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Christmas Island Tourism Association

Rising majestically from the tropical depths of the vast Indian Ocean, and surrounded by the azure waters of Asia's southern fringe lies a stunning Natural Wonder - Christmas Island !!

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Christmas Island - its name alone is intriguing and stirs interest.  Yet this tiny speck of land in the Indian Ocean is a truly fascintating praradise, inviting you to uncover its remarkable surprises of nature in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Venture to this awe-inspiring island for an unforgettable getaway.  Experience a rich biodiversity and a welcoming culture as you take time to escape the everyday, relax and immerse yourself in a breathtaking natural world.

Warm, crystal clear waters invite you to swim or snorkel at idyllic beaches among fish, or scuba dive and discover a colour explosion on the coral reef, and be mesmerised by the gentle, close-up beauty of the huge whalesharks which visit the Island.

Grow your sense of wonder as you are captivated by the spectacle of the Red Crab Migration - a glorious visual feast of colour sweeping across the landscape from forest to ocean in a rare, unstoppable natural wonder.

Meander through the dappled light of a lofty rainforest teeming with abundant life in its lush ecosystem, from tall, shady canopies above to delicate native orchids and ferns across the forest floor, and onto freshwater cascades.

Overhead, wonderful birds soar and drift - birds you'll not see anywhere else.  Whether they're wheeling across tropical skies or in their craggy homes, you can tick off sightings, marvel at their elegance and rarity and treat your ear to new calls.

So set your sights on Australia's Jewel of the Indian Ocean.  Along with your camera, pack your capacity for endless amazement, your willingness to be inspired and your infinite sense of wonder.

Welcome to Christmas Island - A Natural Wonder ...

Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast Tourism

Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast Tourism office is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast region located between Albany and Esperance in Western Australia.

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Fitzgerald Coast Visitor Centre provides a  comprehensive range of literature and information for the local region  Ravensthorpe to Hopetoun and surrounding areas Esperance to Albany and beyond.

A wonderful array of gifts, local art, crafts and produce together with a range of books, maps, greeting cards,  postcards and Park Passes are available at the centre.

A friendly group of Volunteers and Co-ordinators are available to assist you with your visit to our region.

Opening hours Monday - Friday 09.30am - 04.30pm

Mandurah & the Peel Region

Fast Escapes. Natural Breaks. Just an hour south of Perth, Mandurah & the Peel region offers everything from coastlines, rivers and estuaries to bushland. Enjoy 6,600 square kilometres of outdoor fun.

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The Peel region is one of the most beautiful and most diverse regions of Western Australia. The region encompasses Mandurah, Murray (Pinjarra & Dwellingup), Waroona, Boddington and Serpentine/Jarrahdale and is the perfect destination for your natural adventures, right on Perth's doorstep.

So close to Perth but a million miles from city life, you find a massive area waiting to be explored from the Indian Ocean coastline, up rivers, across estuaries and through native bushland to the eastern escarpments. Spend your day kayaking, bush walking, off-road cycling or even on a horseback in the vast open spaces and state forests or sample local wines and produce and spot kangaroos and local wildlife. The opportunities are endless.

If you love adventures with adrenaline, there are extreme options from high speed, open water jet skiing to four wheel driving on the beach and surfing, white-water-rafting, skydiving and much more.
For those of you looking for more chilled adventures, choose from options like waterfall picnics at Serpentine Falls, hiking and mountain biking tours through jarrah forests and national parks, fine dining and visiting the region’s excellent wineries.
The Peel region is home to unique treasures of nature. There, you find the largest Thrombolites reef in the Southern Hemisphere at Lake Clifton. This natural jewel offers a glimpse into what life was like 600 million years ago.
The Peel-Harvey estuary is twice the size of Sydney harbour – imagine an aquatic playground 130 square kilometres of estuary and inland waterways.
Welcome to a world of adventure, anytime of the year.

Margaret River & Augusta Tourism

There’s perhaps no better destination in Australia to kick back and unwind surrounded by nature, beautiful vineyards and glorious coastline, including some of WA's best surf and beaches. Lucky visitors can lose themselves in the ultimate get-away, completely refreshing body and soul.

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The wild, rugged beauty of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge with its dramatic cliffs and rocks, the tranquil aqua waters of the many protected bays, the local vineyards covered in rising mist in the early morning all contribute to outstanding visual splendour. It’s a photographer’s dream.

For a more hands on approach when visiting the area the intrepid traveller can journey along the Cape to Cape Track, stretching from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste. The total journey takes between 5-6 days with plenty of delightful stops and welcome camping rests along the walk. For those a little less adventurous, many sections of the trail make for a most enjoyable short stroll. Section maps are available in both visitor centres.

Large stingrays grace the waters of Hamelin Bay. There are schools of dolphins, the occasional seal, and on land kangaroos, possums and bird life aplenty. The Blackwood and Margaret Rivers' meandering waterways are visited by pelicans, hundreds of black swans, red necked stints, egrets while onshore blue wrens, silvereyes, magpies and a number of species of cockatoos.

Out at the Leeuwin Cape and along the spectacular beaches view a variety of seabirds including the Yellow nosed Albatross, Great winged Petrel, the Australasian Gannet and the Flesh-footed Shearwater, to name just a few. The Blackwood and Margaret Rivers also offer abundant water activities, ranging from canoeing to fishing and boating. The Blackwood is also becoming internationally renowned for its favourable kitesurfing conditions.

In Spring the countryside comes alive with a huge variety of Australian wildflowers which lay a carpet of mesmerising colours through the forests and coastal heath. It’s wonderful for those who like to walk and explore.


The area is a fisherman’s paradise. With its abundance of waterways there’s something for everyone from the professional to the amateur and the family fun day out.

Fishing from a boat, the jetty or the riverbank will reward you with Bream, Herring and Yellow Fin Whiting. Blue Manor crabs are found in season, but you may need to get friendly with the locals to find out where. Beach fishing all along the coast is extensive and worth the exploration and effort.


The serene aqua water of Hamelin Bay provides the perfect ambiance for relaxing in the sun, beach combing, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving out on the shipwrecks. This bay is often graced with the presence of stingrays which can be hand fed. Beach combing in stormy weather will reap many treasures spilled onto the sand by incoming waves.


Besides the many water sports on offer such as water skiing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, improve your handicap on one of the world’s most scenic golf courses in Augusta, a mere 30 minute drive south of Margaret River. There’s bowls, tennis, walk trails, cycling and many other sporting activities to keep the energy packed holiday maker busy. A number of local operators provide guided tours. Margaret River is a kids wonderland! With safe swimming beaches, abundant natural attractions AND adventure aplenty, the region is perfect for that special family holiday... escape today.

For Kids

The majority of local businesses operate with a child-friendly ethos in mind, helping to ensure that children are entertained whilst the parents take a well-earned break; tasting world-class wines, consuming gourmet delicacies and enjoying the culture of relaxation that IS Margaret River!


The Wardandi people are the traditional custodians of this region and have an affinity with the sea and multitude of local caves. It is through the caves that the afterlife is reached and where the sea spirit Wardandi is found. The Wardandi people along with the other local Bibbulmum and Noongah Aborigines have a well-defined culture, richly endowed with music, art and legend.


The historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at Augusta is situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia, standing at the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. This famous landmark is over 100 years old and remains an important working lighthouse. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated 10 minutes drive south of Augusta.


WAITOC is an autonomous Assocation promoting Indigenous Tourism on a State, National and International level.

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Operators range from offering a sunset cruise, overnight safaris showing traditional Aboriginal sites and rock-art, walking trails to art galleries.

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