Shake up your weekend with these off-the-beaten-track ideas.


“A sober exercise rave in a room of sweaty hipsters,” was the beautifully curt description of fitness craze No Lights No Lycra from online health and beauty bible The Glow. You’d be forgiven for thinking along those lines – its grungy Fitzroy roots and defiantly choreography-free routines do seem to speak to a very niche, Instagram-loving, Birkenstock-wearing crowd. But don’t dismiss it so quickly. No Lights No Lycra – or NLNL, for us devotees – is a freeform dance class, where inhibitions are lowered and stresses shaken out through improvised movement and that pitch-black space. It’s exactly the opposite of a Les Mills class, and twice as fun. But be warned – you do get sweaty. Though NLNL calls itself a dance space, leave your expectations of Blue Light Disco shuffling at the door and prepare to get hot. There’s more than an hour of dance time with no breaks, and you’ll find that because you feel less conscious of your dance moves, you’ll throw them out with wild, athletic abandon. By the end of it, you’ll be soaked and delirious – but it’s so much fun, you’ll only realise you exercised on your way home.

 Need to know

  • To preserve the meditative vibe the freeform dancing provides, NLNL has some friendly community guidelines. No phones, no talking, and dance by yourself (not with a mate). This is time to relax, so enjoy it, distraction-free!
  •  Song requests are encouraged – send them through to NLNL on Facebook at least two days before your dance night.
  •  The group applauds at the end of each song – we’d like to think it’s for our dance moves!
  •  NLNL costs $5 and runs on Tuesday evenings in Fremantle and Northbridge, plus Thursday evenings in Northbridge.
  •  Check and for times and locations.


Admit it: there’s a special kind of satisfaction you only get from being in-the-know about something. Next-big-thing bands, secret little bars, insider tips on Perth’s best, say, noodles (ahem) – we love being the ones with the info. And arts org FORM is taking that one step further, with small-group guided tours of some of Perth’s best street art. Imagine the satisfaction of stopping a friend outside the Cheeky Sparrow to inform them that artist Alexis Diaz was such a perfectionist with the giant seahorse mural he painted on the Wolf Lane wall, he had to recruit other artists to assist him after sunset, in order to finish before his flight back home. And that’s just one story! You’ll hear heaps more on the tour, which is guided by Margot, the project manager of the PUBLIC 2014 program that put most of the art on the walls. She’s a goldmine of quirky facts and background info on the artists, and isn’t afraid to crack some snarky jokes. We like! You’ll hear all about the works – what they represent, how the artists had the ideas, the painting process and street art techniques used – and find some gems you never even knew were out there. And, you’ll be overwhelmed by how beautiful the art is. Trust us – we know.

Need to know

  • Zero fitness is required for the walk – it’s an easy hour-ish stroll around the city streets. You’ll want to bring a hat, though – it gets pretty hot in that Murray Street carpark!
  • Make sure you stick around when the walk finishes – your ticket price includes a coffee with the rest of your group at the end! We think it’s a great chance to brainstorm exactly how you’ll impress your friends with your new-found knowledge.
  • Walks run on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings – call FORM on 9226 2799 to book your place.


In a technologically advanced world full of high-definition video and extreme surround sound, it feels good to get back to retro sometimes. The Galaxy Drive-In Theatre – Perth’s very last drive-in – provides a Grease-like experience as you watch the big screen from the comfort of your own car. Nostalgic adults will love the cheap-as-chips $10 tickets, (kids’ tickets are just $5), with new and classic movies playing Tuesday to Sunday, and movie marathons playing on weekends. Gates open at 6pm so you can park in a prime spot, have some dinner, let the kids run wild, create your blanket fort and get cosy before the movie starts at 7.15pm. It’s the perfect place this winter for a family adventure or a romantic date. Snuggle up with an abundance of rugs, drink hot chocolate, eat Galaxy’s famous hand-cut fries, and watch the big screen from the privacy of your car. The best part? Not having to worry about annoying your neighbour with sugar-high-just-can’t-sit-still-hyperactive children, or over-the-top PDA with your lover.

Need to know

  • The sound plays through the car’s stereo so remember to bring jumper leads just in case your battery goes flat (there’s at least one every time).
  • They don’t take cards, so make sure you have cash – how else are you going to buy all those M&Ms?
  • There’s a Tuesday Night Special, just $20 per car per movie, so get in early for the perfect spot.
  • Visit for session times and special deals.


Ever had that craving for time to just freaking stop? Or wanted to escape from all of life’s crap just for a sec? Sounds like you need to hop into one of these bad boys. Spend an hour in a futuristic-looking float-tank filled with warm Epsom-salty water, in the dark, butt-naked, cut off from all forms of #instaface. This may sound like hell to some (and it can be at first!) but as soon as the meditative tunes kick in, and you allow your body to be held up by the salts – literally no effort required – your senses get a chance to switch off and you get an hour to do sweet nothing. After your hour of floating (and maybe a cheeky nap), rinse off in the shower and slowly re-enter the real world (this must be how babies feel when they come out of the womb…), in the candlelit couch area, sipping on some mint tea with Ben and Nick, the two bros who run the joint. They’ll help you understand why your body is feeling better than it’s meant to – the massive amount of magnesium (40 per cent) in the water has now soaked in and is acting as a natural painkiller to aid those little muscle niggles. After your visit, the world will have stopped making you want to ram your head into the wall 15 times a day; your friends may even think you’ve been dabbling in some questionable substances. Either way, you’ll feel damn good, and you’ll sleep like a babe that night.

Need to know

  • No food two hours prior to tanking. If you’re doing a morning session, we’d suggest waking up early to eat a little something first, to avoid pod hunger.
  • They’ve got all the necessities there (showers, hairdryers) so you can go straight on to your next destination.
  • Avoid shaving that day – the salt gets right into any cuts! This is healing, but can also sting like a mofo.
  • Monthly memberships are awesomely priced – be prepared to join their army of regular floaters.
  • For details, call 9228 4062 or visit


Where do top-knot hipsters, Lycra-wearing cyclists, kale-loving vegans, and devotees of Perth’s hospo scene go? Beaufort Street. Its rustic cafes, chilled-out bars, street food joints and art spaces make the strip perfect for a Saturday Foodi walking tour. The Beaufort Street Brunch Tour makes four stops, all completely different and all offering something indulgent. Rochelle Adonis is stop number one, offering high-tea with the best macarons you will ever taste. Really, ever. Stop number two: Elmar’s. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the German smallgoods store’s famous bratwursts that sizzle away in a large fry pan on the sidewalk. Next stop? Five Bar for a cheeky drink and a rest for your feet and your bellies. And finally, Scents of Taste, which doesn’t look like much from the outside, but its French pastries make the perfect end to a gluttonous Saturday.

Need to know

  • Wear elastic pants – you will be eating a lot.
  • Come one, come all! This tour suits those individual wandering souls as well as groups.
  • If you’re vego or gluten-free, make sure you let them know beforehand.
  • Visit for dates and booking.

6…WALK 100KM?

Your initial thought here might simply be “why?”, instead of “why not?” – and look, we get you. Trudging for miles through the bush for 48 hours straight may sound more like a sadistic punishment than it does a rewarding and challenging experience – but trust us, if you give it a go, you’ll understand why more than 64,000 Aussies have taken the challenge. The Trailwalker endurance race is part of a global fundraising effort to support Oxfam’s work with people living in extreme poverty – it’s raised a whopping $200 million since its inception – and it means you’ll be making a change far more meaningful than just dropping a few dollars in a donation jar. You sign up as a team of four – it’s a bonding experience, like school camp, only slightly more intense – and share a unique training period together, before heading out into the beautiful West Australian bushland to complete the walk. It’s an exhilarating, rewarding, affirming experience, and for a good cause, too.

Need to know

  • You’ve gotta train – and we’re not just talking about a couple of Crossfit classes the week before the walk. Oxfam recommends a 14-week training program for newbies, including long walks, practice on hills, learning the trails, and testing team dynamics (read: you won’t be able to leave someone behind during the walk, so find out now if your team’s not gelling!).
  • You’ll need food and water, obviously, but we’re talking things like Powerade, hydration tablets, big carby meals (yay!) and bags of scroggin – both for training and the actual walk.
  • Don’t panic if that sounds too intense – this year they’re introducing a 50km option in addition to last year’s 100km trip.
  • It’s a continuous walk – yep, you’re walking through the night. Oxfam recommends doing some practice walks in the dark – you’ll need a head lamp, warm clothes and thick socks, and you’ll have to pay close attention to where you’re going. Don’t be disheartened that the night walking seems to take so much longer than the day – we hear there’s free coffee at the checkpoints to spur you on!
  • There’s no other way to put it – you’re going to get blisters. We reckon you should choose old sneakers over hiking boots, but it’s a hotly contested question among Trailwalker veterans. Whichever your preference, make sure you have a couple of old pairs (not new!) worn at different points, to put pressure on different parts of your feet. Pack more socks than you’ll need – trust us, you’ll pat yourself on the back for that one – and make sure to carry a stock of Band Aids. 
  • Finally – the Trailwalker golden rule. Don’t try anything new on the day! Sticking with your training and prep routines will put you in the best position possible to finish the walk.
  • For more information, visit 


Ever wanted to wine and dine with someone from the past? Spiritual enlightenment is the main course served at Psychic Dinners WA, presenting guests the chance to get in touch with the other side. Our advice: don’t be too quick to judge. Each attendee gets to experience a reading from three out of the 29 ‘spiritual coaches’ who specialise in clairvoyance, tarot-card reading, channelling, palmistry and more. The spiritual guides will take you to private areas throughout the evening and deliver answers to your life questions. Each attendee will have a different set of readers, making every experience a unique one. If you’re a crier, don’t forget the tissues.

Need to know

  • It’s not for the cynical! Don’t go if you have zero belief in anything supernatural.
  • Bring a notepad and a pen, or a tape recorder – you will want to remember what the psychics say.
  • Participating restaurants include The Pagoda, The Indian Ocean Brewery and White Salt, starting from $115pp.
  • Visit for upcoming events and booking instructions.
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