The WA Charity Orchestra offers you the unique opportunity to support the creation of fine music by carefully matching your passion for the arts with giving to a nominated charity.

We are looking for individuals and businesses that can enable us to grow and would like to become Founding Partners to support the arts by helping us change lives through music.

With over over a decade of performances,you can trust that we have the expertise to deliver masterpieces and ensure that your generous contribution will resonate with audiences today and into the future.

Our music and performance rich programs offer engagement and significant opportunities for commercial and community partnerships. These include our corporate and social events program, education programs and mentoring and community outreach programs for disadvantaged community groups.


By becoming a sponsor, partner or supporter, not only will you be enriching our community with music you will benefit from a range of complimentary VIP tickets, group event packages and reciprocal publicity for all our events media and programmes. You could also enjoy a private ensemble of your choice for your corporate or social events!

We also offer a number of smaller events packages we can easily tailor to suit your social or business needs.

To arrange your next event contact:
Honi Graf, Business Development Manager
Phone: 0412 200 619 Email: [email protected]


You can support WACO by making a donation,starting a workplace giving program, nominate us in your will, or buying a ticket to a performance!

Your support of the orchestra and ensembles will allow us to continue presenting memorable concerts in major and community city venues with an exciting repertoire.

From sheet music to concert venues,and transport to uniforms, there are many costs associated with event production and running an organisation. Your support will not only help to cover these costs but will introduce performers to incredible education and training opportunities and provide access to specialised instruments. All of this will allow our sound to be carried, seen and heard to change lives like never before.

Your support helps us to do what we do best: changing lives through music.

Join Our Community
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