Life is stressful enough without having to decide which spa to go to when you want to unwind. Scoop sent a team of experts to do the hard work for you, sampling a whole range of treatments from the city’s best day spa locations. As an added bonus, we ended up with the most chilled-out, glowing office in publishing…

Bodhi J

While it’s good for a facial to draw out any hidden gunk that’s lurking beneath the surface, for many women, getting a facial means breakouts. That’s not always the case, of course, but with a wedding to go to in a week I didn’t want to take any risks. I’m an avid Sodashi user too, so I headed to Bodhi J, a natural and organic day spa in Wembley whose treatments use Sodashi products.

On the agenda was a full body Aromatherapy Massage, Sodashi Stop & Relax Facial, and a Sodashi Scalp Treatment.

The whole experience is designed to relax, rejuvenate and boost my skin, hair and body, but it took a while for my body to realise that it was time to relax. It wasn’t until I was in the candlelit treatment room that I started to loosen up and felt my shoulders slowly come down from where they were wedged under my ears.

It’s the attention to detail that makes the Bodhi J experience. A heated blanket warmed the massage table, and soft music played during the whole treatment, creating a tranquil aesthetic. My therapist Victoria asked if I have any problematic areas on my body, then began the massage. Within minutes I was feeling my tight neck, sore back and knotted shoulders easing.

The facial was a relaxing concoction of sweet-smelling, natural Sodashi exfoliants, masks and sprays, and Victoria fluidly worked my face over with delicate fingers and soothing hot towels. Later – after the whole experience, and while I was sipping tea and enjoying some fresh fruit – Victoria ran through all of the products she used during the facial, and listed my problematic areas (note to self: must exfoliate more).

I’d never experienced a hair mask before (not one that stays on for more than five minutes, anyway), and let’s just say that my strands lapped this treatment up. The clay ‘mask’ went on cold and then became quite hard as it dried. It’s recommended you wash it off when you get home, or leave it on for the whole day – that’s a big call, but I can honestly say that my hair felt the healthiest it’s been in years.

In less than two hours, this whole experience had pampered me from head to toe. I left feeling fresh, revitalised and ready to face another hectic week of work.

The Details

The Aromatherapy massage can go for 60 or 90 minutes ($110/$150). The Sodashi Scalp Treatment is only $20 (and totally worth it), and the Sodashi Stop & Relax Facial lasts 30 minutes ($80).

Visit Bodhi J, 42c Grantham Street, (cnr Nanson Street) Wembley
(08) 9387 5152,


endota day spa

My facial at endota day spa was customised based on my skin type, which was determined under UV light. Head therapist Danielle told me the orange light that showed up on my skin indicated (good) natural oils, which needed to be balanced. At the same time, some areas were dehydrated and unevenly toned – on the forehead and under the eyes, for example. They showed up under the light as grey or purple, and required hydration, brightening, and a more even tone.

The treatment started with a gentle cleanse, using a milky Ceuticals cleanser, which smelled fresh and felt luscious on the skin. This was to remove makeup and pollutants from the outside environment before a second cleanse to treat the skin.

A hydro-microdermabrasion treatment was applied, removing dead cells with the use of a diamond-cut head, while the customised fuse penetrated deep into the layers of my skin to brighten and hydrate. It is great for ageing skin, and has good results on acne scarring, age spots and sun spots. I experienced a slight cold sensation when the treatment was applied to my face and neck, and there was some very gentle pressure and a little tingling.

This treatment can be enjoyed as a one-off but is popular and effective as part of a series, such as a single, one-hour treatment that’s followed by seven half-hour treatments every month or so. It is recommended for people of all ages.

While a sumptuous mask of moisture soaked into my skin’s deeper layers, I enjoyed a fantastic head, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a brightening serum, Daily Protein moisturiser (a protein-rich, fragrance-free cream designed to repair cellular damage by stimulating increased collagen production), and an eye and lip treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin production and strengthen the skin’s structure where wrinkles begin to emerge.

At the end of the treatment, I felt deeply relaxed and – strange as it sounds – my skin didn’t feel like it was mine. It was noticeably softer and more supple, especially on the neck areas, where it seemed plumper and firmer. This feeling continued for some days after the treatment, and I noticed it was easier to apply makeup the next day as my skin seemed smoother and less deeply lined.

The Details

A hydro-microdermabrasion customised facial is non-invasive and costs $80 for 30 minutes, $110 for 45 minutes, or $140 for an hour. It is only available at endota day spas.

Visit endota spa Perth, Level 1, 856 Hay Street, Perth (08) 6181 9858; or endota spa Fremantle, 18 Essex Street, Fremantle (08) 9433 3349,


Onyesha Spa Pinelake

The treatment Honey Nut Smoothie

What did the treatment involve? Rainforest sauna, full-body brushing exfoliation, and full-body massage using sweet almond oil and a deeply moisturising Honey Body Cream.

Time Two hours.

Cost $249

Benefits of the treatment The Honey Nut Smoothie left me with silky smooth, soft skin, and in a deep state of relaxation – so much so, I drifted off to sleep! It also helped alleviate some of the upper-back tension I had been experiencing (the massage therapist asked if there were areas I wanted her to focus on). All Onyesha Spa Pinelake’s treatments use holistic OmVeda-Ayurvedic Herbal Skin & Hair Care products. As its name suggests, this treatment used OmVeda’s Honey Body Moisturiser, a deeply hydrating lotion that smelt divine.

Age group recommended The spa package is suited to men and women of all ages, and all skin types.

Experience Just a short five-minute drive from Joondalup, Onyesha Spa Pinelake is a beautiful day spa set among 10 acres of gardens, lakes and waterfalls. When strolling through Onyesha Spa Pinelake’s grounds, all that can be heard is trickling water and the sound of chirping birds. To my delight, my treatment was in the spa’s Lakeside Villa, overlooking the beautiful lake and its enchanting island gazebo. The package began with a Rainforest Sauna in its outdoor infrared sauna, followed by the exfoliation and massage in the private villa. I was then treated to a pot of herbal tea (the Honey Liquorish tea is to die for), and a bite-sized treat in the heated Garden View Conservatory. This oh-so-sweet treatment is a winter warmer not to be missed.

Visit Onyesha Spa Pinelake, 26 Pinelake Trail, Mariginiup (08) 9306 8335,


Skindeep Medi-spa

The treatment Dermafrac

What did the treatment involve? Dermafrac is a precision controlled hand piece, made up of hundreds of micro needles that are rolled over the face and neck. The initial consultation involves a VISEA skin analysis, to identify areas of concern such as sun damage, acne, dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and fine lines. The treatment is then tailored to your needs. The needling makes tiny wounds in the dermal layer which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to aid in the healing process. With Dermafrac, serum is simultaneously infused directly into the skin whilst the needling is taking place and the pores are very open.

Time About 10 minutes for the consultation, plus 40 minutes for the Dermafrac (including micro).

Cost $195 for the micro and Dermafrac, including needling and serum infusion (most good micros cost over $100 without the extras).

Benefits of the treatment The treatment claims to improve skin tone, texture, uneven colouring and fine lines.

Age group recommended Anyone wanting to improve the overall look of their skin and to regain a bit of that elusive, youthful glow. 

Experience The treatment starts with a microdermabrasion, a pleasant surprise because I didn’t realise that was part of the procedure. I love micros and have had many over the years to deal with post-pregnancy pigmentation so I am quite particular about them. This one is non-crystal, so no residue is left on the skin, and the exfoliation is deep without being harsh. Then comes the Dermafrac, its infusion a super cocktail of peptides and vitamins that ensures skin is very hydrated, and helps with the stimulation of collagen. There’s a mild discomfort, but nothing unmanageable. 

For the best results, you can then opt for an extra 20 minutes spent under the Omnilux light therapy machine – like a massage without the hands, it’s said to help activate the skin’s natural renewal system. It’s totally pain free and very relaxing.

My skin was glowing not long after, so it would be an excellent way to prepare for a big event, but it was about 10 days later that I saw the best results. Like any good micro, there is a bit of light flaking for a couple of days after but then my skin showed definite improvement. There’s not really any downtime.

The Details

Visit Skindeep Medi-spa Central Park, 777 Hay Street, Perth (08) 9226 2997; or cnr Preston and Labouchere roads, Como (08) 9368 0829; or 114 Birkdale Street, Floreat (08) 9387 5414; or Mullaloo Plaza, Koorana Road, Mullaloo (08) 9307 6998,


Djurra Day Spa

If I’m stressed out, you’ll know it. Deadlines and conflict have a way of manifesting on my face in angry red breakouts, flaking skin, and steadfast acne marks. So when I was offered the chance to experience the non-invasive Aveda Dual Exfoliation Treatment at Djurra Day Spa after a particularly difficult month, the timing couldn’t have been better.

The facial’s claim? To slough off dead skin cells, fade acne marks, and tighten enlarged pores through a combination of natural multi-layered exfoliation techniques. The results are said to be similar to microdermabrasion or a peel, but minus the downtime, and can be seen after just one session. Hell, yes!

I scheduled my ninety-minute appointment and made my way down to Djurra Day Spa. A Freo native, I had glimpsed Djurra’s brick exterior on High Street before, but had dismissed it as a hair salon and walked past. I certainly didn’t expect the sizeable and sophisticated day spa, with exposed bricks and polished floorboards, stretching away into various rooms and wings.

Djurra is an Aveda salon, so it has its roots in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system said to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. They take this mission seriously, with questionnaires aimed at finding your Ayurvedic type, specialised aromatherapy, and super-relaxing touches like foot massage, herbal tea and a luxuriously fluffy robe. After my spirit was sufficiently pandered to, my therapist scrubbed my face with the Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner, a mechanical exfoliator that preps your skin for the goodness to come. Next, she applied exfoliating pads to my skin in a peculiar pinching motion, to get maximum exfoliation, before applying a tingling glycolic peel.

The last step was a ten-minute cooling mask to reduce any redness or inflammation (and to give my therapist time to squeeze in another massage. Hurrah!). Immediately afterward, my skin stung a little, and I wondered if the treatment had irritated it. I needn’t have worried: an hour later, my skin was noticeably smoother, softer, and calmer than I’d seen in a while. And not just to me, either, scrutinising my reflection so closely my nose smudged the mirror. My mother also commented on how nice and smooth my skin looked. Even better, it stayed clear for the fortnight following.

For skin like mine, with acne marks and blemishes, a treatment each week for one month is recommended. For everyone else, just one treatment does the trick, with powerful and instant results. Time-poor stress heads, this one’s for you.

The Details

The Aveda Dual Exfoliation Treatment at Djurra Day Spa is $179.

Visit Djurra Day Spa, 4/61 High Street, Fremantle (08) 9336 6081,


Cleopatra’s Temple

I’ve tried massage before, but never had one where I was truly able to relax – my brain is constantly ticking. Sure, a one-hour aromatherapy bath, 30-minute stone massage and warming vanilla facial sounded relaxing, but would it really get me to a state of calming euphoria?
Putting my scepticism aside, I booked in for Cleopatra’s Warming Pamper Package. Inside, two giant pharaoh statues greeted me. It was here that I met my therapist for the day, Monica, who took me through the main hallway – decked out in hieroglyphics and Egyptian pillars – to one of the Egyptian-themed pamper rooms. The room was warm and cosy, the lights soft, and I was starting to feel – dare I say it – relaxed.

After a foot mud bath and massage, it was time to get in the tub. The lights were dimmed and Monica left me with a glass/goblet of sparkling champagne and a number of nibbles (including strawberries and chocolate-coated marshmallows) to enjoy during my soak. I lapped up the feeling of luxury as I sat there enjoying my treats, but my mind was left wondering what was next.

Soon enough, the lights were turned back on, and I was out of the bath and onto the massage table, ready for my hot stone massage. I was covered in oil before hot stones were pushed from my bum all the way to the top of my back. At first, the stones seemed a little hot, but as the massage continued, a warm glow went through me. This was the first time I’d experienced hot stone on my back, and it was an amazing sensation.

For the next half hour, Monica continued to move her
hands and the stones in circular motions around my body, specifically working on the knots in my back and shoulders. She applied just the right amount of pressure, making sure not to hurt me, and it wasn’t long before my eyes got heavy and I was completely and utterly free of stress.

As my chest, shoulders, upper arms and neck were massaged, I listened to the soothing music playing in the background, before Monica moved on to perform the last part of the package – the vanilla facial. This facial left the delicious scent of vanilla floating through the air, and when it was done and I’d got dressed again, I was offered a tea or coffee.

I’d definitely recommend this for anyone, of any age, who needs to relax. It’s also perfect to ward off those cold winter days – you leave feeling toasty and warm, and that’s only in part due to the dash of cognac you can request to have in your tea or coffee afterwards…

The Details

The Warming Pamper Package takes two hours, and costs $160.

Visit Cleopatra’s Temple, Unit 3/752 North Lake Road, South Lake (08) 9414 9339,


Le Beau Clinic & Spa

The treatment Firming, burning and reducing cellulite? Say hello to the non-invasive Radio Frequency and Ultrasound face and body treatment.

What did the treatment involve? The Accent Dual-Layer Thermotherapy uses radio frequency to direct therapeutic heat at different tissue depths in the body, and gradually heats and re-contours the skin.

Time Under two hours

Cost There are a number of treatment packages available. The neck starts at $250. Therapists work on a template, and assess your body and the different areas you want to work on, then create treatment options from there.

Benefits of the treatment I only had the one treatment, but I did notice that my upper thighs in particular felt slightly tighter. I can imagine that after additional treatments and a treatment plan, the results would be quite dramatic.

Age group recommended They can treat any age and skin type, and
any area of the body, face, neck and arms. I’m told that some people can’t handle the heat of the treatment, but I found it very soothing and relaxing.

Experience The team at Le Beau Day Spa Skin and Body were so helpful, and explained any concerns I had about my skin. Most people, they said, come in concerned with cellulite, others with wrinkles or the underarms. After running through the procedure and discussing my skin, which is mid-30s and sensitive, they took a ‘before’ image – I couldn’t wait to see the ‘after’ – and then I was oiled up and straight into the treatment. It honestly just felt like a warm/hot object over my body. I had the treatment on my upper thighs and bottom, and a small amount on my stomach. There’s no downtime, it’s non-invasive and I was told I had to be sure to drink lots of water after the treatment to flush the body, plus I wasn’t allowed to have a spa or sauna afterwards. 

The Details

Visit Le Beau Day Spa Skin and Body, corner South Street and Gilbertson Road, Kardinya (08) 9331 1122,



The treatment Khrono age facial

What did the treatment involve? Exfoliation, peel, mask, lymphatic massage (decolletage, face, hand). It claims to slow skin ageing, maintaining youthfulness and “holding back the advance of time”.

Time One hour

Cost One treatment is $150, although five treatments ($600) are recommended over three to four weeks. Take-home products (Time Capsule Cream, Capsulating Time Booster Serum, Shield Eye Essence) are suggested to use in conjunction.

Benefits of the treatment The exclusive ingredient Chronodyn™ supports the skin’s regeneration capacity and provides the skin with lasting, gentle hydration, allowing it to recover its tone and firmness. The anti-ageing facial serum includes Neodermyl, the first molecule on the market to reactivate collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin. Recognisable results can be seen after one treatment, which has a filling, redensifying effect on the skin.

Age group recommended Suitable for all ages at any time of year, it’s recommended for people who have visible signs of ageing or sun damage, and for those who are 25 and over. Staff have never had a reaction from anyone who has used the product. Perfect for brides-to-be or before a special event, it works well for people who suffer pigmentation.

Experience The facial began with a cleanse and then an exfoliation (a tingly sensation was felt in areas of my skin that were congested, but it subsided within minutes). A mask was then applied with gauze over my face and decolletage – this was very cooling and refreshing. While the mask was setting, I was given a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. After the mask was removed, a hydrating serum was applied to my face, finishing off with an eye cream. The facial and massage were extremely relaxing, and great for stress relief. I noticed an immediate brightness of skin and plumpness on my early-30s skin, with fine lines filled and bags around my eyes reduced, which is a slight miracle. The treatment is great for stress relief and tired skin.

Visit Luscious Therapy, 51 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth (08) 9444 0029,,

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