Once a sleepy surfing village, Margaret River is now an international surfing Mecca with a reputation as having the most consistent year-round, big surf waves in the world. 

With more than 75 breaks there is almost always a decent wave within easy reach. The bigger breaks carry surfers up to 500 metres and in July 2015 the ‘swell of the decade’ saw a handful of surfers ride the awe-inspiring 70 foot waves.

If you’re not a pro you can enjoy gentler waters at Meelup, Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay and during the week you can often enjoy the waves all to yourself. In summer the surfing schools should have you and kids standing in just a few hours.

Many of the breaks are in clear view of the coast and the region is host to the Pro World Surfing tour event, the Margaret River Masters, so even if you don’t surf, sit back and be mesmerised by the power and beauty of the ocean.

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Photo credit: Tourism WA (First) and Margaret River Region Facebook (Second and Third)
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