Now is the time to invest in procedures that will have you looking your best when the warmer months roll in, and who better to advise you on the latest non-invasive treatments than local industry experts? Scoop reveals their chosen cosmetic treatments that cover everything from fat blasting to excess sweating to tightening every sag and wrinkle.


Dr Bella Narsai, Bayview MediSpa

“The ultimate in non-surgical body toning, body lifting and face lifting.”

Isogei procedures are remarkable treatments that tell the muscles to exercise in a certain way, to increase their strength and to return to their natural, shorter length. The result is firmer and tighter skin and muscles.

Isogei uses small electrical paddles to produce a controlled electric shock. This shock causes isometric exercise to take place in the muscles. The exercise strengthens and tightens the muscles by pulling the skin back into place, so reducing the visibility of sagging skin.

Isogei treatments are non-invasive, and specifically targeted at lifting facial muscles, lifting and rejuvenating sagging breasts and buttocks, and removing double chins.

The advantage of Isogei over other similar treatments is the accuracy that can be obtained, ensuring the targeted muscles are reached, and so achieving the required results. These treatments are suitable for all skin types and age groups over 25 years old, those who are concerned about muscle tone and strength, and improving their shape to achieve a more youthful look.

Generally 10 to 12 treatments are recommended to achieve the best results. There is no downtime with this procedure, and cost will depend on the areas that are being treated. It is recommended that you book in for a free consultation and a thorough evaluation.


Bayview MediSpa, 20 Avion Way, Times Square, Claremont (08) 9384 8106,


The Rejuva Vanquish Fat Blaster

Dr Andrew Clark (cosmetic physician) and Deborah Selway (cosmetic registered nurse), Rejuva Clinic

“The technology specifically targets fat cells…”

Clients complete a questionnaire and have a consultation with a therapist to confirm suitability. Before the treatment starts, all jewellery and any metallic items must be removed. Clients lay on a treatment bed, while a therapist positions the Fat Blaster machine over the lower stomach area and controls the machine for the duration of the treatment. There will be a warm feeling in the area being treated as the temperature of the fat cells is raised to approximately 45 degrees. Keeping fat cells at this temperature for more than 20 minutes eventually results in the cells dying – the technology specifically targets fat cells and does not cause damage to any other types of tissue.

Originally, the machine at Rejuva Clinic only targeted the abdomen at the lower stomach level, but the recent acquisition of a new attachment for the machine now allows the thighs or the upper arms to be treated, too.

It is a non-invasive treatment. At Rejuva Clinic, no type of cosmetic treatment (including the Vanquish Fat Blaster) will be performed on persons under the age of 18. The treatment is appropriate for adults of any age over 18, so long as they have no implanted electronic devices, or any other contraindications.

This is a treatment with cosmetic outcomes in mind: scientific studies have shown an improvement in waist circumference, and it will help people to shrink their waists to better fit into their clothes. It has not been shown to cause significant weight loss, however, nor any other health benefits. The scientific data has only been assessed as to the outcome from four consecutive weekly treatments. Some clients will notice results after just a few days, although experience has indicated that the best results are seen after four to six weeks from the start of the treatment course. Extra treatments will give better results, which is why, for the best outcome, a course of six treatments is recommended.

Vanquish Fat Blaster is appropriate for all skin types and adults of any age, and Rejuva Clinic bases its recommendations for treatment upon the findings of an independent scientific study that used the technology. The study found 90 per cent of participants lost an average of 4.5cm from their waist circumference after four treatments of 30 to 40 minutes. One treatment is received every week for four weeks.

A minor degree of soreness after treatments is normal. Occasionally the soreness is more significant, however most people can expect to return to normal activities immediately after a session. The retail price is $700 per treatment.


Rejuva Cosmetic Clinics has one clinic in Como and one in Joondalup. Bookings can be made via 1800 REJUVA (1800 735 882), or at



Dr Glenn Murray, Absolute Cosmetic

“Laser tattoo or pigmentation removal.”

PicoSure is the latest non-invasive tattoo and pigmentation removal technology. Currently, Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is the only clinic in WA with the machine.

It is a very simple procedure requiring only about 15 minutes (depending on the size of the tattoo or pigmentation).

The PicoSure’s main advantage is its extremely short pulsed time. What this means is that the laser beam is turned off and on extremely quickly and precisely. Most tattoo removal lasers work at 10-9 seconds whereas Pico works at 10-12 seconds. This allows very high energy to be delivered to the tattoo pigment very quickly, destroying the pigment more effectively and, in most cases, leaving the skin intact. This reduces scarring and means fewer treatments, fewer complications, and better results.

Pigmentation is an extremely common condition that causes distress to many people. Pigmentation can be thought of as a natural tattoo. As such, the PicoSure laser is one of the best methods of removing this. The problem with pigmentation is that it can recur; now, with the less risky PicoSure treatments, this is less of a problem as the removal is more effective.

For tattoo or pigmentation removal, PicoSure is faster, more effective and requires fewer treatments than other laser removal machines. Some results may be visible on the day, however the body takes time to break down and remove ink particles – this can take around four to six weeks. Patients can resume normal activities straight away, taking care to avoid exposing the area to sunlight. Applying ice or a coldpack to ease the swelling in the area after treatment is suggested.

Patients must have a consultation with a doctor prior to treatment to assess suitability for the procedure, which must be administered by a doctor.

Depending on the area to be treated, usually from three to five sessions are needed, and anyone of age with a tattoo or pigmentation issue can be treated. The cost starts from $440, and varies depending on the size of the tattoo to be treated.


Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, Image 21 Building, 2/21 Stirling Highway, Nedlands (08) 9389 9099, or 789 Canning Highway, Applecross (08) 9364 1884,


Botulinium toxin treatment

Angela Bruhn, registered nurse at the Rodin Clinic. Angela works for Dr Timothy Cooper, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon located in Nedlands

“Botulinium toxin treatment for excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis.”

Uncontrolled sweating may occur in various parts of the body, including the hands, feet or underarms. At the clinic, only underarms are treated. The procedure is minimally invasive, and involves injections to each armpit using a very fine needle. Discomfort is generally minimal and brief, and no anaesthetic is usually required. Surgical sympathectomy is the only permanent treatment available for this condition, but that involves significant risk.

The treatment is life-changing. Excessive underarm sweating can disrupt many aspects of a person’s life, from career choices and recreational activities to relationships, emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. It takes time before the nerves to the sweat glands are blocked – most patients will start to notice a reduction in sweating within two weeks. Results last an average of six to seven months, and patients are able to return to work immediately following treatment.

Generally one treatment is adequate, however a top-up treatment may be required due to a variable response. Many patients choose an annual treatment, just prior to the arrival of warmer weather. Age or skin types have no bearing on treatment, but with certain rare medical conditions and pregnancy, treatment is contraindicated. Cost is $1500 per treatment, and this may be partially rebatable.


Rodin Clinic, Hollywood Medical Centre, Suite 44/85 Monash Avenue, Nedlands (08) 9389 9522,



Rhiannon Mitsopoulos, dermal therapist and education coordinator AACDS, Aspire Medispa

“A FACTOR4 treatment naturally stimulates your own collagen, benefiting skin elasticity…”

This latest advancement in traditional PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is called FACTOR4. FACTOR4 is a skin-rejuvenation procedure, performed with natural growth factors derived from your own blood. Blood platelets are a rich source of anti-inflammatory factors and growth factors that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. FACTOR4 is prepared by withdrawing a quantity of blood from the patient into tubes containing glass beads. Once incubated and processed, the FACTOR4 serum is highly concentrated, and super-rich blood plasma contains four times more growth factors than traditional PRP. A FACTOR4 treatment naturally stimulates your own collagen, benefiting skin elasticity, significantly slowing down the skin’s ageing process, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Pores and scars can be reduced, improving the skin’s overall texture, and giving it a much more youthful look and feel. FACTOR4 is administered via injection and/or skin needling.

Serum can be stored for up to six months. As a repeated number of injections or perforations to the skin are required, the area to be treated is best prepared with the use of a topical anaesthetic cream one hour before treatment.

The procedure is considered non-invasive, and is virtually pain-free. FACTOR4 is an effective treatment for thin, crepey or inelastic skin. It is particularly suited to treatment of the neck, face, decolletage, and backs of the hands. When FACTOR4 is used on the hands, it increases skin elasticity, and reduces spotty pigmentation and visible signs of ageing. When used on the face, FACTOR4 reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves overall skin tone.

It is also effective at reducing dark eye circles, stretch marks, and scars, and FACTOR4 has the general effect of significantly reducing static face lines and tightening the skin.

Four treatments at three to four week intervals are recommended for the best results. FACTOR4 is cumulative, and patients can expect to see ongoing improvements with their skin. There is no age limit to this treatment because of its wide variety of uses. For anti-ageing purposes, the treatments are recommended for people aged 30 plus, and not patients with known blood disorders or those taking blood-thinning medication. The patient is requested by the doctor to avoid agents that promote blood thinning – aspirin and aspirin-related products such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (Voltaren, Celebrex, Naproxen, Nurofen), steroids (Cortisone), glucosamine, large doses of fish oil, evening primrose oil, gingko, and co-enzyme Q10. FACTOR4 is autologous, which means it’s harvested from the body’s own substances, resulting in less social downtime. Recognised side effects of this treatment are erythema (redness), swelling and bruising, lasting approximately 72 hours. The treatment starts at $495.


Aspire Medispa, Level 1, 60 Stirling Street, Perth (08) 9227 5710,

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