Artworks on show at The Artisan Store Fremantle this season.

Anita Angel
Think Pink | $650
Acrylic on canvas, 76x76cm

Artist | Anita Angel’s expression through art lies in her Dutch heritage and soul. The abstract artist has a passion for colour combinations, and her pursuit of spiritual understanding inspired her to create abstract works. When painting, Anita loses all sense of time, and a deeper self emerges. Each of her paintings radiates a very personal expression.


Steve Baggott
Billabong Boy | $1900
Oil on canvas, framed size 880x725mm

Artist | Steve Baggott’s oil on canvas concepts originate from his experiences and are enhanced by a vibrant imagination. Ideas are sketched, then culled and selected for further development, creating short narrative compositions emphasised by a love of strong colours.
Artwork | Billabong Boy captures the innocence of outback Australia, the rich beauty and connection with the land depicted in what is a short narrative, highlighted by bold colours and composition.


Jill Bryant
Too Still for Sailing | $890
Acrylic on canvas, 76x76cm

Artist | Jill Bryant is a West Australian artist living in the artistic and cultural hub
of Fremantle. Her predominately abstract paintings reflect her love of watercolour, and display a very fluid and spontaneous style. She has been in several exhibitions, has featured in a number of ArtEdit magazines, and continues to sell her work Australia-wide. Visit
Artwork | Too Still for Sailing endeavours to portray the beauty of a still day on
the river. Sailboats remain motionless, useless for anything other than complementing the river vista.


Stephen Delaney
Tearful | $1600
Acrylic on linen, 152x76cm

Artist | Stephen Delaney is an Irish artist who has lived in Perth for the last 13 years. His work is an exciting range of realism and semi-abstract painting. He has an abiding love of primitive art and is most often inspired by nature, in particular the animal kingdom and the human spirit. Stephen’s beautiful paintings can be seen at
Artwork | Crying can be quite difficult for many men. They often learn as boys to stifle out the impulse – for fear of ridicule. Tearful is Stephen’s reflection of this struggle.


Demi McLeod
Ocean Vowes | $3900
Elements from a wedding dress, pure silver leaf, inks and oils, oxidised copper, bitumen, pouring lacquers and spray paint on canvas. 200x85cm (landscape)

Artist | Demi McLeod is a successful international artist whose work is adventurous, both in concept and scale. Inspired by art history, the experience of diverse cultures, and ancient and modern techniques, Demi’s work has depth, balance and a playfulness that is both engaging and intriguing. Bold and brave, her work is backed up by study and research into materials, techniques and fine art. For more, visit
Artwork | Ocean Vowes is a large-scale, mixed media piece that is part of a series inspired by the untold stories of worn bridal gowns. The imprint of the bride and the wedding day stays with the dress, but the significance of its history and potential evaporates as dress hangs awkwardly on the rack at Good Sammy’s.


Rita Said
Over Coloured Mountains | $1100
Acrylics on canvas, 95x110cm

Artist | Rita Said is an Australian abstract artist based in Fremantle. Her mark-making process is immediate. Contemporary, vivid and bold, Rita’s work is a modern visual projection of her ongoing exploration of the transient nature of
both her internal and external landscapes. Visit
Artwork | Where the air is clear and the view is majestic, Over Coloured Mountains embodies the awe of experiencing weightlessness in grandeur.


Jennifer Sulaj
IFW 7 | $420
Painterly drawing (oils), 55x42cm

Artist | An influence on Jennifer’s art is automatic drawing, which has allowed her to take risks and trust her intuition, and has brought excitement to the process. Jennifer has held individual exhibitions and been in many group exhibitions. In 2013, she was selected as a semi-finalist for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.
Artwork | The inspiration for the IFW painterly drawings and paintings was a dream Jennifer had about a Scottish artist, Ian Fairweather, who lived on Bribie Island. This dream affected her deeply, so for this collection she focused on pure abstraction, which was inspired by Fairweather’s approach to art.


Scruff and Cockrobin
Oomi | Price on request
Upcycled objects

Artist | Lee Cullen and Sue Jarrad are sisters, born in Margaret River in the 1950s. Now, with grown families and a passion for recycling the vintage pieces of days gone by, they create the Oomis, characters for others to love.
Artwork | The Oomis are recycled bits that have been repurposed into beautiful objects. Made with love and respect for the era of things, every Oomi is numbered, named and recorded.


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Jennifer Sulaj, Jos Coufreur, Therese Howie, Lynne Mettam, Galina Payne, Olga Zottowski, Felicity Peters, Anne Gee, Silvana Ferrario, and Annemieke Mulders.

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