TASSI AGOSTINO - Fiera di Grottaferrata

TASSI AGOSTINO – Fiera di Grottaferrata

From international artists to home-grown talent; from old masterpieces preserved over centuries to installations assembled here in Perth; from landscape paintings to photos and film exhibitions.

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A Window on Italy – The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence
Now – Jun 18, Art Gallery of WA

Featuring Renaissance and Baroque paintings by artists such as Botticelli and Caravaggio – these works survived the devastation of World War II and the great flood of Florence. This is the first and only showing in Australia.

Jules Sher – Above and Beyond
Now – Mar 11, Linton & Kay Subiaco

These formal landscape paintings are based on an aesthetic awareness of nature’s elements. The horizon line separating earth and sky is a constant theme in all Sher’s works. “As a landscape painter living in Western Australia, it is impossible not to be affected by the fierce light, intense colour, immense space and endless horizons of this extraordinary landscape,” Jules Sher.

Mar 3 – Mar 28, Margaret River Gallery

Lumineux is a group exhibition by three WA artists, working in vastly different mediums, each exploring light, colour and form; Myra Mitchell paintings, Salli Coppin jewellery and Gerry Reilly glass. Coppin’s newly designed pieces show the raw beauty of her materials in stunning wearable pieces, capturing light and colour through the use of metals and gems


Perth Festival Exhibitions


Kimsooja – Zone of Nowhere
Now – Apr 25, PICA

Paris’ Centre Pompidou described Kimsooja as ‘one of the most influential multidisciplinary conceptual artists of her generation’. This is her first solo show in Australia and features a public art project throughout the streets of Perth and an installation of 30 large translucent flags suspended above PICA’s central gallery space.

Zadok Ben-David – Human Nature
Now – Apr 21, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

It took 60 volunteers a week to install the 20,000+ miniature plants that form one of two breathtaking installations by Zadok Ben-David. The miniature plants resemble a bushfire-ravaged landscape, only to reveal new life. Human Nature brings a touch of magic to issues such as our relationship to nature.

Lisa Reihana – Emissaries
Now – Apr 22, John Curtin Gallery

Lisa Reihana’s Emissaries was highlighted by numerous international media outlets as one of the best at La Biennale di Venezia. The artwork is a filmic reimagining of a 200-year old French Neoclassical scenic wallpaper Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique, popularised as ‘Captain Cook’s Voyages’.

Christopher Charles – Banjawarn
Now – Mar 3, Gallery Central

Christopher Charles explores Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo and their time in remote Western Australia. Incorporating site artefacts, this exhibition is a fascinating expedition into the mythology of a cult.

Pilar Mata Dupont – Undesirable Bodies
Now – Apr 6, FORM Gallery

Dupont examines the legacies of colonisation. Through stunning photographs and video, she explores a story of invasion and conservation in the Pilbara country of the Yindjibarndi people.

Zadok Ben-David: Human Nature

Local Artists on Display


Bevan Honey – Gone to Dot
Now – Mar 10, Turner Galleries

In this exhibition of new large-scale drawings Bevan depicts objects that are loosely connected by urban notions of leisure and luxury. The title of the exhibition implicates these objects as now having a trading value worth zero.

Southern Perspectives
Now – Mar 18, Heathcote Cultural Precinct

A unique opportunity to experience thought-provoking artworks by some of the state’s most talented young artists. The exhibition showcases artworks by Year 12 Visual Arts Students who graduated from selected high schools south of the river in 2017.

Paul Lucas
Now – Mar 11, Gallows Gallery

Paul Lucas has been inspired by the Australian landscape since moving to Australia from England in 1963. His current muse is the ocean, particularly the areas surrounding the Abrolhos Islands, a subject he became fascinated with after working on Cray boats.

Bevan Honey: Kingman



Cynthia Verspaget – Extended Landfall
Now – Mar 17, Perth Centre for Photography

Extended Landfall is the instinctive ‘knowing’ of oncoming land by ancient seafarers through sensory anomalies. The exhibition is set from the artist’s view as the daughter of an immigrant family who arrived on the shores of Fremantle before settling in Australia.

Natasja Kremers/Angela Mitchell – Femme
Now – Mar 9, PS Art Space Fremantle

A creative collaboration between two artists: photographer Natasja Kremers and illustrator Angela Mitchell. A fusion of gritty, raw photography and delicate overlaying illustrations results in a series of surreal artworks.

Angela Mitchell / Natasja Kremers: Femme


The Regional Art Scene


Removing the Traces
Now – Jun 3, The Holmes à Court Gallery

An exciting group exhibition that shares significant abstract works representing the essence of land, forest and water in the south-west landscapes from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.

Kerry Nobbs Ocean Series 1
Now – Mar 12, Jah Roc Galleries

Kerry Nobbs zones in on the energy of the ocean, stormy seas and crashing waves. His portrayal of movement in the water with its foaming white wash results in a stunning representation of our big blue.

Kerry Nobbs Ocean Series 8

Want more? Head to our Visual Arts page for a comprehensive guide on the 70+ exhibitions going on in WA.

Featured Image: Tassi Agostino: Fiera di Grottaferrata

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