A special live movie event, In the Shadow It Waits, which will be filmed at locations throughout Australia as the audience watches, has been announced as part of the inaugural Revelation Couched online Film Festival.

Consisting of 61 different scenes, 58 camera setups and actors performing live from their own homes across Australia, it is a ground breaking and unique event which has arisen out of isolation.

Writer, producer and director Michael Beets describes it as a live horror show that looks like a film.

“This project was created and rehearsed entirely in isolation, in fact, the actors and myself have never met. We’ve created a meticulously rehearsed performance that feels like a film but hinges on the excitement and energy of live performance.”

“It will make you forget that everything – from the editing to the performance – is happening in real time with actors from around Australia. We look forward to bringing the energy of live performance to Revelation’s audiences.”


In the Shadow It Waits tells the story of four twenty-something co-workers, bored with their jobs and sick of being stuck in isolation. They decide to alleviate the boredom by playing a silly online game and unwittingly discover the truth in an urban legend. And while they might not be able to get outside, it doesn’t mean that something else can’t get in.

Revelation will present two live screenings, accessible worldwide, on Friday July 10 and Saturday July 18 at 7:30pm (AWST).  Audiences can take part in a live Q&A with cast and crew directly after each performance.

Festival Director Richard Sowada says Revelation has a great reputation for experimenting with form and context – whatever the medium.

“What we’re doing in the new environment is a continuation of what we’ve always done; support risk, explore new approaches and embrace the possibilities. I take my hat off to the In the Shadow It Waits team… this is hard!”

Screening from July 9 – 19 , Couched online Film Festival will present over 30 feature length and short films, with a third of programming consisting of Australian content, such as In the Shadow It Waits. More information on the festival can be found here.

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