Where can you find the best cocktail in Perth? We posed the question to the libation-loving people of Fremantle.

“The Odd Fellow is my favourite – it’s in the basement of the Norfolk, but has a completely different vibe. My favourite cocktail is a Moscow Mule (‘cause I can’t say no to ginger), and they make a killer one.”
– Marlies, 23, Library Assistant

“Monk has the best cocktails! And the best time to get them is early – really early, like 7am. Go in the morning to get a Bloody Mary – it has bacon in it!”
– Trent Rojahan, 26, Bartender

“Even though I’m usually more of a dark rum girl, I love the Bellini Martini at Nobu. It’s made with gin and peach liqueur, and goes so well with their amazing sushi. It’s the best place to go for a special date night.”
– Elle O’Neill, 26, Optical Dispenser

“The service at Char Char Bull is New York level – so good we even tipped the manager after he made us special cocktail concoctions that weren’t even on the menu.”
– Justin O’Neill, 33, Engineer

“I think Malt Supper Club on Beaufort Street, ‘cause they put a lot of alcohol in their drinks. There’s a really awesome bartender from Italy who makes hilarious conversation and yummy cocktails.”
– Emma Difalcio, 29, Nurse

“I’m not a big cocktail drinker, but I did just have a really good mojito at Stables Bar in the city. There were no frills – it was just a classic mojito – but the vibe of the place was so cruisy and perfect for after-work drinks.”
– Stephen Cerquera, 27, Sales Consultant

“I love the quiet seating at Rockpool, and the New Fashioned, a cinnamony, spicy rum drink. They make all their own ingredients, so it’s all really fresh. The staff is very serious, and so are their cocktails. The prices are pretty serious, too!”
– Lawrie Pettman, 35, General Manager

“Mum’s the biggest expert on cocktails! We went to the Tiki Beat Bar at the Newport the other day. It was so unexpectedly nice and their drinks were delicious. The staff are really friendly, really ‘Freo’.”
– Amber Sky, 20, Bartender

“Yeah, they make their own spiced rum, so any of the cocktails with their rum are guaranteed to be amazing.”
– Jo Sky, 54, Massage Therapist

“I’m definitely a Freo girl, so we head to Benny’s all the time. My favourite is their strawberry caipiroska. They’re very sweet and alcoholic – but not too alcoholic. The presentation is all pink and pretty, too!”
– Jelena Kovacic, 24, Accounts Payable

“I have to say Benny’s, too – the Tequila Sunrises are my favourite. They make them a lot stronger there than most places, so you can’t go wrong.”
– Lewis Parkinson, 24, Storeman

“Bar Lafayette has the biggest range of cocktails – I always find something I love there. I don’t really have a go-to cocktail or liquor, so it means I can trial all their different drinks. Even the building is so quaint and niche.”
– Meiche Honson, 25, Admin Assistant

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