In response to a shut-down of much of the world’s hospitality sector, celebrity chefs from around the globe, such as Massimo Bottura and Antoni Porowski are sharing their cooking-at-home recipes on Instagram and YouTube.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura was among the first to begin sharing his recipes and tips on Instagram. The Italian, 3-Michelin-starred chef now does a live video each evening with snippets posted on his feed the next day. Follow him to see how he makes his signature besciamella sauce and hummus. The episodes range from a quick 3 to 10 minutes and have been posted daily at 2am Perth time. Each episode is also saved to the chef’s Instagram so you can catch-up the next day if you miss it!

Check it out here.

Jamie Oliver

The British TV icon has just stared a new series on his YouTube channel, so you can create all your favourite dishes at home. The series includes ‘cooking with his children’ episodes where he shares his family’s favourite meals such as stir fry and homemade pasta and pizza. The 5 minute episodes are posted frequently each week so subscribe to his YouTube channel and gain some new cooking skills during self-isolation.

See his Youtube channel here.

Antoni Porowski

Queer Eyes star chef Antoni Porowski has started his own series on his Instagram called ‘Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine’ to share his recipes. Each episode is around 10 minutes long and include easy recipes for beginners who don’t want to make any extra trips to the supermarket. He also talks about adapting well-known dishes such as heuvos rancheros when you can’t get all the ingredients. Episodes are posted daily so be sure to follow him on Instagram to catch each episode.

Check out Antoni’s instagram here.

Maggie Beer

Australian icon Maggie Beer has also started posting cooking lessons on her Instagram account. In the 20 minute episodes, she cooks meals that include ingredients grown from her garden and, are great for the whole family. She shares her secrets of how to turn simple ingredients into delicious meals including her home-grown eggs and eggplant recipe.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram for some free cooking tips!

Gordon Ramsay

The world-renowned Gordon Ramsay has also been sharing his at home masterpieces on his YouTube channel and, has recently started a new series, ‘Scrambled with Gordon Ramsay’ with guest stars such as Jackass’ Steve-O and WWE Hall of Famers, and stars of E!’s Total Bella’s, The Bella Twins. He shares recipes for easy dinners at home and tips to make a healthy breakfast. Catch a new episode every Thursday on his YouTube channel.

Image credits: Jamie Oliver Facebook, Antoni Porowski Instagram, Gordon Ramsay Youtube, Maggie Beer Facebook.
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