Quirky bars, hidden street art, and some seriously good dining options: Victoria Park is a no-brainer date spot. But what do the locals do when they’re looking for a great date?


“Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona. It’s all rescued animals. You book in a day to go down there and you can touch them and play with them. It’s amazing. Horses, cows, pigs, chickens, alpacas, goats – everything.” -Ashley, 25, student

“I’ve never been on a date in my entire life! But I’d take a date to the board game cafe (Cafe Myriade) in Northbridge. I love Scrabble and Cluedo. I also love movies – if people didn’t like movies, that would be a deal breaker.” – Sigrid, 26, tutor



“Going to Northbridge for beers – Frisk Bar or PICA Bar.”

– Laura, 23, retail assistant


“The dog beach – when you’re sitting across from each other at a restaurant it feels confrontational, so we take my dog to the dog beach, where we can walk side-by-side. Then we walk back to mine, where I’ve got an outdoor shower to wash the dog. That’s when I kiss them – works every time!”
– Brendon, 30, barista 



“We like going out for breakfast. We love Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge. We’ve been paddleboarding.” Alex: “I’m not good at it but Brad is!” Brad: “You’re all right!”
– Brad, 26, mechanic and Alex, 23, nurse

“One of my friends always takes girls out for breakfast, because it’s the cheapest meal and you can leave if you don’t like it, but if it’s going well you can go into lunch.”

– Rachel, 28, sales rep



“My first date with my partner was stupid: Cold Rock on a winter’s night. I didn’t even think. But it worked! And I guess you can try and keep them warm by offering your jacket…”

– Scott, 25, sales rep

“Go to Bounce, or something fun! You get to impress them with your moves. Otherwise you can go to a day spa or a hotel – book a couple’s package and relax, and then go out for drinks in the hotel.” – Charlene, 18, beauty student


“There’s a really cool restaurant in Perth called Balthazar. It’s really hidden, really secret – it’s just
got this banner out the front to show you where it is. It’s so intimate, so romantic. I love it.”
– Carmen, 22, retail assistant


“I try and be a little bit creative! Usually a picnic in Kings Park is pretty good, or drinks on Beaufort Street and then dinner. Five Bar or Clarences’, and el PUBLICO is great for food.”

– Daniel, 29, real estate agent



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