Each year as part of FRINGE WORLD, PICA presents an exciting program for the adventurous and this year, it’s quirkier and more colourful than ever.

2020’s line-up includes works from four Western Australian artists and performers. It’s a better time than ever to pay a visit to Perth’s leading contemporary arts institute, as PICA transforms into a queer party, live lipstick apothecary and night club!

This year’s program centres around the 3 Cs – Care, Confession and Community – with each show adding their own spin to these themes. In each work, the artists invite audiences to take a personal journey, carefully crafted with them in mind, to share stories, knowledge and experiences. Under a safe and inclusive banner, the artists explore identity and multiplicities of gender and sexuality. PICA Director Amy Barrett-Lennard commented that PICA is proud to support independent WA artists through the program.

Wrapped as a love letter to ourselves, each other and our communities, don’t miss these four personal journeys at PICA this Fringe season!

This is not personal

Have you ever been asked ‘R U OK’ and didn’t know how to respond? Almost like a group therapy session, this show seeks to help audiences develop responses to the challenges of life when socialising gets too tough. Audience members get to create their own personalised sign-cards to assist them in times of difficulty. Most importantly, this show attempts to help individuals nourish their own state of wellbeing and to continue breaking down the barriers that exist when discussing mental health.


Created and performed by Jen Jamieson.
Outside Eye: Moya Thomas
Dates: Jan 17 – Feb 1
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $20

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In Transmission, Perth-based artist Janet Carter asks audiences to attend a fabulous town hall meeting on January 18, to explore queer desire and culture. In the second installation on January 25, everyone is welcome to a queer party for a night of stories, music and more! The show is a counter-response to loss induced by the AIDS epidemic and the generational loss of the 80s and 90s. The human body is positioned as a transmitter of knowledge and history. Audiences will share in alternative acts of body to body transmission as notions of biology, family and normality are explored and dismantled.


Created and performed by Janet Carter with special guests.
Dates: Jan 18 & 25
Duration: 120 minutes
Tickets: $20

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Experience an intimate queer kaleidoscope fusing live alchemy, participatory performance, and verbatim storytelling. In Lipstuck, experimental artist Daley King lays bare the stories behind shades of lipstick, sharing anecdotes and the fascinating insights of a diverse community. Lipstuck unpacks the binaries and rigid systems that shape the way we live our lives, through the colourful medium of lipstick. Daley discusses how lipstick is used as both a tool of body politics and as a weapon of oppression. During the show, the audience will be asked to read out snippets of stories concealed within lipsticks from Jeffree Star, Tom Ford, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay amongst others.


Created and performed by Daley King.
Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 1
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $22 – $26

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In this personal performance-documentary, former stripper turned performance artist Jacinta Larcombe recalls several instances where clients have told her she reminds them of a friend’s daughter. Now she’s here to expose all the industry’s secrets – not only that, she’s breaking down all the myths that films and the media have built up about the sex industry. Slutdrop combines Larcombe’s childlike art, stories from real strippers, and pop songs to represent her real-life experiences as a stripper.


Created and performed by Jacinta Larcombe.
Dates: Feb 4 – 7
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $22 – $26

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Image credits: Nicolee Fox.

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