With advanced smart-meter technologies, SATEC is the expert in energy-management solutions for any project.

SATEC Australia was formed in 2010 and brings together a combined 40 years of experience in energy-management solutions across all sectors – commercial, industrial, residential, retail, data centres and utility. The company is a global leader in research, development, innovation and manufacturing of energy-management solutions.

SATEC is 100 per cent focused on advanced smart-metering technologies including energy-management and billing software. Users can rely on knowledge and support from a single supplier for all electrical monitoring applications such as load management, power quality and billing solutions.

Recent legislation changes by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) have seen new standards in Australia for electricity meters used in trade measurement or tenancy billing applications. From this, the company created the nation’s smallest din-rail, NMI pattern approved, smart multi-function meter, compliant to the new ‘NMI M 6-1′ standard.

Image by Murray Fredericks


This innovative, pioneering technology delivers significant value to developers by saving space, and enabling smaller electrical installations.

SATEC’s next generation multi-channel metering system, Branch Feeder Monitor
(BFM136) allows cost savings with ‘high density installations’, saving space as well. This system is ‘best in class’ technology, giving users advantages in flexible designs, better cost per metering point, high accuracy, data logging and Ethernet communications.

Australian venues already benefiting from SATEC’s advanced technology include Gold Coast University Hospital, Central Park, Sydney Markets, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

For developers of commercial, residential and mixed-use projects, contact SATEC to see how they can help you design smarter and build smaller, using less space, saving time and money.



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