From stunning sculptures to interactive street art installations, Mandurah is home to some truly outstanding art. Uncover gems from local talents all across the city, inspired by the unique landscapes of the estuary, the amazing native fauna and flora, and the history of the region.

With so many attractions to see, the City of Mandurah has devised two easy walking trails that touch on all artworks. Here are the highlights of the trails that you can’t miss.

Trail 1: Murals and Stained Glass Marvels

1. Stained Glass Window

Start your trail at the Mandurah Visitor Centre, where you can see the stained glass glow with life. As filtered sunlight backlights images from Dreamtime creation stories, see dappled pelicans and dolphins play within the Rainbow Serpent, who created the landscapes and animals shown in the artwork. From there, duck your head into the Black Stump Gallery to appreciate vivid works of art from local WA artists, including iconic images of the region by Emma Blyth.

2. 3D Illusion Painting

Leaving the Visitor Centre, you will encounter the second location on this trail. This amazing optical illusion is painted across the pavement using angles to create a 3D image of fauna from the Peel-Harvey Estuary. Be sure to snap a picture interacting with the animals in this one!

3. Leviathan

Pop over to the Mandurah Museum to take in an artists dedication to historical ship, The Leviathan, who met her end after only eight voyages when she sank 2 kilometres from Soldier’s Cove.

4. 3D Blue Swimmer Crab

Get a cheeky picture with this icon of Mandurah’s waterways. This clever, 3D piece can be found across the Mandurah Bridge, created by award-winning artist, Jenny McCracken.

5.  War Memorial

This stunning sculptural memorial can be seen from across the bay, with two lines of white pillars rising and falling from the waters edge, mimicking the path of the rising and setting sun. With inscriptions inspired by the soldiers that gave their lives in war, this reverent installation is a dedication to the poem ‘At the Going Down of the Sun.’

6. Spring Swing 

One of Mandurah’s most Instagramable spots, this laneway is covered with images of wildflowers. Sit on the ‘swing’ and become a part of the installation itself.

7. The Heart

Continue on to the Eastern Foreshore, the final destination on our street art highlights trail. Perfectly framing the gorgeous Mandjar Bay in the background, The Heart references the Noongar word for the area, Mandjoogoordap, meaning ‘Meeting Place of The Heart.’ Pose for a picture with someone close to your heart inside the frame for a memento of Mandurah you can keep forever.

Trail 2: Sculptures and the Sea

1. Yaburgurt Memorial 

Yaburgurt Winjan was a prominent member of the Bindjareb Noongar community, and this piece commemorates the centenary of his passing. The sculpture depicts the six seasons of the area.

2. The Gull

This large, wooden boat is designed to give the impression of a ship that has run aground and has become a popular playground for children. With a spyglass, steering wheel and mast adding to the illusion of a mighty vessel from days gone by, this is an interactive artwork that nods to the fishing history and cultural ties to the ocean that exist in Mandurah.

3. 3D Pelican

Yet another 3D illusion piece painted on the boatshed by the marina. Hold your hand up by the fish’s tail to look as though you are feeding the hungry pelican.

4. Adrift I, Adrift II and James Service Wreck

This series of aluminium sculptures are dedicated to WA’s rich maritime history, including shipwrecks and fishing expeditions.

5. Arts Centre Rainbow Serpent

Another nod to the creation story of the land and animals of the estuary, this brand new, enormous mural by Daniel McHenry can be seen from the opposite bank. Spanning the entire outside of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, each of the six seasons is represented within the Rainbow Serpent, with interactive puzzles and exercises painted along the bottom. While you admire this expansive mural and activities, pop into the Arts Centre and visit the Alcoa Mandurah Gallery to find a beautifully curated selection of local works.

To follow the full art trail, see here to download your trail map.

Header image by Daniel Wilkins


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