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At twice the size of Western Europe, WA is a huge landscape, filled with more than 700 trails. Many of which boast ever-changing displays of exquisite flora and fauna, stunning views of the landscape and unique wildlife.

Hiking Hotspots

The immense number of hiking options offers an experience for everyone, from the thermal springs, waterfalls and cliffs in the north, to the south, and one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots – the magnificent karri forest with its plentiful flora and fauna.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

Following the route of the old Eastern Railway, this unique 41km loop trail begins in Bellevue, through to the Perth hills, passing Darlington, Parkerville and Mundaring.
It’s a must to stop and check out the local pubs, cafes and visit the parks for a picnic as you journey through the trails.

Eagles View Walk

Dubbed “a bushwalker’s delight,” the 15km walk encompasses coastal views across Swan Coastal Plain and the city of Perth.
The circuit displays the wonders of John Forrest National Park. Locations to stop at is the Park’s Falls, the lookout point at the top of the hill, and Christmas Tree Creek, just to name a few.

The Lakes Walk

Situated on Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Western Australia, the walk exposes the Island’s natural beauty.
The highlights of this 9.7km loop reveal the island’s inland lake systems, bird life and possible encounters with the famous Quokka.

Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail

Accessible from the town of Jarrahdale, the 16km trail is just an hour’s drive from Perth, though not for the faint hearted.
Following the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook, the trail passes multiple waterfalls and the chance to try the town’s other walking trails. It requires a degree of fitness as you will encounter steep sections and uneven ground.

Woylie Walk

Looking to do a walk with the kids, this is an easy loop trail they’ll love.
Only 5.5km in length, the trail goes through the Dryandra Woodland where the whole family can visit more than 70 endangered and rare animals like the Numbat.

Ghost House Walk Trail

More of a nature and cultural walk of the wilderness, the walk will take you through Yanchep National Park and uncover some of the wetlands and historic remains of the ‘Ghost House.’
The walk passes through tuart forest, coastal heath and banksia woodlands, ending at Cabaret Cave. Being 9.2km long, it’s still family-friendly, perfect for a family outing.

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Image Credit: Boranup Forrest – Tourism WA; Frenchman Peak – Tourism WA; Cathedral Gorge – Shutterstock; Emma Gorge Hike Trail – Tourism WA
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