Moora Citrus is dedicated to providing both local and export markets the best quality citrus fruit possible.

One of life's simple pleasures is getting your hands on fresh, flavour packed, juicy fruit. But these days, it seems to be getting harder to do so with many supermarket offerings coming from far afield and, perhaps, taking a long time to get from tree to store. Well, hope is at hand with Moora Citrus making it just that bit easier to access fresh, delicious citrus fruit with their dedicated, innovative horticulture project in the WA Wheatbelt.

The family business started a decade ago, and has since planted over 170,000 trees across 210 hectares, providing fruit for local and export markets.

Moora Citrus produces oranges and mandarins, delivering fresh fruit across eight months of each production year.

The company aims to double WA’s 15,000 tonne citrus crop by 2019- that’s a lot of oranges! But, while that is a lot of juicy fruit, the Moora orchards deliver high quality fruit exceeding the market expectations, and increasing the overall demand for local fruit in the WA market.

Moora is currently harvesting almost 1,000 tonnes, which includes the delicious, new seedless Midknight Valencia variety. Moora Citrus is WA’s only major grower of this type!

The project isn’t just about supplying people with the best citrus fruit around. They are also building infrastructure onsite to further boost regional employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy. That means they are not only feeding our nation, but also helping the economy and the livelihood of locals as well. It’s a win-win situation!

Moora Citrus is currently working on export opportunities for the Asian Pacific region to provide high quality citrus to premium markets.

Visit their website to find out more, and visit your local supermarket or independent greengrocer now to get your hands on their juicy fruits!

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