Reflecting the dramatic landscape to which it provides access, this fresh-faced regional airport gives travellers a warm Kimberley welcome.

Increasing traffic to the Kimberley region necessitated a comprehensive extension and upgrade of the East Kimberley Regional Airport’s terminal building, to provide a more efficient, comfortable, and welcoming arrival for visitors.

The brief outlined a desire for larger, brighter, outward-looking waiting and departures spaces, and a new internal baggage-reclaim hall, including a baggage carousel. To increase efficiency and reduce processing time for multiple flights, the checked-bag screening area also required an upgrade.

The massing of the building extensions was driven by the volumetric requirements of the interior spaces and the scale of the existing check-in hall, which was to remain. Viewed from the land side, the new volumes of the baggage and departure halls balance the scale of the check-in hall at the opposite end of the terminal, while from the airfield, the departure hall projects dramatically higher. A dynamic arrivals canopy draws focus to the centre of the building for arriving passengers.

External finishes to the building extensions comprised Colorbond corrugated cladding and aluminium cassette cladding, balancing a Kimberley vernacular building material against more contemporary commercial material.

Large walls of glazing were employed in the check-in, arrivals, departures, and baggage halls to provide generous light and views to waiting passengers and visitors.

The building was wrapped in custom-made, undulating aluminium screens to give shade and help visually unify the new and retained sections of the terminal.

Internally, an acoustic metal strip ceiling was employed unconventionally as a rolling, sculptural form over the main halls. Both the screens and the ceiling reference the forms of the rugged Kimberley landscape visible across the airfield.

Photography Andrew Pritchard



ARCHITECT | Sandover Pinder Architects
CONSTRUCTION | Pindan Contracting
BRIEF | A comprehensive extension and upgrade of the terminal building to provide a more efficient, comfortable, and welcoming arrival for visitors.
BUILD TIME | Approximately 1 year.
FEATURES | Larger, brighter, outward-looking waiting and departures spaces, and a new internal baggage reclaim hall including a baggage carousel.
LOCATION | Kununurra


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