We met with owner Natalie Guy to find out about Perth’s growing vegan movement and perused their impressive cheese selection – you won’t believe how many different nuts you can make into cheese!

Sitting pretty on Coghlan road, Subiaco is La Vida Vegan, WA’s first and only entirely vegan supermarket and grocer. Having opened in Wembley back in 2015, Natalie told us that at the time, every other state had a store exclusively for vegan food, which shone a light on the lag of the vegan movement here and sparked her interest in opening the store.

Three successful years later, Natalie decided to upsize and make the move to bustling Subiaco due to their ever-growing range. In the same timeframe, the vegan movement had skyrocketed in WA, with local vegan producers popping up all over the joint. Lucky for La Vida Vegan (and us), this means they are able to source many of their products locally. When asked about local favourites, Natalie told us the blue and Brie cheese from WA producer Noshing is not to be missed,

“They make it the exact same way as normal cheese, just with almond milk instead. Before I was vegan, blue cheese was my favourite, and I can’t tell the difference.”

For those impartial to almond milk, or those who want to try something different, La Vida Vegan’s variety of cheeses spans all nuts families, ranging from Persian style macadamia feta to a soy and coconut bocconcini.

If you’re more of a sweet tooth, tuck into Constant Craving’s vegan chocolate truffles hand made and individually wrapped in Tasmania – La Vida Vegan is the only place in WA to stock them.

Plus, if your pooch is vegan too, they stock specialised vegan treats and food for your four legged friends. Don’t worry – they get all the nutrients they need from a mix of pea, soy, rice and hemp proteins!

For the already converted or those on the fence, to those just after something new, La Vida Vegan is Subiaco’s one-stop-shop for all things vegan.

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