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Workshops and Short Courses in Western Australia

Discover what's going on in arts, events & culture

Discover what’s going on in arts, events & culture.

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Check out travel guides for regional Western Australia.

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Check out winery guides for Perth and regional WA.

Workshops And Short Courses in Western Australia


Extraordinary Mind Project - Find Your Hidden Creativity

More magic in life… find your hidden creativity! Practical information on the mechanics of the brain allows adults deep, easy access to previously hidden (forgotten?) creativity - via drawing class

  • Dates:Various Days
  • Time(s):Various Times
  • Venue:Multiple Venues


  • Interests:Self-development,Drawing,Painting,Health
  • Audience:Youths (18-25),Adults,Seniors



A.     You sense that there’s more to you and to your creativity

B.     “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” you say. You have proof! You are jovial about it. But deep down - when and if you looked - you would likely come across disappointment and a wish that it wasn’t true.

C.     ‘Stuck, at a standstill in life’ -  the feeling is too familiar. (Great news, because it may entice you to the edge of your comfort zone, where creativity lives.)

D.    Sometimes you just wish you were more creative!

If any of these apply then chances are the way your brain is currently wired is holding your creativity (and you) prisoner.

Want to break free and let your hidden talents show?

Participants in Extraordinary Mind Project courses will tell you that being bowled over by unexpected talent that emerges during a deep flow state changes everything!

Partly because you are shocked (or at least very surprised!) by what you have been able to do. "Oh, my goodness, I had no idea I could do that!"

And partly because it seems so completely natural. It occurs as some new 'truth' about you!

Special, brain-aware drawing exercises are the context for exploring this method and re-connecting with your natural born creativity. And ...

Startlingly improved drawing is just the beginning!

- Awaken an amazing sense of possibility and inspiration for anything that you wish to take on.

- Feel the peace and relief of ‘coming home’ to your patiently creativity.

- Dwell for a while in deep, rejuvenating relaxation!

Many participants report benefits they didn’t expect, such as better concentration at work, more confidence in many situations, and less reactivity.

One, Kerry Nunn, found her depression disappeared and the classes have helped her publish a book listed by Curtin University as recommended reading.

Get started right away for free!

Leave your 'to do' list behind and be in the world in a different, 'unstuck' way for awhile. 

In just 2.5 hours in a Free Introductory Workshop:

Discover key practical information on how to slip past brain patterning and reconnect with the creativity we all have in spades as young children.

See 'before & after' examples which illustrate what is possible for you, too! It works for stick man level drawers through to professional artists.

And 'try on' some of the ideas on the spot, for yourself, in the form of some simple drawing exercises.

The Free Introductory Workshop is informative, transforming and a fun event in itself – well worth attending! No obligation.

Join 3,700+ participants so far!

Workshops and courses rotate through multiple locations - Murdoch, Mt Lawley, Winthrop, Claremont, Joondalup, Kalamunda.

The associated course, Draw Your Way To Creativity, is available in two formats: 8 week and 4-day intensive. See venues and dates:  http://www.extraordinarymind.com.au/calendar.htm

Vino Italiano

Join in an educational Italian wine tasting class and experience the rich variety of wines that Italy has to offer.

  • Dates:Oct 20
  • Time(s):1.00pm to 3.00pm
  • Venue:TRIO Cafe & WIne Bar


  • Interests:Food,Wine
  • Audience:Adults


Discover more about wines spanning from the northern Italian regions of Alto, Adige and Veneto and up into the magical hills of Umbria and Tuscany and all the way through to Sicily.

This Italian wine tasting journey is sure to delight wine connoisseurs and those wanting to learn more about wine through a tasting journey led by Anja Lewis. Explore seven exclusively selected wines from these regions, and enjoy delicious Italian food whilst doing so. 

Eye Health and Research Lectures for the Community

Leading medical research institute, the Lions Eye Institute is hosting a series of free community lectures on Tuesday 22nd October as part of its inaugural Research Week.

  • Dates:October 22
  • Time(s):10am - 330pm
  • Venue:Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research


  • Interests:Health,Self-development
  • Audience:Youths (18-25),Adults,Seniors,Parents


Leading medical research institute, the Lions Eye Institute is hosting a series of free community lectures on Tuesday 22nd October as part of its inaugural Research Week.

  • 10am – Professor Bill Morgan will present his research into glaucoma and his collaboration with NASA, in his talk ‘Adventures in pressure space – what does the optic nerve do in glaucoma and outer space?’
  • 1130am – Dr Andea Ang will present on all things LASIK and Laser Refractive Surgery in her talk, ‘Can I get rid of my glasses Doc?’
  • 1pm – Dr Hessom Razavi will use virtual reality technology to take the audience on a ‘Journey into the eye’, looking at the eye and disease in a new way.
  • 230pm – Dr Angus Turner will share his work with the Lions Outback Vision team in his talk, ‘Country eyes – how to give sight-saving treatment away from the city lights’.

All sessions are free to attend, however registration is required at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/eye-health-research-lecture-series-tickets-71473417917

More information: lei.org.au

Contact person: Vinka Alujevic, [email protected], 9381 0795.



The Path is Made By Walking - Interactive Conversation

The Path is Made By Walking - an Interactive Conversation on creativity, self-expression, adventure & taking ACTION with Dr Erika Jacobson

  • Dates:24 October
  • Time(s):6PM to 8PM
  • Venue:Pakenham Street Art Space, Fremantle


  • Interests:Self-development
  • Audience:Adults,Seniors


"If you can walk it, it's a path"

That's what I shouted out to my hiking companion as we edged our way along a narrow goat track high above a rushing river in remote northwest Mongolia. It was a throw-away, humourous comment, but one which stuck with me because it had so much truth in it!

What I really want to say is: If YOU can walk it, it's YOUR path!

We all have unique inclinations, aspirations, motivation and tensions. Many of us want to do something that lights us up, that lets us express our individual spirit and in the process make a difference. Most of us do not know how.

How do we do what we don’t know how to do?

How do we step onto a path we can’t even see?

How do we know what action to take?

I’d love to share with you the ONE thing that I know how to do really well: TAKE ACTION.

Join me for an interactive conversation about creativity, motivation, adventure, direction...and carving our OWN UNIQUE paths.

ALSO I will be launching my very first webinar and I am really excited.

If you are not intersted in the webinar, you will still go home with some applicable creative tools, a few stories, maybe a couple of new mates ... and a bit of inspiration and motivation to take that next step, whatever path you are on... oh and some yummy vegan snacks in your belly!


Whites of Northern Spain

Experience a fun and educational wine tasting class delving into the world of white wines in Spain’s northern regions.

  • Dates:Oct 26
  • Time(s):3.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Venue:Duende


  • Interests:Food,Wine
  • Audience:Adults


Spend your Saturday afternoon learning about the range of fascinating native grape varieties and regional diversity of wine in particular Spanish regions.  

Seven carefully selected ‘vino blanco’ will be used in this wine tasting, and paired with Duende’s indulgent tapas spread - it is definitely one wine tasting class that is not to be missed!  

Organic Gardening Master Class Workshop

Learning how to grow your own food for at minimal cost is a skill everyone should have. At our workshop you will learn these skills and more, preparing you for your future.

  • Dates:Sun., 27 October 2019
  • Time(s):1:30 pm – 3:30 pm AWST
  • Venue:Perth City Farm 1 City Farm Place



Join us for a fun morning of Organic Gardening Information!

At our organic gardening workshop you will learn the skills to grow food for the rest of your life, at a minimal cost. These lessons will help you get maximum yields out of your vegetable patches and increase your health and vitality.

Things we will cover in this workshop:

  • What happens to conventionally grown food and why it is best avoided
  • Vegetables you can regrow for free from scraps you would normally throw away
  • Growing superfoods for free
  • Growing spices for free
  • Seed Saving and storing for free lifelong supplies of seeds
  • Harvesting your produce for extending the life span of your vegetable patch
  • Storing and preserving your abundant harvest for a longer supply
  • Companion planting tips
  • Edible weeds – Free salad anyone?
  • Soil Health
  • Organic Pest Control
  • Organic Fertilizers

The course comes with a workbook with detailed instructions on the methods of organic gardening.

To secure your spot purchase your ticket via the link, be quick as numbers are limited.

We hope to see you at this day of learning and fun! If you would like any more information email [email protected]

How to Start an Organic Garden Workshop

Have you ever wanted to build your own vegetable garden but are not sure where to start? Or perhaps your first attempt was a #epicfail? Well, then this is the workshop for you.

  • Dates:Sunday, 27th October
  • Time(s):From 11am - 1 pm
  • Venue:Perth City Farm 1 City Farm Place



Join Carla Weir and the team from Gaias Organic Gardens as they share with you all of the tips for building a successful organic garden.

The Gaias Organic Gardens Team have set up hundreds of vegetable gardens over the years, Right here in Perth. This isolated little city by the sea is like no other when it comes to growing food. With Long Harsh Summers, Strong winds and some of the worst soil on the planet you can see why so many of us struggle to grow food here in our part of the world. Carla Weir, Director of Gaias organic Gardens, has also been featured of the ABCME program Project Planet as a gardening mentor.

We share with you all of the trick and tips of the trade so that you can have wonderful fresh organic nutrient dense produce right at your back door. 

Topics we will cover: 

  • Sun- Understand Sun and how to get the aspect of your garden right in both summer and winter
  • Soil- How to get this essential step right- and how to keep it healthy for ongoing results
  • Seed and Seedlings- What to look for when purchasing
  • Watering Systems- Drip or Sprinkler
  • Which type of garden bed is best for which scenarios
  • Raised Bed or Dig into the ground?

We will also address:

  • Wicking Beds
  • Composting
  • Companion planting

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about your garden and receive the guidance you need to get your set up correctly.

Take home notes provided.

Edible Weeds Forage Workshop

Would you like to have access to free nutritionally dense food, Right at your doorstep?

  • Dates:Sun., 27 October 2019
  • Time(s):3:30 pm – 5:00 pm AWST
  • Venue:Perth City Farm 1 City Farm Place



All around us are growing some incredible plants that are better for you than the vegetables you are striving to grown in your veggie garden. And in some cases they are healing and highly prized medicinal plants or considered gourmet in other cultures. Yes I’m talking about weeds… Edible Weeds.

The weeds in your garden are probably growing like crazy. If you would like to spend your weekends weeding than this workshop is not the place for you. In this workshop we teach you to understand your weeds, giving you simple organic solutions to your weed control problem, No more need to spray harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage your families health.

Weeds are fascinating misunderstood plants. Plants we all brought here for one reason or another, and mother nature, Gaia, keeps them in the our environment for a reason. Lets uncover all of the lost and forgotten secrets of these wonderful weeds. After all a weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

  • Learn more about your weeds and learn what the weeds are telling you about your soil and eco system.
  • Learn what weeds to prioritize the removal of and which are useful.
  • Learn hands on strategies to deal with your "weed problem".

Edible weeds light lunch freshly foraged included!

You will see "weeds" very differently after this event, we promise.

Sparkling and Champagne

Join champagne enthusiast Anja Lewis of Canny Grapes on her exciting and educational journey through the world of sparkling wine and champagne!

  • Dates:Nov 2
  • Time(s):2.45pm to 5.00pm
  • Venue:Swallow Bar


  • Interests:Food,Wine
  • Audience:Adults


This tasting class will focus on seven carefully selected wines from various places around the world such as Spain, Italy, France, New Zealand, as well as some local Australian sparkling wines and champagnes.  

Learn more about winemaking techniques, wine regions and the best food pairings to go with your wine choices. Tickets include the wine tasting and share plates straight from the Swallow Bar kitchen

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