Dana Vulin’s book, Worth Fighting For, tells the story of her incredible journey after being doused with methylated spirits and set alight by a woman who wrongly believed Dana was having an affair with her husband. Here she speaks to Boffins Books Direct Service Consultant Amy Hotz ahead of her event with the bookshop at Duxton Hotel Ballroom.

Why did you feel it was time to write this book?

I thought it was very important to get my voice and true story across. The voice of a survivor. As well as a lot of the evidence, trial and information within that. I felt it was important to convey that, yeah shit happens and life can be hard, but with a positive outlook, change in perspective and mindset and a lot of hard work dreams can become a reality. I really wanted to inspire others who are going through hardships and give them a humorous perspective to look at things.

You talk about the experiences and reactions of your friends and family, both while you were in the hospital and while convalescing. Was it hard to talk to them about what happened to build up the story?

For me that was actually the hardest part. I can talk about my injuries all day long as I’m constantly living them, but to see the toll it took on my family and friends was incredibly hard. Especially because even though they were all doing so much for me, they still felt helpless.

Were there things you think you could have done differently that might have changed the outcome?

No there aren’t. You can’t ever predict the behaviour of another person. There is no way of ever knowing that, so I can’t look back and think about what if. If I’m always looking back and questioning the past, I’ll only go backwards. What’s done is done. All I can do now is look forward, and move on positively towards my future.

Did you feel that the police and other investigative sources handled your case and the events the best way they could? How did you feel about your neighbours’ actions?

The police, the justice system, emergency services were all brilliant and instrumental in my recovery. My neighbour Denis Ericson is one of the reasons I’m alive. For me, he is the true definition of a hero; brave, kind and very humble. I will never find the words nor the actions to be able to thank all the above. My heart is full of pride for humanity sometimes.

As traumatic and horrific as your experience was, have you taken any positives from your experience?

Out of something so truly evil, I have seen so much good in humanity. I really do believe there are more good people out there than there are bad. Perspective plays a huge part in your own life and a lot of good has come from this horrible ordeal. Always, always have hope because without hope there is nothing to look forward to. Life is what you make it, even if you are dealt a shit hand you can still win.

Dana Vulin is speaking at her event with Boffins Books Breakfast with Dana Vulin – Worth Fighting For at Duxton Hotel Ballroom on August 29. Find out more.

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