Author: Melissa Warland

The Tilt Program will have an exciting twist this December, as it looks back and recognises the last decade of the program. Tilt – A Retrospective 2008-2018 will celebrate the past decade of art, alongside the incredible artists that have been involved in the program, which is traditionally invite only.

The Heathcote Cultural Precinct (HCP) Gallery has established the Tilt Program to support local art practice, inquiry and arts practitioners, which is part of the annual exhibition schedule. In this program, an artist is invited each year to the Point Heathcote site to create a new work that engages with the heritage site whilst experimenting with a scope of ideas and practices.

The Point Heathcote site itself is a multi-layered site, rich with historical significance that dates back to the early 1800s. Over the years that the Tilt program has been in operation, these historical factors have been divulged and explored in different ways, by different talented artists, and the 2018 Tilt exhibition will give you the chance to look back on the incredible art works that have been produced in the past ten years.

Between Olga Cironis’ 2008 installation and Sandra Hill’s 2017 paintings, the program has focused on site specific works that have each provided a unique perspective on the area. The works have involved multi-disciplinary approaches exploring the different functions and establishments that the site has been home to.
Artists have addressed the relationships between the mind and land, indigenous heritage, manipulation of the landscape and infrastructure, and the evolution of the area’s demographic through the materialisation of feelings and experiences attributed to the site.

Join Olga Cironis, Caitlin Yardley, Paul Caporn, Tom Muller, Eva Fernandez, Holly Story, Merrick Belyea, Andy Quilty, Jon Tarry and Sandra Hill as the various physical, personal and psychological facets that have been explored throughout the Tilt program are highlighted once more in 2018’s exhibition.

The exhibition will run from December 1st 2018 until January 20th 2019, with the opening night to be held on Friday the 30th of November.

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Image credit: Heathcote Museum & Gallery Tilt
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