We hit the good-looking, graffitied-up streets of Northbridge, to ask its equally attractive people: where in Perth has the hottest hospo staff?

“Little Willy’s. Hot Rob’s got mad coffee skills and he’s an all-round nice guy. He also supports the Dockers and he surfs.”- Cat, 24, student


“Tea for Tu – Andrew is personable and charming, and gets to know everyone that comes in. People actually come here to see him – we joke around, ‘Here’s another one getting his phone number’. We don’t tell people I’m his partner – otherwise they’ll never come back! They come here to chat to him, then they add him on Facebook.”- Ann, 34, shop/retail owner 




“Clarences. They’re funky, they all dress really well and wear whatever they want. They’re a little more hipster-looking, it’s that kind of vibe.” – Ben, 32, operations manager 

“The Bird, because they’re all foreign and beautiful. And also The Moon, because they’re all foreign and even more beautiful.” – Steph, 22, student

“The staff at 399 Bar are all friendly, relatable, laid-back and genuine.” – Matt, 23, publicist


“Well, I come here to Mechanics Institute a lot. The staff, not only do they make some of the best cocktails in Perth, they sing to the music! They know every song, and this place has the best music in Perth. They’re the coolest bar staff to hang out with. It’s nice to see staff enjoying the place they work at.”- Adam, 31, retail assistant



“The people at Box Pizza are really friendly and open, and they play good music. They also have a night where you can bring your own records and play it on their record player. I just love it there.”- Leila, 18, retail assistant 




“The Mustang Bar. The staff are alternative, and there’s this hot redhead. They’re just a bit different there – they have their own vibe.”- Madison, 18, IT  officer


“The Blue Room theatre bar – there’s a bartender there who does magic tricks, and is excellent
at them!” – Tim, 30, actor

“Yeah, the bar staff are really friendly, and really passionate about the place they work at, because
it’s a theatre. They also make the cheapest drinks
in town.”- Arielle, 29, actor





“The people at Dominion League are pretty cool. They just know their shit about alcohol, basically; they know what’s good and make good recommendations. The Standard is great, too – I have good connections and good conversations with people at both places.” – Nicolee, 22, retail assistant


“The staff at Five Bar have a mass appeal. They cater to many different audiences, and change their tone to meet the customer. I’ve never had a bad experience there.” – Laura, 30, barista



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