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The vibrancy, quality and variety of WA’s thriving visual art scene is more evident than ever in this program of upcoming state-wide art exhibitions, talks and events.

Art exhibitions


Exploring the unique process of artistic collaborations, this joint exhibition unites the ceramic artworks of Warrick Palmateer and Pippin Dysdale to contrast and display each artist’s distinctive passion for the craft. Join the pair for an exclusive post-show talk on Tuesday 30th October for a valuable insight into the contrast and aestheticism behind each Confluence piece.

Venue: John Curtin Gallery Dates: September 28th to December 2nd – Artist Talk October 30th 5:30-7:30pm, Free.

HERE&NOW18: Besides, it is always the others who die

Artist Marcel Duchamp is an influence to many within the art world, and  in this exclusive exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death, curator Anna Louise Richardson has called upon six local artists to produce an eclectic range of works that pay homage to his incredible artistic legacy.

Venue: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Dates: September 1st – December 8th, Free.

Carrion: Episode 1

Meet Carrion; a mythical chimeric creature who will delve into ancient wisdoms, the mess of the present and polymorphous complexity of a speculative future. This scintillating performance presented by Justin Shoulder compels its audiences to consider post-human embodiment in our state of planetary disarray, and is part of PICA’s HyperPromethus presentation.

Venue: Connections Nightclub Dates & time: December 7th and 8th, 8:30pm

Painting on Country – Utopia Artists

Finely dotted designs and techniques are utilised by Utopia Artists in this stunning exhibition that explores the prominence of Aboriginal art within WA. Visitors can marvel at this beautifully curated series of shimmering paintings that provide insightful and important meaning to all elements of our land and its resources.

Venue: Japingka Gallery Dates: September 21st – November 6th

Lectures & talks


Hyperprometheus: Artist Talks

Following PICA’s groundbreaking Hyperpromethus presentation (which seeks to re-contextualise Frankenstein for a new millennium), hear from contributing artists Nina Sellars and Tarsh Bate at this exclusive talk diving into our collective understanding of what it is to be human, living, natural, function, valid or valued.

Venue: PICA, Date: October 20th, Free but RSVP essential.

Goddesses, Mistresses and the Tradition of Sixteenth Century

Join Honorary Research Fellow Jane Southwood for an engaging analysis of a series of sixteenth century French paintings and sculptures that draw upon mythological, literary and iconological sources to portray mistresses of reigning French monarchs. This talk will also delve into the ‘margins’ of these works; examining and introducing a uniquely feminist perspective.

Venue: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Date: October 19th.

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Image credit: Confluence – Curtin Gallery, HERE&NOW18 & Lawrence Wilson Gallery Talks – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Facebook, Carrion & Hyperpromethus Artist Talks – PICA, Painting on Country – Utopia Artists
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