For the finest German stair technology. Cloverstone Marble & Granite combines safety and elegance that will take you to new heights

Rather than considering your stairs as just a method of linking the various levels of your home, it’s important to think of them as an extension of your personal style, selected with as much care and attention as when choosing your furniture.

The design and materials used to create them should not only complement your home, they should reflect your lifestyle and individual flair as well – more than simply functional, they should be a statement feature.

German-trained Joerg Klee has been a master stonemason for more than 25 years, and specialises in stone staircases through his company, Cloverstone Marble & Granite. Whether you prefer a traditional or more contemporary-style staircase, his company offers a wide range of materials, colours, and shapes, plus eye-catching combinations of solid natural stone or wood, with sleek stainless steel studs and handrails.

Cloverstone’s self-supporting stairs guarantee maximum safety, with their engineering specifications exceeding even the most demanding use. Closed stairs, landings and external stepped entries are also available.



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