There’s a handful of surfing schools in Perth, and more down south. We’ve found Perth’s top surfing schools where you’ll be standing up before you know it.

There’s a handful of surfing schools in Perth, and more down south. Boards are supplied, and most people manage to stand and catch a wave by the end of the day. Anyone can do it, including kids aged five and older, and lessons range from a few hours to a week-long safari.

Top 3 beginners’ surf breaks

Mark Lane, CEO of Surfing Western Australia, shares his pick of Perth’s best
breaks for surfing newbies.

1. Trigg and Scarborough beaches would be your best bet at this time of year, but conditions vary. Low-swell months are ideal for beginners, but if the swells do come it can be really dangerous, with big waves breaking onto shallow sand.

2. Leighton and Cottesloe would be your next pick, but both are swell-dependent. If you push yourself a little further south you’ll find yourself at Secret Harbour, which is also ideal.

3. Heading north, Mullaloo can be a great beginner’s location – but can be a little small at this time of year – or you could take a chance at Mindarie. If you push a little further north you’ll find yourself at Lancelin Backbeach, which is another great spot for novices.

Keen to take a lesson before braving the waves?

  • Big Wave Surfing School Secret Harbour 9758 8315
  • Gone Surfin Secret Harbour 9537 3709
  • Go Surf Scarborough 9245 1684
  • One Surf School Mullaloo 0403 206 651
  • Perth Go Surf Scarborough 9245 1684
  • Scarborough Beach Surf School Scarborough 9447 5637
  • School of Surfing WA Trigg, Mullaloo, Leighton and Rottnest Island 9448 0004
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