This fresh-faced office provides staff and clients a vibrant and inspiring place to work and visit.

Taking over an existing new warehouse, the brief provided to JB Interior Design required the building to be converted into a series of offices, with the main area to be open-plan and other areas designed for specific uses. Also requested was a communal outdoor area for working, meeting or relaxing, a ‘time out’ area for each working group to meet in an informal capacity, plus a full-size kitchen. This would be dual purpose, serving as a staff lunch room as well as an area to teach cooking skills to young people leaving foster care and moving to independent living.

An alfresco area was created by cutting out part of the structure, further adding full-height commercial sectioned windows to this and other parts of the building. This emphasised a strong architectural element as central to the working area, both lower and upper levels, and allowed an abundance of natural light into the building.

The relative and practical work spaces have been arranged in a creative format with a warm and inviting atmosphere, supported by a vibrant colour scheme of citrus yellow. This colour element is repeated in laminated furniture and soft furnishings through fabrics and finishes, softened with large areas of charcoal grey and an earthy timber look for desks and cabinetry.

Large black industrial-design Italian lights hang in a row down the centre of the lower open workspace, an effect that complements the playful colour scheme.



ARCHITECT | Croudace Architects
FITOUT | Courtesy Lotterywest grant.
BRIEF | Convert a warehouse into a series of offices with various workstations, ‘time out’ areas, kitchen and alfresco area.
BUILDER | Classic Contractors
BUILD TIME | 18 months
FEATURES | Vibrant colour scheme, architectural elements, natural light, full- size kitchen.
LOCATION | 26a Anstruther Road, Mandurah


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