Whether you’re a thrill junkie or you just want to challenge yourself, these sports will get your heart racing, your head rushing and your legs shaking.

Skydiving | If you’ve ever thought about skydiving, then it’s time to take that leap of faith. Skydive the Beach and Beyond offers the ultimate rush of tandem and solo skydiving above the scenic towns of Rockingham and York. For groups of 24 or more, there’s the option to skydive over Perth’s CBD. We bet you’ll be thinking that 60 seconds never felt so long. 1300 663 634, skydive.com.au/wa/.

Buggy Rides | Driving fast cars is cool and all, but driving a V8 buggy is even cooler. Xtreme Buggy Thrill Rides have buggies that are designed for off-road racing at speeds up to 100km per hour. Get your engines running and test the power and speed that these buggies have to offer. But don’t fret, their suspension will stop you from toppling over as you take on the track’s corners and jumps. Kendall Road, Lancelin, 9438 2070.

Abseiling | What goes up must come down. And what better way to come down than abseiling back to earth? Adventure Out Australia offers a one-day program that suits both the novice and the experienced abseiler. Descending in two main venues, Stathams and Boya quarries, this course is not to be missed. Unit 5/324 Orrong Road, Welshpool, 9472 3919, adventureout.com.au.

Flyboarding | Ever wanted to be like Astro Boy? Jetpack Adventures gives you the chance to relive your childhood dream of flying. Picture a jetpack crossed with a hovercraft, add water, and you’ve got the flyboard. Strap the water-jet-powered
board to your feet and soar above or dive under the water. This experience will take you to all new heights. Literally. Henley Drive, Champion Lakes, 1300 538 722, jetpackadventures.com.au/perth/.

Microlights | Sky Sports Flying School offers tailored training for all aspiring microlight pilots. If you want to do anything from chatting about microlighting to learning about flying solo, then these guys will get you off the ground. For those eager high-flyers, it is recommended that you undertake a minimum of 20 hours flying within a three-to-four-day block. Lucky there’s onsite accommodation, too. Cameron Road, York, 0419 942 645, skysports.net.au.

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