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Events in The Pilbara

Events in The Pilbara


Karijini Canyoning & Yoga Adventure

The Karijini Yoga & Canyoning Adventure is the escape you’ve been craving to feel truly alive, exploring nature and self in the most stunning location possible!

  • Dates:Oct 7 - 14
  • Venue:Karijini National PArk


  • Hosted By:Frieda Yoga & Hiking
  • Other:Health,Travel,Well Being


You’ll be fully supported by expert guides to safely step outside your comfort zone, learn new skills and grow towards your full potential. You’ll delight in new friendships with our small group of like-minded adventure buddies. There are a maximum of 11 places per group, so be sure to secure your spot before we sell out! You’ll avoid the crowds and experience the most-beautiful secret spots in Karijini National Park, guided by our expert tour leader Sven, the only commercial operator currently taking groups into Karijini’s Class 6 canyons. You’ll paddle, abseil, hike and climb your way through gorges carved out by millions of years of water flow. You’ll see unique geological formations, flora and fauna found nowhere else on the planet, all while exploring canyons only entered by a select few each year. You’ll enjoy the contrasting colours of turquoise water cascading through stunning red rock formations, interspersed with patches of green trees. Looking up, you’ll see the steep red rocks give way to beautiful blue skies above.

Onslow Staircase Street Festival

Onslow holds its annual Staircase Street Festival. Enjoy the festival atmosphere while watching the amazing natural event occur.

  • Dates:Jul 24, Aug 28, Sep 25
  • Time(s):5:00pm
  • Venue:First Avenue, Onlsow


  • Type:Free
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Festivals:All Festivals
  • Other:Travel


Staircase Street Festival!

Join us for Onslow Staircase Street Festival on 26 June, 24 July, 28 August and 25 September to witness the natural phenomenon of a staircase to the moon as the full moon rises over exposed tidal flats!

There'll be something for everyone with delicious food, market stalls and entertainment on First Avenue along the foreshore.

Quiet Hour

QUIETHOUR brings you an hour once a week to relax detach and refocus yourself from your busy every day life!

  • Dates:Every Tuesday
  • Venue:Wanangkura Stadium



QUIETHOUR is an initiative aimed at minimising visual and auditory stimulation and distractions to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for people who are sensitive to excessive stimuli.

Once a week, on Tuesdays between 10-11am, we'll lower the music levels throughout the gym and dim the lights in the crèche at Wanangkura Stadium.

All members and casual attendees are welcome to access the facility during this time, but we request that you help keep noise to a minimum.

While we will take all reasonable steps to minimise stimulus during the specified times, completely eliminating noise and light in the facility is not possible. Management plans should be explored with individuals / their carers in cases of extreme sensitivity 

It should be noted that a distraction free, low stimuli environment can be beneficial for everybody, not just individuals who are sensitive to excessive stimuli. Research indicates that constantly being switched on (to bright lights, loud noises and whatever's happening on our phones/computers) can lead to a range of ailments, including: anxiety, insomnia, obesity, hypertension, poor heart health, impaired immune function and hormonal imbalances.

Where We Go to Paint

After months under construction, the new Spinifex Hill Project Space opens with the Spinifex Hill Artists group exhibition 'Where We Go to Paint'.

  • Dates:Jul 8- Oct 2
  • Time(s):Tue to Sat: 9am - 3pm
  • Venue:Spinifex Hill Project Space


  • Hosted By:Spinifex Hill Project Space
  • Ticket Price:FREE
  • Type:Aboriginal Art & Events,Free
  • Art Exhibitions:Other Visual Arts,Painting


'Where We Go to Paint' refers to the many places the Spinifex Hill Artists ‘go’ to paint, whether that be by physical or intangible means. This diverse body of work explores the idea of ‘where’ - where each artist has come from; where the group, as a whole, has come from; and where, as South Hedland’s only Aboriginal art collective, they are going as their individual paths converge under the roof of a new home, the Spinifex Hill Project Space.

Kelvin Allen | Lena Alone | Willarra Barker | Gladys Bidu | Ngamaru Bidu | Selena Brown | Illyampi Victor Burton | Doreen Chapman | Maywokka Chapman| Nyangilpayi Nancy Chapman | Annabella Flatt | Gideon Gardiner | Sheila Gardiner| Nyaparu (William) Gardiner (dec.) | Gloria | Maggie Green | Robert Kickett | Mulyatingki Marney | Minyawe Miller | Nyangulya Katie Nalgood | Beryl Ponce | Winnie Sampi | Phillip Simpson | Paul Thomas | Narlene Waddaman | Lena Willalang | Pauline Williams | Cyril Whyoulter

Gecko Ensembles Karratha – Weekly Drama Classes with Barking Gecko Theatre

Gecko Ensembles are Barking Gecko Theatre's weekly drama classes for children. It’s where self-expression leads to self-confidence, stretching their imaginations in exciting directions.

  • Dates:Oct 20 - Dec 15
  • Time(s):Wed 3.30pm-5pm
  • Venue:Red Earth Arts Precinct


  • Hosted By:Barking Gecko Theatre
  • Type:For Kids,Workshops
  • Produced By:Barking Gecko


Karratha Gecko Ensembles are on sale for Term 4!

Gecko Ensembles are Barking Gecko Theatre's weekly drama classes for children. It’s where self-expression leads to self-confidence, stretching their imaginations in exciting directions. Gecko Ensembles question, explore, imagine and create.

Gecko Ensembles focus on the learning that comes from engaging with drama processes, rather than focussing on an end of term production. Through exploring some of life's big questions children develop collaboration and communication skills and build resilience and empathy. They challenge themselves, listen to each other, learn new skills and most importantly, have fun!

Gecko Ensembles celebrate children’s diverse ideas, interests and imagination. Children act as our creative consultants, exploring the same content as Barking Gecko’s artistic teams are exploring in our rehearsal rooms.

At Barking Gecko Theatre we believe when children’s creativity is nurtured, their potential is endless!

Junior Geckos (ages 8-12)
20 October – 15 December
Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5pm

Location – Red Earth Arts Precinct

Book now – www.barkinggecko.com.au

For more information about Gecko Ensembles, bookings, other available workshop locations and school holiday workshops visit www.barkinggecko.com.au or email [email protected]

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