Artworks on show at The Artisan Store Fremantle this season.

1. Silvana Ferrario
Log Cabin (8) | POA

Artist | Silvana has worked in fused glass since 2009. She took a glass sculpture unit at Edith Cowan University, and has been on courses with well-known glass artists. She has a portfolio of works inspired by the Australian landscape and ocean, and reflect her travels and experience as a subsea engineer.
Artwork | Log Cabin represents Silvana’s ‘glass weaving’. As an artist, she has always been interested in textiles since her mother taught her to sew, knit and crochet at an early age. 


2. Jennifer Sulaj
BlueBird | $255
Painterly drawing (oils)

Artist | An influence on Sulaj’s art is ‘automatic drawing’, a process that allows her to take risks, trust her intuition, and bring excitement to the work. The established artist has been involved in individual and numerous group exhibitions. In 2013, she was selected as a semi-finalist for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.
Artwork | BlueBird is one of the three artworks in the artist’s Coeur Bleu Painterly Drawings series. At the time of creating these works, Sulaj desired to only paint and draw using blue. The colour had an identity, which needed to be expressed. It was a time of change for her, and the artistic outcome depended on her mood when creating each piece.


3 Anne Gee
Look out George | $1350
Vintage storybook, red thread and hand-cut paper

Artist | Anne Gee is an Australian artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Her unique works have evolved from a deep love of the sea, maps, story-telling imagery and her own journeys and childhood memories. Anne creates intricate,
hand-crafted paper-cut works, ink-pen maps, drawings, paintings and stunning, three-dimensional paper sculptures under glass. For more information, go to
Artwork | Many of Anne’s works feature vintage storybook characters and exquisite paper boats folded from the 80-year-old rescued pages in her vintage book collection. This can be viewed in the artwork Look out George.


4 Annemieke Mulders
Harmony | $20-$45
Porcelain and glaze

Artist | Annemieke Mulders’ love of organic forms, surrealism and wabi-sabi motivates the slightly twisted and peculiar shapes of her artisan hand-made ceramics. Her works focus on rich vibrant glazes, and organic fluid shapes and textures in high-fired ceramics. To find out more, visit
Artwork | Placed in a mathematical pattern between order and randomness, these polished and glazed porcelain bowls, with their tilted shape, present organic harmony. They are a perfect mix of order and continual change.


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