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Clubs Associations in Perth Coast


Activ Foundation

Western Australians with disability are able to find employment, a place to live, travel and recreation options, and much more through the State-wide network of Activ.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Disabilities



Activ has a fascinating history firmly based on the twin pillars of family and community.

We were officially formed in 1951 by a group of parents who wanted to give their intellectually disabled children a better life. Until then, children with intellectual disability were institutionalised alongside men and women with mental illness.

The organisation was originally called the Slow Learning Children's Group and dedicated to their cause. Families spent countless hours fundraising and lobbying governments for change.

As awareness flourished, the Group's early inspired farm project grew to embrace homes, transport, schools and sheltered workshops.

Today, we are continuing to grow to meet the changing needs of another generation. While the spirit of the founders is always with us, we have modernised our facilities, introduced new occupations and leisure activities and offer a broader range of services to support the whole-of-life needs of an ageing population.

Our earliest members would be proud to see we are the largest provider of services to people with disability in Western Australia, with more than 100 facilities throughout the State. 

Autism West

Autism West Support Inc is a not for profit organisation that provides a range of services to people who are affected by Autism.

  • Type:Volunteer,Charity,DGR 1 Status
  • Charity:Disabilities


  • Employees (FTE):12
  • Established:2000


<p> Autism West is associated with the South West Autism Network (SWAN). SWAN is a not for profit, charitable organisation supporting the families in the south west region of Western Australia living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.</p> <p> We have many activities and programs that are running across 2014. If you require further information or want to register your interest, please contact Gabriella on 6389 1833 or email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.</p>

Building Better Futures at Point Resolution Child Care

A passion to help children learn and achieve has been the key to success for Point Resolution Child Care in Dalkeith.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Education & Training



A passion to help children learn and achieve has been the key to success for Point Resolution Child Care in Dalkeith.

Starting life as an occasional child care centre 34 years ago, it became a full-time operation in 2012 and has earned an enviable reputation as a family-oriented, play-based child care and early learning centre that provides a safe, loving and nurturing atmosphere.

Operated by the City of Nedlands, the not-for-profit PRCC has been recognised for exceeding National Quality Standards with an educational curriculum that offers a stimulating and inclusive program.

An early childhood educator is on-site Monday to Friday with resources offering creativity, imaginative play and open-ended learning to encourage a mixed-age group of children to gain skills independently.

The early learning program features numeracy and literacy activities aligning with local schools, sensory exploration, self-expression and creative experiences and learning environments that enhance language, cognitive, physical and social skills.

PRCC Coordinator Romaine Ratnawibhushana said the most fulfilling aspect of her job was helping children under six years to grow into responsible, competent learners.

“I have dedicated my professional life to developing our most precious resources,” she said.

“By having patience, creativity and enthusiasm for children and meeting both their needs and the expectations of parents is the rewarding part of my job.

“It’s very gratifying to know the community trusts myself and my staff to give their children the fundamentals that will allow them to grow and progress.”

Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins said PRCC was the perfect environment for children to discover their creativity, confidence and love of learning while receiving the best care and attention they need.

“Children aged up to six years are encouraged to develop their social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills through the Early Years Learning Framework – and the centre also offers pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs,” he said.

“Encouraging social and emotional development is important when transitioning into kindergarten and PRCC’s programs help with their focus on preparing children for the demands of school life.

“This includes developing self-help skills, learning classroom routines and introducing early learning concepts.

“PRCC also builds on relationships with local schools to further develop ways of bridging the pathway from early learning to school.”

Enrolments for 2018 are now open – people are invited to tour the centre and learn more about the high-quality curriculum and early learning program on offer. For more details, call 9386 5835 or email [email protected].

Point Resolution Child Care is located at 53 Jutland Parade, Dalkeith (next to the Dalkeith Bowling Club).

Cancer Support WA

Supporting and empowering West Australians and their families through cancer for the past 29 years

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Financial & Legal,Health,Information & Referral



Cancer Support WA is a charitable organisation based in Cottesloe, WA. Cancer Support WA is the only cancer wellness organisation in WA which directly supports people through every stage of every type of cancer.

As the pioneer of the 'Wellness Approach to Cancer' in WA, for almost 30 years, Cancer Support WA has helped and supported thousands of West Australians with cancer and their families to achieve wellness and healing.

Cancer Support WA's Wellness Approach to cancer integrates wellbeing therapies such as nutrition, exercise and meditation with mainstream treatment. 

How we help:

Support Services
•  24 hour cancer support phone line (08) 9384 3544

•  Support Groups
  – Cancer Wellness Support Group
  – Grief & Loss Support Group
  – Women’s Healing Circle

•  Wellness counselling for emotional wellbeing
•  Mentoring
•  Financial counselling

•  Advance care planning


Wellness Program
•  5 Week Wellness Courses
•  1 Day Cancer Wellness Workshop
•  Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

•  Guest Speaker Program

•  Inspired Living Series
•  Regular Classes and Sessions
•  1 Day Retreats


Information & Resources
• Library & Resource Centre
• Cancer Wellness Handbook
• Cancer Care Packs
• Wellness News magazine
• Moss Reports

• Referral Network


Community Events

• Annual Concert
• Healthy Habits Week
• Healing and Meditation Outreach Program
• You Are Beautiful Exhibition
• Walk for Wellness - Great Wall of China Challenge 2014


During 2013 and 2014 major works will occur on the Wanslea site and will see many of Cancer Support WA’s core services conducted at the nearby Cottesloe Civic Centre and also our Armadale venue, Kookaburra Creek Yoga Retreat Centre.

ClimateClever Initiative 2018 - Info Session - Cambridge

Participating schools will benefit from reduced carbon emissions, financial savings from utility bills and improved student learning outcomes around sustainability and carbon reduction.

  • Type:Government
  • Charity:Environmental,Local Community


  • Government:Local



Applications are now open to participate in the 2018 ClimateClever Initiative! This program started as the Low Carbon Schools Pilot Program (LCSPP) in 2016 and has worked with 15 schools across the Perth Metropolitan area over the last two years. We experienced such fantastic success with participating schools that the program is being launched nationally in 2018 as the ClimateClever Initiative.

This information session will provide you with an overview of the program, benefits of pursuing carbon reduction initiatives and how the ClimateClever Initiative and the innovative ClimateClever apps will help reduce your school's carbon footprint and save you valuable school money in the process.

One school in Perth has saved over $80,000 by pursuing carbon reduction initiatives at their school. Think of where that saved money could go!

Who is it for?

This session is for principals, deputy principals, registrars, business managers, support staff, teaching staff, P&C members and community members/volunteers who want to pursue carbon reduction and efficiency at their school. We encourage anyone involved with a school to come along and learn more.

For more information visit our website: www.simplycarbon.com.au/climateclever-initiative-2018/ or email [email protected]

What if we have already signed up?

Any members of your committee who have not yet attended an information session can come to meet other participants and hear about what is involved next year.


Are you having information sessions at other locations/dates in Perth?

Yes! Visit simplycarbon.com.au/events to see all of our information session dates and locations.


Light refreshments will be provided

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia

This Association is a self-help organisation, holding regular meetings to share information, purchase equipment and fundraise to support research into cystic fibrosis.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Fundraising,Information & Referral



Who are we?
Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia was established in the 1970’s by a group of concerned parents. The Association was a self-help organisation, holding regular meetings to share information, purchase equipment and fundraise to support research into cystic fibrosis.

In essence the work of CFWA remains the same today. We provide education, counselling, advocacy, recreation and home care services. We also provide home nursing and physiotherapy services to enable early discharge and early intervention from hospital.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to contribute to the social, physical and emotional well being of those affected by cystic fibrosis and to assist in the promotion of research.

Our Philosophy
Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia believes that each person should be given the best care and support that it can provide in a comprehensive, empathetic and professional manner.

Our Vision
Lives unaffected by CF. 

Fibromyalgia Support Network

Dr Kaye Brand PhD established the Fibromyalgia Support Network in Perth, Western Australia in 2008. Professionally Dr Brand is a Physiotherapist. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 15 years ago and found that there was very little education and support for people with this condition in Western Australia.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Mental Health



We run monthly meetings at the Melville Library. Most months we have a specialist guest speaker, and then a catch-up/chat time afterwards. They are on the first Thursday of every month.

There is also a growing list of social coffee mornings in Perth, the suburbs, and the country. They are held monthly in Albany, Baldivis, Bicton, Bunbury, Geraldton, Gosnells, Mandurah, Margaret River, Mindarie, Morley, Mullaloo, Rockingham, South Perth and Wanneroo. We also have a weekend coffee morning, in Kings Park.

International Skills and Training Institute in Health

The International Skills and Training Institute in Health (ISTIH) is an independent, not- for-profit organisation that co-ordinates the resources needed to deliver sustainable medical skills training and disaster relief within the Indo Pacific region.

  • Type:DGR 1 Status
  • Charity:Education & Training,Emergency Relief,Employment & Training,Local Community,Mental Health



Drawing from a volunteer pool of Western Australian, Australian and internationally-based clinical specialists, ISTIH aims to work in collaboration with local health workers and organisations to develop specialised training programs in medicine, nursing and allied health to suit the needs of communities across our region.

ISTIH was established in 2005 following the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. Professor Michael Henderson and Professor Bruce Robinson AM recognised a lack of cohesion across Western Australian development aid initiatives within the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, and formed ISTIH to enable a holistic approach in the delivery of WA-based aid services to communities throughout these areas. Most international aid and disaster relief arrive too late to save many victims, as many die within a critical period of 12 to 24 hours of a disaster. ISTIH was developed as an alternative to common reactive aid approaches and embodies a pre-emptive, proactive approach, by which local medics are equipped with the necessary skills to respond to an emergency situation before disaster strikes.

ISTIH uses an outcomes-based ‘train the trainer’ model to achieve this, ensuring we maximize the utility of available resources in order to achieve long term and sustainable outcomes in community healthcare. ISTIH clinical volunteers travel to a region and teach skills training and ‘up-skilling’ courses to local allied health workers and students, with the view that once clinicians have gained such knowledge, they can pass this on to others, and so forth, as part of a continuing chain of impact or ‘ripple effect’.

The Institute’s current engagements include providing ongoing support for the development of emergency medicine in Myanmar (Burma) and Nepal, and maternal and child health in Papua New Guinea. ISTIH also offers an Elective Placement Scholarship to facilitate bilateral exchange between medical students of the University of Western Australia and University of Indonesia. More information about our work can be found via our website.

ISTIH is grateful for the support of our core partners, the Department of Health and Aging of Western Australia and the University of Western Australia (UWA). The Institute’s head office is located at UWA Claremont campus.


Medical Cannabis for Patients and Carers

PERTH - Medical educational seminar for patients to learn how this new medicine may benefit them to treat symptoms of epilepsy, chronic pain, chemo-induced nausea and vomiting and Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Type:Non Government
  • Charity:Health



Perth - Medical Cannabis for Patients and Carers

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia in November 2016. There is good clinical evidence that it may be of benefit in chronic pain, MS, intractable epilepsy and nausea in cancer related chemotherapy. Come and learn how your medical condition may be treated by medical cannabis.
On Thursday 14 September 2017 at 7:00pm

Paul Mavor - Health House International
Paul is a pharmacist who has been researching the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several years. His company was granted the first medicinal cannabis import license in Australia and he is currently distributing medicinal cannabis products to eligible patients. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge from his hands-on research in the U.S., Canada and Israel.www.healthhouse.com.au 

Dr Joe Kosterich - author, keynote speaker, general practitioner and health industry consultant
Dr Joe Kosterich is a Perth-based GP with more than 20 years’ experience in the media, writing for newspapers and online, and providing expert comment on health and medical issues via print, radio and television, both in Australia and internationally. While continuing to practice, Dr Joe can also be seen regularly on the Channel Nine Morning Show in Perth and has written several books on health and wellness. His website, www.drjoe.net.au, provides information, articles and tools on a wide variety of health and medical topics. He regularly engages in social media commentary via Facebook and Twitter.
Cameron Scadding - Source Certain
An expert in supply chain integrity and ensuring that consumers get what is both promised and from the source claimed. www.sourcecertain.com

Two Patient advocates will be discussing their journey

A representative from Epilepsy Action
Established in 1952, Epilepsy Action Australia undertakes research and advocacy, and delivers innovative, high quality services across Australia to optimise life outcomes for people with epilepsy. The organisation's aims are to increase epilepsy awareness and understanding in the community, and facilitate self-management of epilepsy for people with the condition.www.epilepsy.org.au


Bendat Parent and Community Centre - Auditorium (Telethon Speach & Hearing)
36 Dodd St, Wembley, WA 6014

Medical Cannabis Research Australia
[email protected],au
08 9388 0810

A not for profit dedicated to lobbying, education and research in medicinal cannabis

Early Bird Tickets only $25 - available until 31 August 2017


Motor Neurone Disease Association WA (Inc)

MNDAWA is a registered charity and support organisation that works with people living with Motor Neurone Disease, their families, friends and carers throughout WA.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Disabilities



MND is a group of diseases in which the neurones (nerve cells) controlling the muscles fail to work normally. With no nerves to activate them, the muscles gradually weaken and waste. The senses, memory and intellect usually remain intact.

Other names for MND include; Lou Gehrig's Disease (USA), ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Maladie de Charcot (1869), Creeping Paralysis.  

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Western Australia

MDWA is passionate about improving the quality of life for people living with neuromuscular conditions. We work with hundreds of families, helping them get the best support and services they need.

  • Type:DGR 1 Status
  • Charity:Fundraising,Mental Health



About Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy belongs to a group of genetic neuromuscular conditions where muscles slowly degenerate and weaken. Where muscle would normally rebuild and continue to grow, in neuromuscular conditions once the muscles are damaged they have limited ability to repair. Neuromuscular conditions affect more than 20,000 Australians and we support around 800 families in WA.

Neurofibromatosis Association of WA Inc

To support neurofibromatosis sufferers and their carers by bringing families and individuals together and to promote awareness within the community, particularly amongst medical practitioners.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Information & Referral



Neurofibromatosis (NF) is one of the most common genetic conditions and can affect anyone, regardless of family history, race, gender, or ethnic background.

There are three types of NF, type 1 (NF1),  type 2 (NF2), and the lesser known Schwannomatosis. NF1 affects approximately one out of every 3-4,000 individuals.  NF2 and Schwannomatosis affect one out of every 35-40,000 individuals.

NF is characterized by the growth of benign tumours called neurofibromas. These tumours can grow anywhere in the body where there are nerve cells. This includes nerves just under the surface of the skin, as well as nerves deeper within the body, spinal cord, and/or brain.

In NF1, neurofibromas most commonly grow on the skin or on the nerve to the eye. A tumour which grows on the nerve to the eye is called an optic glioma and, if it grows large enough, can cause problems with vision, including blindness.

In NF2, neurofibromas most commonly grow within the spinal cord or brain. Specifically, the tumours are found on the nerves to the ear, called acoustic neuromas, or the nerves for balance, called vestibular schwannomas. Acoustic neuromas, if large enough, can lead to deafness.

Nulsen Disability Services

Nulsen is one of Western Australia’s leading disability services providers focusing on people with complex disabilities.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Disabilities



Our mission, vision and values

Why we exist: To enable people with complex disabilities to lead the life they want while maintaining their well being.

What we do: We collaborate with people with complex disabilities and their families so they have the opportunity of a good life with choice and control over the services they receive.

Our values:
We are courageous
We have the strength to embrace challenges with conviction. That was true of our founding parents over 60 years ago, and it’s true today.

We are accountable
We have integrity. We do the right thing even when it’s hard. We do what we say we will, and we take responsibility for our actions.

We collaborate
We listen, we say how it is with care and respect, and we work together so those we support can live the life they want.

We are adaptable
We have a ‘can do’ attitude in the way we respond to customers so that they receive the services and support they seek.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

Here at the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation we’re helping to transform the health care of WA’s sick children and young people so they can live their healthiest and happiest lives.

  • Type:DGR 1 Status
  • Charity:Health



It’s sometimes surprising for people to learn that Our Foundation is the largest funder of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) after government. In the last 21 years we’ve contributed over $81 million with a further $28 million committed over the next five years.

With the help of our generous donors, corporate partners and volunteers, our efforts ensure that WA sick kids and young people continue to receive world class paediatric care that comes from groundbreaking research, the most advanced equipment and technology, the expertise of highly trained experts from Australia and around the world, innovative education and training programs and positive patient and family experiences.


PlusLife is a WA not-for-profit organisation licenced to retrieve, process & distribute human bone & tissue. Just like organ transplants some people need bone or tissue transplants.

  • Charity:Fundraising,Health
  • Type:DGR 1 Status



<p> As a registered charity and the only bone bank in Western Australia, PlusLife provides an essential service to the health sector. Amongst the recipients are children and adolescents with spinal deformities, bone tumour patients (generally young people who have avoided amputation of a limb by recieving a transplant); and many patients with arthritic joint disease caused by dibilitating arthritis and trauma, whose mobility and general wellbeing has been improved by receiving bone grafts from PlusLife.</p> <p> <u><strong>Primary Objective</strong></u></p> <p> To enhance the life of patients by providing the highest quality grafts (transplanted tissue) for their surgical treatment and to acknowledge the generous gift of donation.</p> <p> <u><strong>How Can People Donate Bone/Tissue?</strong></u></p> <p> PlusLife operates two bone/tissue donor programs:</p> <p> <strong>Living Donation</strong> - PlusLife accepts donations from patients undergoing hip replacement surgery. These patients may donate the femoral head (ball part) of the hip joint, which is otherwise discarded as a routine part of the hip replacement surgery. PlusLife Donor Liaison staff discuss donation with hip replacement patients and obtain their consent before surgery.</p> <p> <strong>Cadaveric (deceased) Donation</strong> - with the consent of the next of kin, PlusLife may also retrieve bone and tissues (including tendons and ligaments) from deceased persons. This program provides the large structural grafts used for major limb saving and reconstruction procedures for patients with bone cancers and those requiring complex joint replacement surgeries. </p>

Town of Claremont

The Town of Claremont is the local government authority for the beautiful, leafy, riverside suburbs of Claremont and Swanbourne.

  • Type:Charity
  • Charity:Local Community


  • Government:Local


Located 9km from the Perth CBD, the Town of Claremont is home to dynamic events, beautiful open spaces and a vibrant retail environment. The Town of Claremont is an open and accountable government that encourages community involvement.

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