Audiences looking to experience the tempered rhythm of percussion will be rewarded with two unique performances landing in Perth this month. WAAPA hosts two outstanding percussionists, Fiona Digney and Robert Oetomo, for a demonstration of their respective work in the field, as well as a special event dedicated to Steve Reich’s influential work Drumming. Don’t miss your chance to experience the true power of percussion!


Perth-raised and internationally acclaimed percussionist Fiona Digney, joins Robert Oetomo on stage for a magical night of music with exotic instruments. This one-of-a-kind performance explores the power of rhythm and imaginative music through percussion. The combination of Digney’s signature musicianship and Robert Oetomo’s extensive tour experience with numerous ensembles and orchestras, is sure to make this an extraordinary event.

Fiona Digney

A WAAPA Honours graduate, Fiona Digney has risen to become a well-known star in the both the international and local music scene, regularly performing with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. The self-described ‘world citizen’ feels at home in both Australia and her current hometown of San Diego. Finally, Perth audiences can experience her evolved practice in the exact academy from which she emerged.

Plays September 13 & 14 at the Richard Gill Auditorium. Tickets available from the WAAPA Box Office or online.

Steve Reich’s Drumming

In addition to delighting audiences with her powerful percussion performances, Fiona Digney is also directing the Steve Reich’s Drumming rendition. Fiona, along with Aaron Logan and Tim White, direct WAAPA’s award-winning percussion ensemble Defying Gravity in the music of Steve Reich – known as one of the most influential American composers of the twentieth century.

The ensemble will showcase a variety of rhythmic musical pieces inspired by Reich, including a combination of powerful African rhythms and harmonious melodies.This mesmerising performance is guaranteed to transport audiences into a mystical universe filled with pulsating drumming and euphonious melodies.

Plays September 19 – 21 at the Richard Gill Auditorium. Tickets available from the WAAPA Box Office or online.

Images: Fiona Digney (Facebook)

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