Infused spirits are shaking up Perth’s bar scene. With creativity being the main ingredient, here are the top five infused spirits, and where to get your fix.

1. Earl Grey Martini – Helvetica
Banish that image of a stuffy English tea parlour. The Earl Grey Martini is as sexy as the CBD bar that’s been making it for the last five years. The trick? Infusing gin with Earl Grey tea and continuously agitating it for two hours before adding fresh lemon juice. The easy-to-drink infusion’s energetic citrus beginning and warming Earl Grey finish make it a winter favourite. Rear 101 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

2. Homemade Limoncello – No Mafia
Who better to make limoncello than Perth’s best Italian bar? No Mafia’s take on the famous digestif uses locally sourced organic lemon skins infused in high-proof vodka for four weeks to fully extract the zesty freshness the lemon liquor is famous for, before rosemary-infused syrup is added. The result is so spectacular you’ll want to drink it before dinner. 189 William Street, Northbridge.

3. The Kicking Mule – Bar de Halcyon
This quirky take on the original Moscow Mule combines citrus and spice to throat-tickling effect. The cocktail’sstar ingredient is a lemongrass-infused vodka, but the accompanying ginger beer and lime wedges give a spicy-sour kick. Just go ahead and keep ’em coming, Bar de Halcyon. Wolf Lane, Perth.

4. Quandong Sour – Greenhouse
Greenhouse is as passionate about native produce as it is sustainability, and its knockout cocktail, the Quandong Sour, proves it. This innovative cocktail is made from gin-infused quandong (a native Australian fruit), mixed with homemade lemon myrtle syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. The result: a tart and quaffable cocktail with notes of sherbet and honey. Yum. 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

5. Peach and Black Peppercorn Soju – Mary Street Bakery
Here’s how it works: hold the shot glass in your left palm, look your drinking companion in the eye, shout “geonbae” (pronounced gun-bay) and shoot! Inventors Mark and Alex infuse popular Korean alcohol Soju with peaches and black peppercorns for 48 to 60 hours for an intense, spicy-sweet combo. The fruity hues and woody aroma make an addictive libation, drunk with the Bakery’s fried sweet potato dumplings. 507 Beaufort Street, Highgate.

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