Glitta Supernova is every bit as vibrant as her name suggests. She has a stage presence that just fills the room and makes it difficult to tear your eyes away.

Glitta's brand new show, Body Map, is daring, but very entertaining. She mixes social messages with humour, and she knows how to work the crowd. Described as everything from crucial to sexual liberation to outlandish and provactive, the show will test your ideas on women, relationships, sexuality and more. 

It’s “red light surrealism bridging the gap between intimacy & objectification”, as Glitta holds nothing back in telling her story and promoting her message.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the circus theatre and sat facing the middle of the curving stage. Body Map wastes no time, jumping straight into its message and story for the night.

She mixes spoken sections with dance sequences, each one more elaborate than the last and managing to find a balance between humour and seriousness, all the while keeping the entertainment levels high.

This is interactive entertainment, with Glitta getting up close and personal and calling for assistants with sections of the show. You feel part of the experience, not just a spectator. 

There are personal stories galore, from how her flat feet helped her girl gang initiation to her mad dash to the hospital to fix a certain part of her body. You can only imagine how that story went. 

There's no shame or inhibitions, only confidence and a wonderful sense of self as she stands in front of the audience baring all. But it doesn't feel strange or oddly voyeristic. This is daring theatre. It's about self empowerment and confidence and individuality all wrapped up in an hilarious and unexpected package. 

It’s easy to see why Glitta Supernova's last show, Let’s Get METAphysical, sold out in its 2015/2016 season, and was nominated for multiple awards.

The adventure that is Body Map was fantastic. Make sure to catch her next time she is in town.

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