What happens when two average Perth guys have an idea? They create The Flower Bros, the new ‘no-fuss’ florist suitable for everyone.

James Garnaut, your average 30-something Aussie bloke, sits at his computer in frustration. All he wants to do is buy a beautiful bouquet for his fiancé, but finds the process of buying flowers online to be difficult and clunky.

So, together with his friend Jay, he started Flower Bros, an online shop catering to all of your floral needs.

We had a chat to co-founder James about the origins of his business, and where he wants it to go from here.

“A lot of the websites that florists are using I found to be really old school, not user friendly, packed full of way too many choices, and not making my decision making process any easier,” he said.

“I met with a friend of mine, Jay Hollywood, to get his thoughts on the matter, and after he looked into it he agreed with me, it could be done much better. 

“Jay and I got stuck to work planning and creating the Flower Bros brand. We wanted the Flower Bros brand to be fun and quite different to what you'd expect (less feminine, not corporate) but, most importantly, to communicate a simple experience. After all, our intention was always to simplify the process of sending premium flowers.

“We wanted to create a brand that everyone felt comfortable engaging with.”

James and Jay are in collaboration with one of Perth’s finest wedding florists, Rebecca Const, to help create a ‘no-fuss’ business suitable for everyone to use, but still featuring beautiful arrangements at affordable prices.

The Flower Bros hope to expand their market to Sydney by the end of 2016, as well as further cement themselves as a “go-to” florist in Perth in 2017.

James and Jay pour their personalities into the project, fine tuning every detail of production and development to keep the customers happy and coming back for more. 

The Flower Bros are proving that ordering flowers online doesn’t have to be a cumbersome experience. Their website design is at the top of the ecommerce game, with simple, smart design and development.

James said he prides himself on developing a brand with as little fuss as possible.

“The whole Flower Bros experience is specifically designed to make buying flowers a rewarding and simple process. No filler. No fuss. Just get in, grab an amazing bunch of flowers, then get on with your life,” he said.

“We want consumers to feel proud of the flowers they are sending their loved ones.”

Visit the Flower Bros website for more, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @flowerbros!

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