Missed out the first time? Perth Festival is bringing back the best of this season’s movies for an encore week. Catch the locally-made comedy, ‘How to please a woman,’ before it sells out again! All screenings start at 7.30pm, at Somerville Auditorium.

1. How to Please a Woman

April 1 & 2

After it’s immediate sell-out, How to Please a Woman is back for two more nights. Based in Fremantle, this film showcases some of the best local filmmaking talent.

How to Please a Woman follows Gina, a mature woman at a crossroads with life. She has business spiralling out of control, and struggling to ask for what she wants. Gina must learn to embrace her needs and desires, in order to create a new and fulfilling life for herself. In a humanising and hilarious story, How to Please a Woman looks at vulnerability, desire, and liberation throughout all stages of life.

This comedy-drama will not be one to miss – and is only back for two nights only. It will sell out quick, so get in early. Book here to avoid disappointment!

2. Compartment No. 6

March 30 & April 3

Set in the early 90s, travelling through Moscow, are two very different strangers stuck in a second-class train compartment.

A Finnish grad student and a heavy-drinking Russian skinhead form an unexpected bond, despite being seemingly very different. The long journey and close quarters forces the pair to discover internal truths and encapsulates two strangers yearning for a human connection.

Directed by Juho Kuosmanen, Compartment No. 6 took out the win for the Grand Prix 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Through intimate characters, Kuosmanen shows that loneliness draws humans together. Don’t miss Compartment No. 6 and book now.

3. Memoria

March 29

Unique and mysterious, Memoria is calm with striking twists. Jessica, a botanist in Columbia, and wakes one morning to a tumultuous bang. She sets out on a quest, determined to resolve the reverberating banging reoccurring throughout the day, that only she can hear. Her determination takes her across the landscapes of Botogá, to recording booths, and university quarters. Ultimately, Jessica must un-blur the lines of past, present, and future, and determine what is reality and death.

Memoria is deeply mysterious, and won the Jury Prize at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival for its twists that will leave you questioning everything. Book tickets here.

4. Flee

March 7 – 13, 28, 31

Flee is an animated documentary that tells the powerful story of a child refugee from Afghanistan. The memoir uncovers the painful secret of a 36-year-old academic from Denmark, who grapples with his trauma. Close friend, confidant and director Jonas Poher Rasmussen tells the story through animation and archival footage in a hybrid documentary style. Uncovering personal struggle and self-discovery, Flee is a confessional narrative that tells the story of a man challenged by a traumatic past, and his journey to healing.

After being awarded the Grand Jury Prize 2021 at Sundance Film Festival, Flee has been nominated for three Oscars for 2022; including Best Animated Feature, International Feature, and Best Documentary Feature. Back for 6 showings for encore week, Flee is a harrowing story that will move you. Book tickets here to catch this Oscar-nominated film, showing exclusively at Somerville.

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