Tech.

Churchlands Senior High School enlisted the services of Robinson Build-Tech, along with TAG Architects, to upgrade their outdated canteen and transform it into an attractive, functional space that would encourage social interaction.

The project involved extensive internal and external works, including the construction of a new undercover walkway and entry area, and a completely new interior fitout to the canteen.

The food preparation area has been completely upgraded, with high-quality commercial kitchen equipment throughout, custom stainless steel benches and a bespoke serving station. All elements within the kitchen area give priority to functionality and ease of use, given the hundreds of meals prepared in the space each day.

The acoustic wooden panelling evident throughout the building is both a design statement and a functional feature, absorbing the significant noise created by the hundreds of hungry students who pass through the building daily.

The custom cabinetry was created to meet the specific needs of the canteen, to store and easily distribute pre-packaged food items with a high level of visibility.

All interior finishes were selected with consideration for wear and tear, prioritising hardwearing items, which were easy to clean and required minimal maintenance.

The refurbishment also gave priority to natural lighting and airflow, encouraging energy efficiency and negating a stereotypical institutional environment.

The final product is a contemporary cafe-style space, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A high quality of workmanship is evident throughout, with the feel more akin to a local cafe than an atypical school canteen.



BUILDER | Robinson Build-Tech
ARCHITECT | TAG Architects
BRIEF | Upgrade the school canteen, creating a contemporary and functional building that encourages social interaction and caters for an increased level of use.
FEATURES | Stainless steel commercial kitchen, bespoke serving station, hardwearing materials and finishes, natural lighting and airflow, acoustic wooden panelling.
LOCATION | Churchlands Senior High School


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