Ultimo Interiors is bringing the latest in Italian design to Perth shores with their newly refurbished showroom.

ULTIMO INTERIORS, Western Australia's leading luxury contemporary furniture retailer and interior design specialists, is bringing the latest in Italian design to Perth shores with their newly refurbished showroom.

Headlining these exclusive new collections is the Red Carpet series by CATTELAN ITALIA. A range of intrinsically striking pieces, uniquely shaped and crafted from the finest materials, shows CATTELAN ITALIA's ability to blend styles, shapes, materials and colours to create a range of timeless furniture.

Flying in from Italy especially for the ULTIMO launch of the new Red Carpet collection is Paolo Cattelan of CATTELAN ITALIA. 

Newly arrived collections from the masters of 'genuine' glass designs Galotti & Radice, as well as handcrafted rugs made from Himalayan wool from cc-tapis will be on display in ULTIMO's showroom from Friday 7th November.

The home of great design, Italy inspires classical elegance and modern creativity within the home. Producing the best in design and craftsmanship throughout the world, the phrase ‘Made in Italy’ is today as iconic as it is desired.

ULTIMO is dedicated to providing authentic, original creations designed and crafted in Europe. Offering both interior and exterior solutions from more than 30 European design houses, ULTIMO provides an unrivalled Italian collection.

Cattelan Italia

“The house is the icon of loved belongings – a world where everybody wants to be close to comfortable elements. The ‘beautiful’ for me is above all ‘functionality’” – Giorgio Cattelan

The sense of living in and furnishing a home is something precious and spontaneous. Cattelan Italia’s Red Carpet Collection represents essentiality through its designs. It infuses lux living with state of the art design and quality materials, for innovative products with a strong visual impact and design longevity.

Galotti & Radice

Purity & Elegance. Gallotti & Radice is characterised by detailed production, great understanding and mastery of the various work processes. The workmanship allows for avant-garde design, elegant shapes and product quality. Glass stands out as a strong and defining protagonist in the collection as Gallotti & Radice have assumed the role of developing ‘genuine’ glass designs – a tradition which transcends generations. Highly original, inimitable designs.

CC – Tapis

cc-tapis takes traditional craftsmanship and artisan knowledge to create a fresh new collection that is innovate in both design and use of colour. 

With great respect for tradition, each rug is completely hand knotted by expert Tibetan artisans in Nepal. A strong respect for the materials and culture of this ancient craft is reflected in the company’s eco-friendly approach to every step of the production, ranging from the hand spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products. cc-tapis aims to offer a tailored service to those who understand and enjoy a high-end product, where each rug, as unique as its design, contains a story of ageless culture.

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