A tight timeframe to refurbish this venue called for forward planning and a scheduled timescale in order to succeed.

Tony Roma’s is one of the most globally recognisable names in the industry, so benchmarking the Perth store against other Tony Roma’s restaurants was the main style decision established early in the design process.

The venue required a full refurbishment and upgrade to the back of house, including the commercial kitchen, providing functionality by maximising the use of the entire back-of-house tenancy space. This needed to be carried out within an eight-week period to minimise the client’s lost operational time.

During the construction phase, a strict scheduled timescale was adhered to, meeting the tight time restrictions.

In order to reduce the construction phase, locally sourced materials were used, along with the recycling of existing materials to minimise building cost and time. The restaurant’s existing back-of-house plumbing issues were identified by the client prior to the architect’s involvement, and then resolved for the client to avoid the need to bring in further contractors.

The family-friendly restaurant layout is a key feature in the design, with booth-style seating incorporated into the restaurant to allow intimate seating arrangements for casual dining and drinking. The interior features laidback decor, comfortable ambience and the feel of a neighbourhood bar.

A rich and natural material palette was used, in keeping with the brand’s identity. Local wood was sourced, with recycled bricks featured in the new bar. Locally designed laser-cut screens, durable leather fabrics, and custom-designed lighting is featured throughout the restaurant, highlighting the independent Perth store’s ranking alongside its global counterparts. 



ARCHITECT | Matthews and Scavalli Architects
BRIEF | Upgrade and refurbish the venue to reflect the global style and brand of client.
BUILD TIME | 8 weeks
FEATURES | Family-friendly layout with booth seating, casual decor, new bar area, custom-designed lighting.
LOCATION | 919 Hay Street, Perth


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