We chat to Aussie comedian Simon Taylor about Hollywood life, riding in cars with Sarah Silverman, and his Fringe World show, Simon Taylor: Human.

They say you should never trust a guy with two first names. Especially a guy that claims he can make a living off being a comedian. But if he was trusted by Jay Leno to write material for The Tonight Show, maybe we should give him a chance?

Simon Taylor moved to Los Angeles Eat, Pray, Love style in a bid to gain comedian-level success (original much). He did a gig at the back of a comic (heh) book store in West Hollywood in 2012. Turns out, it was well received.

“A producer from The Tonight Show saw it, introduced me to Jay Leno and I became a writer for the show all within a week,” he says. “I’m still surprised.”

He wrote material for the show up until Leno’s retirement in 2014. “It was so awesome,” says Simon. “He’s the nicest guy in Hollywood. I’d buy him a car if I had any money. But he has enough of those, anyway.”

Even if Simon had the money, he’d buy himself one first. Getting lost in the Hollywood streets is his favourite pastime. Luckily his misdirection got him picked up by none other than Sarah Silverman.

“There was one time I couldn’t find my way home after a gig,” he says. “Sarah Silverman approached me and offered me a lift home. I’m happy to report she is a very responsible driver.”

But Simon’s triumph (well, sort of) over Hollywood doesn’t stop there. He is the TV host on Channel 31’s flagship show Live on Bowen along with That Startup Show and Beat Streets with Simon Taylor. With the remarkable timetable, it’s a wonder he even has time to grace little ol’ Perth with his humour.

But he’s got the time, and we’re expecting something epic.

"My show, ‘Simon Taylor – Human’ comes from my travels around the world and my love of languages,” he says. “It features a breakdown of Australian accents, my embarrassing attempts to learn another language, social commentary on Aussie culture and my inability to fix a car.”

He says it’s a stand-up show, but with a cabaret number and a magic trick or too on the side. How fun!

Time Out describes Simon as “a shooting star of the comedy scene” and The Age depicts him as “a master of timing”. He is also a recipient of The Butterfly Club’s prestigious Under Our Wing Award, previously won by Tim Minchin and Sammy J.

See Simon Taylor: Human at Monastery upper deck as part of Fringe World’s FREO ROYALE.

Monastery upper Deck
189 High Street, Fremantle

Thursday February 4
Start time 8.00pm
Tickets from $23

Friday February 5
Start time 8.00pm
Tickets from $27

Saturday February 6
Start time 8.00pm
Tickets from $27

Sunday February 7
Start time 8.00pm
Tickets from $23

View more here: http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/0a9005ea-c7b7-4e5b-98c4-6b1f7bc7ad65/

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