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The sweaters are out and the cooler months are upon us – which means the hunt is on for the perfect cup of traditional hot chocolate. Much like coffee culture, which has turned Australians (let’s be honest) into a bunch of unlikely snobs, hot chocolate has come under intense pressure to up its game. Therefore, it’s time to take a look at some of the best places in Perth to get a proper cup of chocolatey winter brew.


Koko Black

Koko Black has been an entrepreneur in the chocolate industry since its launch in 2001, and in terms of success, its hot chocolate says it all. The Belgian hot choc is brewed for a whopping two hours, and as they say, the proof is in the pudding (literally). The premium brand conveniently has two shops in Perth; one on William Street across from The Aviary, and another in Claremont Quarter.


Epic Espresso

Connoisseurs of coffee and fine latte art, Epic Espresso has a tantalising selection of Belgian hot chocolates. Their classic brew contains quality couverture with a sickly amount of cocoa butter (in a good way). They also have a specialty ‘L’Angelina’, named after the famous Angelina tea house in Paris. So what are you waiting for? Make your way to this West Perth treasure – Paris can wait.


Gabriel Chocolate

Perhaps the purist’s choice for a hot choc, the local chocolate makers at Gabriel Chocolate are highly focused on their quality cacao product. As well as a little shop in Fremantle stuffed with choc goodies, they run a café featuring their wonderful creations in Yallingup. King amongst them is their famed hot chocolate, which is as traditional as it gets and uses 50% authentic cocoa mass from Papua New Guinea.


Flo Espresso

Popular with Northbridge locals, the lovely little Flo Espresso on Aberdeen Street is worshiped for its toasties (kimchi and cheese please!), and features a divine couverture hot chocolate. While you’re there, why not round it out with a Top Dup doughnut?



Sapore Espresso Bar

Tucked under a business block in Cloverdale, Sapore Espresso Bar is the perfect workday injection of silky choc sweetness to keep you going. For those after a flavoursome spin, Sapore also offer a ‘Cheeky’ selection of nutella, choc mint, and white choc coconut hot chocolates.


Image credit: Koko Black Facebook, Gabriel Chocolate Facebook, Flo Espresso Facebook, Sapore Espresso Bar.

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