The iconic Fly By Night Club is celebrating 30 years of live music!

In 1986, a group of musicians and music lovers started the Fly By Night Club. Their aim was to provide a venue for musicians, performers and community groups and to help the development of artists.  Located in the Victoria Hall heritage listed buidling in Fremantle, WA, it is a not for profit, member based community organisaion with their vision being "to provide a sustainable venue with a social conscience that can be enjoyed by future generations."

30 years on, the Fly By Night Club has hosted over 5000 shows, with more than half of these being local acts. It has been a spring board for established local bands including San Cisco, Tame Impala, The Waifs and Eskimo Joe, just to name a few. It has also been host to countless iconic acts such as The Whitlams, Sara Balsko and Renee Geyer and becoming, along the way, a diverse, eclectic, all embracing venue to acts and audiences alike.


This November, get down to the club to celebrate three decades of incredible live music, with performances by Shane Howard Trio, WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, Lucy Peach, Russell Morris and so many more!

The club holds a venerable position within the Fremantle community and, indeed, within WA.  We all like to think of it as our own, as a place that many of us have grown up with, perhaps seen our first live act there and a place where we know we can continue to enjoy the best live acts around.  In a time where these sorts of venues are, sadly, getting rarer, the Fly By Night Club can proudly claim to champion live entertainment and to celebrate the intimate connection between artist and the public.  

Visit for the unbelievable program of events and to book your tickets today. 

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