For some reason, like pop culture raccoons, we are drawn to consuming complete trash now and again. It’s not deep or clever or insightful, but damn if it isn’t entertaining! Here are some of our most binge-able watch recommendations.

Love Is Blind (Netflix)

If you enjoyed married at first sight but didn’t feel like it had enough of a dystopian, sci-fi aesthetic, then look no further. For 10 days, people speed date each other through isolation pods where they cannot see the other person. Surprisingly apropos. After a period of time, if the connection is there, they propose and the engaged couples are sent on a holiday in Mexico to get to know each other in person. It’s a pretty freakish way to go about dating but captivating all the same!

Nailed It (Netflix)

Too many shows are focused on people that can cook well. This flips that on its head, as amateur (i.e. truly shit) bakers try to recreate fancy baked creations from master pastry chef Jacques Torres. Suffice to say, it generally does not go well. This one’s a bit more wholesome than the other picks on this list, and very relatable for those who aren’t exactly wizards in the kitchen.

The Circle (Netflix)

Several influencers must live together in the same apartment building, but they are in separate rooms and can’t communicate with one another directly. They can only talk to each other via a special social media app called the circle, which lets them portray themselves however they want. In each episode somebody is eliminated by getting the lowest amount of “votes” from other contestants. It’s basically competitive Instagram and it’s a wild ride!

Back With The Ex (Netflix)

This show could have just been called my worst nightmare. As the title suggests, couples who have broken up are reunited for another chance at getting it right. Rather than the first date jitters of other shows, this one lets you appreciate and cringe at the years of baggage that unfold across the screen. Content warning, it will get uncomfortable…

Yummy Mummies (Netflix)

This follows a group of exorbitantly wealthy expectant mothers, preparing for their incoming offspring. This means lavish baby showers, strollers that cost as much as cars and generally irresponsible use of huge amounts of money. Whether you want to laugh at them or live vicariously through them, this show will have you covered.

Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

You may expect this to be a love island type show where a bunch of hot singles are dumped in an isolated location and expected to hook up. You’re not wrong. But the twist is that hooking up is how you lose the game. All these hard-bodied contestants have to decide between blue balls and victory; not an easy choice to make.

3 Wives One Husband (Netflix)

Not as exciting a prospect as many men might imagine… This show focuses on a polygamous mormon family living in Utah and it is honestly pretty shocking. It gives you a look into the lifestyle of fundamentalist Mormons in America and you can give yourself the added challenge of trying to remember the names of all 17 (I wish I was joking) of their children. It’s an interesting glimpse into a community that most people would not want to be a part of.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Stan)

By now you’ve surely heard the hype. There’s not much else to say about this show other than watch it. This cut-throat competition is to decide who truly is the best drag performer around and who’s just a poser. There are more seasons and spinoffs than you can count. This can keep you occupied for months and is a truly addicting watch.

Geordie Shore (Stan)

A modern-day classic in terms of reality shows. Newcastle’s best give you a look into their partying, romances and wild lifestyle. You can live through the fights, the drama, the hook-ups and more from these less-than-modest individuals. New seasons are still airing today so there’s now wrong time to jump into the madness.

Catfish (Stan)

A lot of people online like to lie in dating profiles. This show is determined to get to the bottom of things. People come to the show with their virtual relationships and then our hosts investigate and do background checks to find out if their e-partner is legit or a liar. It often culminates in a real life meeting between the people and can have some pretty insane results.

Bonus: How Far Is Tattoo Far (Youtube)

In How Far is Tattoo Far (Just Tattoo Of Us is the UK version) two people come on each episode and get to secretly decide on a tattoo for the other person. It is as insane as it sounds. The reveals are always intense and people end up getting everything from vomit to garbage to things I can’t mention in this blog. This MTV show puts condensed clips of their episodes on youtube, but that’s all you need. It’s the perfect bite-sized trash TV and definitely worth checking out. Also, it’s hosted by Snooki.

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