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Theatre & Musicals in Perth and WA

WA has a vibrant theatre scene, but you need to know where to look. Black Swan continues to produce outstanding local shows and WAAPA provides the opportunity to experience the next Hugh Jackman in the making. Burswood and the State Theatre host musicals from Broadway, the West End and increasingly from Asia, but Perth Festival and Fringe are the real highlights, each summer bringing 700+ acts from around the world to the Perth stage.



The Performance Making Students dazzle with their extraordinary skills and impressive acting. Tilt joins in to showcase some of the most creative self-devised works of the WAAPA students.

  • Dates:Sep 11 - 21
  • Venue:The Blue Room Theatre


  • Venue Address:53 James St, Northbridge WA 6000
  • Ticket Price:$27 general, $ 23 concession/ friends
  • Ticket Price FROM:$23
  • Ticket price TO:$27
  • Produced By:WAAPA: WA Academy of Performing Arts
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Family-Friendly
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


Devised and performed by: 3rd Year Performance Making students
Under the guidance of: Frances Barbe

Expect talent and daring in this program of self- devised pieces created and performed by WAAPA's graduating Performance Making students at the popular Blue Room Theatre. Powerful performances and impressive stagecraft underpin works that explore the very edges of theatre making, creating an evening of other-worldly theatre that will inspire, provoke and entertain.

Tickets are available from The Blue Room website or 9227 7005.

Performance dates
11th Sep 7:00pm,  12th Sep 7:00pm,  13th Sep 7:00pm,  14th Sep 2:00pm,  14th Sep 7:00pm,  18th Sep 7:00pm,  19th Sep 7:00pm,  20th Sep 7:00pm,  21st Sep 2:00pm,  21st Sep 7:00pm,

Ticketing information
$25 (+ $2.00 booking fee) - Full
$21 (+ $2.00 booking fee) - Concession/Friends

Bookings open
19th Jul - Friends
19th Jul - Public

The Book Of Mormon

This outrageous musical comedy follows the misadventures of a mismatched pair of missionaries, sent on a mission to a place that’s about as far from Salt Lake City as you can get.

  • Dates:Sep 3 - Oct 13
  • Time(s):2pm & 7:30pm
  • Venue:Crown Theatre


  • Venue Address:Great Eastern Highway Burswood
  • Ticket Price:From $60
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults,Wheelchair Access
  • Performing Arts:Musicals,Theatre


The New York Times calls it “the best musical of this century.” The Washington Post says, “It is the kind of evening that restores your faith in musicals.”

And Entertainment Weekly says, “Grade A: the funniest musical of all time.” It’s The Book of Mormon, the nine-time Tony Award®-winning Best Musical.

Now with sold out productions in London, on Broadway, North America, Melbourne and Sydney, The Book of Mormon has truly become an international sensation.

See more info at: https://www.crownperth.com.au/entertainment/crown-theatre/the-book-of-mormon

Pop-Up Globe

Pop-up Globe, the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s theatre, the second Globe, is finally coming to Perth.

  • Dates:Oct 5 - Nov 24
  • Time(s):Session Times Vary
  • Venue:Crown Perth


  • Hosted By:Pop-Up Globe and Crown Perth
  • Venue Address:Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100
  • Ticket Price FROM:$29
  • Ticket price TO:$159.90
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults
  • Event Venue:Crown Theatre Perth
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


Pop-up Globe, the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s theatre, the second Globe, is finally coming to Perth.

After performing to 550,000 people in just two and half years, Pop-up Globe will pop up at Crown Perth from 9 October 2019 (for 6 weeks only!) and present an epic festival of Shakespeare unlike anything Perth has ever seen.

This isn’t dusty old Shakespeare – it is bawdy, hilarious, brutal and blood-soaked. This is Shakespeare alive, like a party.

Experience a festival four of Shakespeare’s most spectacular masterworks – Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream, Measure for Measure, and Twelfth Night – complete with stunning costumes, elaborate sets, special effects, and litres of blood.

Pop-up Globe’s Perth season is limited. It will pop up, be amazing, then pop down.

Book for one, two or all four plays. The game’s afoot…

Ice Land: A Hip h’Opera

Fractured like shards, Cole, Carly and Joy must fight the demons of their past to reclaim their future, but it's not easy to leave behind the crystal meth plains of Ice Land.

  • Dates:Oct 15 – 26
  • Time(s):Evening shows 7.30pm; Sat matinee 2pm
  • Venue:Subiaco Arts Centre


  • Hosted By:Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company
  • Venue Address:180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco WA 6008
  • Ticket Price:$30
  • Type:Aboriginal Art & Events,Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults,Wheelchair Access
  • Performing Arts:Theatre
  • Music:Other Music
  • Produced By:Yirra Yaakin


With the flow of jazz, the soul of blues, the energy of electro and the power of funk, Ice Land: A Hip h’Opera uses the language of hip hop to tackle a tough issue currently affecting our society – the plague of methamphetamine use.

Meth has torn apart many areas of our community without prejudice towards gender, age, race, class, income status or religion. Yirra Yaakin has gathered powerful testimonials from users, carers, family members and many others to piece together a full-length contemporary theatre performance using hip hop as the key musical and philosophical drive. Join us as we explore the journey of Ice addiction in all its states, including happiness, invincibility and clarity, through to despair, fear, psychosis and, ultimately, the breakdown of our communities – their ruin.

Alongside a team that boasts some of Western Australia’s best artists, including Australian hip hop kings Downsyde, WA hip hop queen Layla, multi-disciplinary performer, musician and singer Moana Mayatrix of MOANA, and solo hip hop maestro TROOTH, we explore a very timely subject and ultimately ask the question: if meth use continues to escalate within our communities, what is going to happen to our society as a whole?

This production contains coarse language, drug references and adult themes. It is recommended for patrons aged 16+.

Two Canaries

Like the birds in coal mines of long-ago, melting Polar Regions and shrinking islands are harbingers of an enormous threat. It has happened. It’s already here.

  • Dates:Sep 10 - 28
  • Venue:Blue Room Theatre
  • Time(s):8.30pm (Sep 10 - 21), 7.00pm (Sep 24 - 28)


  • Hosted By:Blue Room Theatre
  • Venue Address:53 James St, Northbridge WA 6000
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$30
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults,For teens 13-17,For seniors,Wheelchair Access
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


Two Canaries invites you on an expedition into the known world of climate change – as you haven’t known it before. Journey with our canaries from Arctic ice to golden Australian sun, in a unique blend of the personal, the poetic, and the ridiculous.

With a stage full of water and a score of live voice and violin, we’re seeking a real sense of hope in the face stark realities. This is a quiet requiem for a melting world, and a love-song for our future one.

Two Canaries

Two Canaries is a requiem for our melting world, and a love song for our future one.

  • Dates:Sep 10 – 28
  • Time(s):8:30PM. Tue 10 Sep – Sat 21 Sep | 7:00PM. Tue 24 Sep – Sat 28 Sep
  • Venue:The Blue Room Theatre


  • Hosted By:The Blue Room Theatre and Alexa Taylor
  • Venue Address:53 James Street Northbridge WA 6003
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$30
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults,For teens 13-17,For seniors,Wheelchair Access
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


Two Canaries is a requiem for our melting world, and a love song for our future one.

Inspired by the canaries in coal mines long ago, whose deaths signalled a rising threat to underground miners, this post-dramatic performance piece turns our attention to areas of the world where the threat of climate change is no longer a future possibility, but a lived reality.

With a stage full of water, walls covered with projections and a score of live voice and violin, we’re seeking a real sense of hope in the face stark realities.

Journey with the canaries from Arctic ice to golden Australian sun, in a unique blend of the personal, the poetic, and the ridiculous.

Black is the New White

Black is the New White is a hilarious meet-the-parents shake down comedy that will enthral and delight. It covers love, politics and other things you shouldn't talk about at dinner.

  • Dates:Sep 11 - 22
  • Venue:Heath Ledger Theatre


  • Venue Address:Level 1, 182 William Street Perth WA 6000
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Produced By:Black Swan State Theatre Company
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


A romantic comedy that blends Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with Meet the Fockers. 

Charlotte Gibson, a lawyer with a successful career ahead of her. As her father Ray says, she could be the next female Indigenous Waleed Aly. But she has other ideas. First of all, it's Christmas. Second of all, she's in love. 

Her fiancé, Francis Smith though is not exactly what her family expected. He's unemployed and an experiemental composer..and he's white! Secrets are revealed, prejudives are outed and old rivalries get sorted through. 


The Nightwatchman

Memory and nostalgia are key elements of The Nightwatchman at Melville Theatre, as three people move into a new chapter of their lives.

  • Dates:September 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28
  • Time(s):8pm September 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 & 28; 2pm September 22
  • Venue:Melville Theatre


  • Hosted By:Melville Theatre
  • Venue Address:393A Canning Highway, Palmyra
  • Ticket Price:$20, $15 concession
  • Ticket Price FROM:$15
  • Ticket price TO:$20
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


MEMORY and nostalgia are key elements of The Nightwatchman at Melville Theatre, as three people move into a new chapter of their lives.

Written by Daniel Keene and directed by Siobhán O’Gara, the play follows a brother and sister as they return to their family home to help their now-blind father move into an elderly care facility.

As they assemble for a final supper to say goodbye to their family home, memories come flooding back and the family history is re-visited with resentments simmering against current tensions in their lives.

The Nightwatchman is a melancholy, poetic work that explores universal frustrations such as loneliness, old age, letting go, marital disappointment and loss,” O’Gara said.

“But through the father William, there is a strong sense of resilience that underpins it all.

“Each character has a different relationship with the past – the play is about saying goodbye, setting yourself and others free, and moving forward.”

O’Gara has a wealth of theatrical experience behind her, founding the Brisbane Irish Theatre Players in 1990, working with the Canberra Irish Community Theatre in the mid-90s.

Since moving west, she has worked with the Old Mill, KADS, Playlovers and Dolphin Theatres in a variety of roles, including director, stage manager and lighting and sound operator.

In 2007 and 2012, O’Gara received best director nominations for Necessary Targets and Parramatta Girls at the annual Finley Awards.

More recently, she has directed The Mozart Faction at Melville Theatre and Kate’s Story for Life on Hold Productions.

The Nightwatchman appealed because it’s a moving, poetic ode to the human spirit and the memories that define us,” O’Gara said.

“The play is as much about what we were, as it is about what we are now and will become.”

The Nightwatchman plays at 8pm September 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28 with a 2pm matinee on September 22. Tickets are $20, $15 concession – book on 9330 4565 or at www.meltheco.org.au.     

Melville Theatre is at 393A Canning Highway (corner of Stock Road), Palmyra.

John & Jen

Love, loyalty and family are key themes in Stirling Theatre’s production of John & Jen – a musical featuring only two actors.

  • Dates:September 20-October 5
  • Time(s):8pm September 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, October 3, 4 and 5 with 2pm matinees September 22 and 29
  • Venue:Stirling Theatre


  • Hosted By:Stirling Theatre
  • Venue Address:Morris Place, Innaloo
  • Ticket Price:$25, $22 concession
  • Ticket Price FROM:$22
  • Ticket price TO:$25
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts:Musicals,Theatre


LOVE, loyalty and family are key themes in Stirling Theatre’s production of John & Jen – a musical featuring only two actors.

Written by Andrew Lippa and Tom Greenwald and directed by Tyler Eldridge, the show is set in the ever-changing United States between 1950 and 1990 and focuses on Jen and her relationships with the two Johns in her life.

One is her younger brother, who was killed in Vietnam, and the other is her son trying to find his way.

Co-creator Andrew Lippa was previously responsible for The Addams Family stage musical.

“At its essence, John & Jen is a story about a sister and brother, followed by mother and son, all following Jen’s journey,” Tyler said.

“The challenge with the show is only having two actors to tell the story, meaning there is nowhere to hide.

“There are more than 20 time periods throughout John & Jen, so each actor needs to portray 20 different ages.

“The beautiful score makes up about 90 per cent of the show and it’s challenging to make a seamless flow of music and dialogue.”

Performing in the Hills area since he was a child, Tyler has more recently worked as a director and musical director with Roleystone, Blak Yak, Stirling and Playlovers Theatres on Little Shop of Horrors, First Date The Musical, Calvin Berger, Annie, Little Miss Sunshine and Ladies in Black.

In 2017, he was named best director of a youth production at the annual Finley Awards for Calvin Berger.

“When selecting something to direct, I’m drawn to family dramas because family is important to me,” Tyler said.

“I read the script for John & Jen many years ago and thought now was the time to mount it because the show is as relevant as ever.

“Having previously worked with the two actors that play John and Jen, I knew they would be perfect for the roles to tell the story.” 

John & Jen plays at 8pm September 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, October 3, 4 and 5 with 2pm matinees September 22 and 29. Tickets are $25, $22 concession – book through Morris News on 9446 9120 or at www.trybooking.com/ZGUY.

Stirling Theatre is on Morris Place, Innaloo.

The Irresistible

'The Irresistible' is dark, creepy, mysterious and a little bit disturbing.

  • Dates:Sep 25
  • Time(s):7.00pm - 8.00pm
  • Venue:The Albany Entertainment Centre


  • Venue Address:The Albany Entertainment Centre, 2 Toll Place, Albany WA 6330
  • Ticket Price FROM:$25
  • Ticket price TO:$35
  • Type:Performing Arts,Youth Art / Performance
  • Audience:Adults
  • Event Venue:Albany Entertainment Centre
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


Desgined to throw audiences of guard, this unique play is filled with intrigue, mystery and everything in between. Described as posessing similarities to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks, the sci-fi undertones and memorable characters make this an unforgettable play. Treading a fine line between comedy and crisis, this play is definitely 'irresistable'.

Roald Dahl’s – The Twits

This comedy of rebellion and justice is a super high energy combination of storytelling, puppetry and physical theatre.

  • Dates:Sept 25
  • Time(s):5.30pm
  • Venue:BREC


  • Hosted By:BREC
  • Venue Address:2 Blair Street, Bunbury WA 6230
  • Ticket Price:$26 +BF
  • Type:Youth Art / Performance
  • Audience:Family-Friendly,For kids 4-12,Wheelchair Access
  • Event Venue:Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
  • Performing Arts:Theatre
  • Visual Arts:Youth


Mr and Mrs Twit, two of the most terrible and disgusting people ever to have lived, haven’t had a good thought in years. They like nothing more than dreaming up terrible tricks to play on each other, eating hot bird pie and training Muggle-Wump the monkey for the Great Upside Down Monkey Circus.

The Twits is Roald Dahl in his purest form – unsentimental, grotesque and a lot of fun!


Post Show Q&A

Stay on after the show for a 10-minute Q&A session with the performers.

Just Let The Wind Untie My Perfumed Hair

Based on an inspiring true story from 19th century Persia, this is the story of Tahirih, the first martyr for women’s suffrage.

  • Dates:Sep 26
  • Venue:Subiaco Arts Centre


  • Venue Address:180 Hammersley Road Subiaco
  • Ticket Price FROM:$15
  • Ticket price TO:$25
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Audience:Adults
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


A fresh and original one-woman play, Untie My Perfumed Hair is written and performed entirely by the critically acclaimed Delia Olam. Seamlessly portraying all five characters, Olam also sings, in haunting and unique style, her own original music to accompany Tahirih’s poetry.

"The appearance of such a woman… is in any country and any age a rare phenomenon. But in such a country as Persia it is a prodigy, nay, almost a miracle."
- Professor EG Browne, 19th century British Orientalist

Untie My Perfumed Hair has been an audience favourite and multiple award-winner at both Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

Noël Coward’s Present Laughter

A playful reflection on fame, desire and loneliness from Noël Coward is ready to serve up the laughs at the Old Mill Theatre.

  • Dates:September 27, 28, 29, October 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12
  • Time(s):7.30pm September 27, 28, October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & 12; 2pm September 29 & October 6
  • Venue:Old Mill Theatre


  • Hosted By:Old Mill Theatre
  • Venue Address:Old Mill Theatre, Mends Street, South Perth
  • Ticket Price:$25, $20 concession
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$25
  • Type:Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


A PLAYFUL reflection on fame, desire and loneliness from Noël Coward is ready to serve up the laughs at the Old Mill Theatre.

Directed by Barry Park, Present Laughter focuses on self-obsessed actor Garry Essendine as friends, lovers, relatives and theatre colleagues rally around him.

As a series of almost farcical events unfold, his elegant London flat is invaded by a love-struck ingénue, determined producer, adulterous manager and married seductress.

Added to the mix is Garry’s estranged wife, a domineering motherly aristocrat, clairvoyant Swedish housekeeper, cockney valet, long-suffering secretary and an adoring-but-mad aspiring playwright.

While Garry welcomes the adulation, he struggles to overcome a mid-life crisis.

The main character is a caricature of the playwright’s real-life persona, as Noël Coward acknowledged.

“I love directing Coward’s marvellous comedies, which are still relevant, fresh and entertaining,” Park said.

“This play, like so many by Coward, is incredibly funny, extremely well-written, superbly constructed and quite profound.

“It’s an extremely entertaining evergreen comedy which has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to direct some of Perth’s best comedic actors.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of accentuating the richly comic situations and bringing out all the subtle nuances of this splendid classic comedy.”

Involved in theatre since the 1970s, Park has directed many award-winning plays, including M. Butterfly which picked up gongs for best director and best play at the 2012 Finley Awards.

His productions of A View from the Bridge, Other Desert Cities, Broken Glass, The Real Thing and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof have also received several Finley Award nominations.

Park is equally at home directing comedies by Tom Stoppard and Noël Coward as he is directing serious plays by Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams – and most recently staged an acclaimed production of August: Osage County.

As an actor, he has performed in dozens of plays, musicals, pantomimes, minstrel shows, films, radio plays and television in Salisbury, Cape Town, Edinburgh, London and Perth.

Present Laughter is Coward’s most autobiographical play, about an actor and the theatre, so it holds a strong personal interest for me,” Park said.

“It’s a popular play that actors and audiences love, and it’s produced frequently – a successful revival is currently running in the West End.”

Noël Coward’s Present Laughter plays 7.30pm September 27, 28, October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 with 2pm matinees September 29 and October 6. Tickets are $25, $20 concession – book at www.trybooking.com/BACAS.

The heritage-listed Old Mill Theatre is on the corner of Mends Street and Mill Point Road, South Perth (opposite the Windsor Hotel and Australia Post).

Noel Coward's Present Laughter

The comedy-filled play, ‘Noel Coward’s Present Laughter’, comes to Perth this September and October.

  • Dates:Sep 27 - 29 ; Oct 3,4,5,10,11,12
  • Time(s):Evening Shows (7.30pm to 10.00pm); Sep 29 & Oct 6 Matinee (2.00pm)
  • Venue:The Old Mill Theatre


  • Venue Address:The Old Mill Theatre, Corner of Mends Street and Mill Point Road, South Perth WA 6151
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$25
  • Audience:Adults
  • Performing Arts:Theatre
  • Type:Performing Arts


Described as a ‘playful reflection on fame, desire and loneliness’, Noel Coward’s Present Laughter centres on a self-obsessed actor named Garry Essendine and the lovers, friends, relatives and theatre colleagues who surround him.

Written by Noel Coward in 1939 and not produced until 1942 during the Second World War; the main character of the play is written as a caricature of the playwright, Noel Coward’s, real-life persona.

The play focuses on a series of comical events and characters, who together, create a hysterical look at Garry’s struggles through a mid-life crisis, and as the night unfolds, hilarity ensues. 

Make. Believe. at Scitech

Digital Exploration comes to life at Scitech these school holidays!

  • Dates:September 28 - October 13
  • Time(s):9am - 5pm
  • Venue:Scitech


  • Hosted By:Scitech
  • Venue Address:City West centre, Sutherland St, West Perth WA 6005
  • Ticket Price:Children under 4 are free, children over 4 are $12 and adults are $19.
  • Ticket Price FROM:$0
  • Ticket price TO:$19
  • Type:Museum events,Science
  • Audience:Adults,Family-Friendly,For toddlers 0-3,For kids 4-12,Wheelchair Access
  • Performing Arts:Puppetry,Theatre


Bring your imagination to life with a range of multimedia activities these school holidays at Scitech!
Create sound effects for a short film, hack a digital animation, create a stop or slow motion video, play tricks on your mind in the illusions corner, act out your favourite stories on the puppet stage, plus much more. 
Plus, download Scitech's new digital passport app to access exclusive content and share  your science discovery journey with your family at home!
Under 4’s free.