We love travelling and exploring our beautiful state here at Scoop, so we got Louisa Keron of The Wilderness Society of Western Australia to give us her 10 experiences in the Kimberley region.

The Wilderness Society of Western Australia has been working with local groups in the Kimberley since the late 1980s to help protect and respect the region’s unique natural and cultural assets. The organisation recently hosted a Kimberley Custodian Supporter Trip, where delegates learned more about the land and the rich cultures and environments it supports. Here are the top ten spots that really made this trip incredible.

Roebuck Bay

A scene of complete natural beauty scene that everyone should see Roebuck Bay is a sight to behold. The ebb dances as it changes colours, going from a lavish blue to a milky turquoise and the distant sound of snubfin dolphin makes the scene more magical.

Fitzroy River (Mardowarra)

© TWS images. Nyikina Traditional Custodian Dr Anne Poelina

As the life source of many living structures in the Kimberley, the Fitzroy River has an air of magic to it. Nyikina Traditional Custodian Dr Anne Poelina has been defending the river for years. Today, the river is under threat from a proposal to clear over 8,000 hectares of natural land and extract 50 million litres of water for irrigated agriculture in an area proposed as a national park.

James Price Point

© TWS images

The bold, contrasting colours are truly spectacular, as is the vibrant natural life flourishing within the pindan earth, white sands and clear waters. Thankfully the Wilderness Society’s recent work to protect James Price Point along with local communities has been a huge success, and this stunning place is still here for future generations to enjoy.

Dinosaur footprints

Millions of years ago, long before the traditional custodians of this place existed, dinosaurs lived on this land. Strong imprints of their footsteps remain and searching James Price Point, we felt just like dinosaur hunters. Unfortunately for us, the tide was too high and the footprints remained a mystery we had to imagine through the crystal clear waters. Luckily, we had coral and beautiful sea life to distract us.

Windjana Gorge

© TWS images: reflecting on Windjana Gorge













With water-streaked walls that can reach up over 100 metres, Windjana Gorge is a must-see for those looking to gain a sense of the historical significance of this place. The famous Aboriginal warrior Jandamarra used the gorge as his last stand. It’s hard not to feel like you can sense his presence here, fighting to protect the land for future generations.

Tunnel Creek

This 750 metre long tunnel is Western Australia’s oldest cave system. It runs underneath the limestone of the Napier Range. For an adventure below the earth, wade through the pools and watch bats hang from the crevices above. The ancient scenery feels like it’s filled with more stories that we can possibly imagine.

Wildlife spotting

The Kimberley is home to a variety of native Australian animals that roam freely across the natural landscapes. We were lucky enough to see a few of them up close, including curious wallabies. Exploring the region is the perfect way to see these animals in their natural habitat, and serves as a reminder of why this beautiful land needs our protection.

Traditional Custodians

Traditional Custodians of the Kimberly Region fight to protect the land and preserve WA’s natural history. Traditional Custodian from the Yawuru people, Micklo Corpus, gave mesmerising, passionate speeches about the causes he believes in. He fights against fracking, which will potentially harm the Fitzroy River and surrounding areas.


The Kimberly Region really hits the spot if you love camping. It’s so far away from busy towns and cities that it’s easy to get in touch with nature in a way you never have before.

The people

Everyone who went on the Kimberley Custodian Supporter Trip went with the same passion – protecting this beautiful, natural land that we all love dearly. It’s a truly unique region, an expansive, ancient wilderness that contains much of our history and identity.

The Kimberley faces many threats, among which is the fear that before long all these beautiful places that we experienced might not be around for future generations to enjoy. Fracking and oil refineries put the land, animals, and inhabitants at risk. By joining the Kimberley campaign, you can make a difference

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