The Lester Prize is back for its 15th year at the Art Gallery of WA from Saturday, October 16 to November 29.

One of the top three Portraiture awards in the country, this is a great opportunity to see 40 magnificent pieces of work selected from more than 750 submissions, including finalists and winners from the Archibald and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

The Lester Prize captures what it means to be ‘them’, to be ‘me’ and to be ‘us’. It is expressive of the traits that humanity holds within each individual and creates a vulnerability between the subject, artist, and viewer.

One of the exciting points of difference with the Lester Prize is its blind judging approach. Neither the name nor location of the artist is known to judges, providing an opportunity for lesser-known artists to become finalists. This year 12 out of the 40 finalists are from Western Australia and the rest from other states and territories across the nation.

Please note that as the Art Gallery of Western Australia is currently under refurbishment the main entrance is closed and you will have to enter the exhibition through the Beaufort Street entry.

The Top 40 finalists for 2021 are:

Sophia Alone
Aunty Lena Alone
Acrylic paint on linen, 31 x 31 cm.

Jordan Andreotta
Oil canvas, 62 x 47 cm.

Sarah Anthony
Midlife self-portrait
Oil on canvas, 53 x 43 cm.

Adoni Astrinakis
Two fathers and two sons
Acrylic on canvas, 155 x 125 cm.

Elizabeth Barden
Margot McKinney
Oil on linen, 75 x 75 cm.

Nathan Betts
January 7. What a day huh?!
Oil pastel on paper, 63 x 46 cm.

Illyampi Victor Burton
Acrylic on paper, 51 x 76 cm.

Stirling Caiulo
Bolt from the blue
Charcoal powder/acetone, compressed charcoal and graphite on paper, 154 x 118 cm.

Melissa Clements
Portrait of the artist scrutinising the viewer
Oil on panel, 47 x 37 cm.

Desiree Crossing
The night commute
Oil on canvas, 98 x 78 cm.

Martie Curtis
Oil on canvas, 57 x 42 cm.

David Darcy
Oil on linen, 93 x 63 cm.

Jenny Davies
Oil on canvas, 117 x 87 cm.

Gene Hart-Smith
Father and child
Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm.

Ben Howe
Portrait of my mother
Oil and acrylic on panel, 43 x 31 cm.

Amelia Jajko
Oil on linen, 63 x 48 cm.

Anne McCaughey
Somewhere in-between
Oil on canvas, 158 x 108 cm.

Anne Middleton
Susan Alberti AC
Oil on linen, 150 x 100 cm.

Elizabeth Nelson
Oil on canvas, 78 x 63 cm.

Liam Nunan
Alexander Berlage
Oil on canvas, 79 x 63 cm.

Nathan Paddison
37 go in on ate
Oil stick, acrylic, charcoal and pencil on canvas, 179 x 112 cm.

Raeleen Pfeiffer
I matter Lino
Print on rice paper, 170 x 113 cm.

Evert Ploeg
Anne of a thousand earrings – a portrait of Anne Schofield AM
Oil on linen, 112 x 168 cm.

Joel Rea
Own kind—portrait of Jessica & Lisa Origliasso
Oil on canvas 125 x 98 cm.

Stacey Rees
Red portrait
Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 76 cm.

Cameron Richards
Michael Dunstan—a brief biography
Oil on canvas, 132 x 112 cm.

Jordan Richardson
The dunce
Oil on canvas, 92 x 66 cm.

Sally Ryan
Never again
Oil on linen, 102 x 138 cm.

Emily Song
饺子 (dumplings)
Ballpoint pen on paper, 69 x 54 cm.

James Stickland
Oil on canvas, 130 x 100 cm.

Jill Talbot
The keeper
Acrylic on birch ply, 122 x 80 cm.

Sidney Tapia
Through you
Oil on wooden board, 22 x 22 cm.

Seabastion Toast
Ways of mapping sunshine
Oil on canvas, 43 x 33 cm.

Jim van Geet Helen Haines
MP – bucking the trend and dealing with it 2021.
Oil on linen, 99 x 130 cm.

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi
A life well lived
Oil on canvas, 91 x 76 cm.

Eugene von Nagy
David Holmgren Permaculture co-founder
Oil on canvas, 112 x 91 cm.

Brooke Walker
Oil on aluminium panel, 50 x 50 cm.

Renee Wilson
Lardil warriors
Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 130 cm.

Christine Wrest-Smith
Uncle Herb Patten at the Aboriginal Advancement League
Oil on linen, 91 x 112 cm.

Narelle Zeller
Brave new worker

Oil on aluminium composite panel, 131 x 83 cm.


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