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The B-Plot Girls

What happens when a repressed housewife and the worst kind of feminist collide? Come for the chaotic bitch-fight, stay for the sarcastic commentary of gender, media, capitalism and Satanic rituals.

  • Dates:Jan 20-31
  • Time(s):7pm
  • Venue:Girls School
  • Festivals:Fringe Festival


  • Ticket Price:$22
  • Venue:Girls School
  • Festivals:Fringe Festival


Bridget is the perfect wife and mother with a dark secret she’ll kill to protect. Jen is a devoted journalist, determined to uncover whatever it is that Bridget is hiding. It’s a plot lifted straight out of a TV drama that’s been running for about three seasons too long. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. A musical comedy about what happens when a repressed housewife and the worst kind of feminist collide. Come for the chaotic bitch-fight, stay for the sarcastic commentary of gender, media, capitalism and Luciferian rituals. Will these two characters destroy each other? Will their actresses learn to get along? Will Jen and Bridget ever escape the B-Plots of their own lives? Tune in to find out.


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Whose Rhyme Is It Anyway?
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The Motherhood presents Surviving the Circus
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Rooftop Cinema presents: Burlesque
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Paraiso Perdido - An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Jose Bacarreza
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Not Another Magic Show!
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Nadia Collins: Chrysalis (a work in progress)
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Melon the Human attempts to top his last show which got him into the largest circus in the world.
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Madrigals and Madness
MadFappaMania III
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longest day, shortest night
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Life Drawing with a Comedian
Leighton's Lamentations
Learn Magic: Celebrity Magician Jon Fox Reveals His Secrets!
Le Doublé Bill
Kohesia Quartet: Nightingale Songs
Kohesia Ensemble: An Evening of Persian Jazz
King of Comedy (UK)
Justin Sider is D!ckless
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Grant Busé: SentiMENTAL
Gordon Southern: Nisolation
Good Dick Energy
Gong Show
Golden Aged Girls
Girls Gone ABBA - The Sounds of Mamma Mia!
Girls Gone ABBA - The Sounds of Mamma Mia!
Ginava's Messy Friends
Gender Blender Burlesque 3
Galentine's Day Gala
Further to Fall
FRINGE WORLD 2021: Dome Date Night (18+)
Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered
Five Stubbies For A Six-Pack
Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble
Fatale Attraction: Menagerie
Fatale Attraction: Final Fantasy
Farm Backpacker (Subclass 417)
FairyFales 2021
Fairly Average Dance Party
Everything's Kinda Stupid!
Ethnic Cleansing
Elvis - All-Girl Tribute to the '68 Comeback Special
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Dream Girl
Drag Queen Comedy Hour
Drag Diva Spectacular: Love & Pride
Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched - A Wedding Extravaganza!
Down the Rabbit Hole by Shana James
Do the Hibble Hop!
DIVAS - The Drag Revue
Disney in Drag: Once Upon A Parody
Disney in Drag UP LATE: A Perverted Parody
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Defiant Women - Voices of Protest and Change
Dear Divas - A Love Letter
Dead By The Minute
Date Night
Dancing Monkeys of Spijker's Twist
Cupid's Imaginary Auditions
Cultural Renegades
Crap Music Rave Party: The High School Ball
Confession: An Immersive Experience
Community Circus Workshop
Comma Sutra
Comedy Striptease
Comedy Queen
Comedy Meditation
Comedy Kombi
Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Bonkers!
Comedy Art Auction
Comedians Vs Rappers
Colour Warp
Club Burlesque
Circus'Cision: Those that made the cut!
Champagne Showgirls present The One Night Stand
CERAH Exchange Showcase: Thinking through Cross-Disciplinary Methodology
Catherine Summers in 'Le Club Chic A Paris' (5-Piece Jazz Band & Burlesque)
Captain Spaceship: Renegades
Cabaret of Curiosities: Curated
BurLEZque: Pillow Talk
Burlesque Idol Australia
Bubble Show For Adults Only
Brodi Snook: Work in Progress
Broadway: Both Ways 3 ½
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Brewed Laughter | Beer tasting with a comedian
Brewed Laughter | Beer tasting with a comedian
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An Aussie, African & Englishman walk into a bar...
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A Midsummer Night's Drink
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70s Record
4some of Awesome Take a Break
30 Years Single
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
2 Nuts for Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
12 Films Heart


  • Venue:Girls School
  • Address: 2 Wellington Street,East Perth,WA,6004
  • Phone: 0499 770 344
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: