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Events in The Kimberley

Events in The Kimberley


First National Kimberley Lake Argyle Swim

Clean freshwater awaits all solo, duo or quad teams, no sharks, bluebottles, ocean rips or chafing, just a very pleasant 22 - 26 degrees in 980 square kilometres of lake to enjoy.

  • Venue:Lake Argyle
  • Dates:May 1


  • Sports:Endurance,Swimming
  • Hosted By:Lake Argyle Swim


After the disappointment of the forced roll-over of the 2020 Lake Argyle Swim, we are very excited to be planning a fantastic 2021 Swim for all of you, our loyal participants, sponsors and supporters.
Saturday 1st May 2021 will see a record field in the warm fresh waters of Lake Argyle.  We have a fantastic event and post-event celebration line-up for our biggest and best Lake Argyle Swim ever.

Situated 75 kilometres from the town of Kununurra, Western Australia, Lake Argyle is located 40 kilometres from the Northern Territory Border and covers 980 square kilometres at normal water levels. Twenty-one times greater in size than Sydney Harbour, Lake Argyle can increase to over 80 times the size of Sydney Harbour when in flood. Long since recognised as one of the most spectacular places to visit in Australia, the Lake Argyle Swim provides experienced swimmers with an unsurpassed outback adventure.


YUCK Circus

A 6-strong crew of elite acrobatic gals, ready to flip off double-standards and kick art in the face. They’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues - they’re literally throwing women!

  • Dates:May 4
  • Time(s):6pm - 9pm
  • Venue:Derby Recreation Centre


  • Hosted By:Shire of Derby/West Kimberley
  • Ticket Price:Adults $20, Concession $15
  • Type:Community
  • Performing Arts:Circus,Comedy,Theatre


Hitting the road this May, multi-award winning YUCK Circus are championing the female voice and having a bloody great time doing it with Regional Arts WA and Act Belong Commit’s latest Lotterywest Shows on the Go tour. YUCK Circus is a 6-strong crew of elite acrobatic gals, ready to flip off double-standards and kick art in the face. They’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues-they’re literally throwing women! Let’s get into the grit of it: they’re coming for your ‘female standards’ and rough Aussie norms. Their award-winning Western Australian company of circus chicks are tackling the uncomfortable through dance, circus, and beaut comedic timing. YUCK is fun for the faint hearted, the strong willed and the everyday battler. YUCK’s here to show the humour of the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to be a young woman growing up in Australia. But don’t get them wrong, this isn’t a girls-only, no boys allowed show. They made this content relatable through comedy gold and crazy flips, so that even Dazza from down the road will have a good time.

Ord Valley Muster

30 events across nine exciting days

  • Dates:May 17 - 29
  • Venue:Jim Hughes Amphitheatre


  • Other:Agricultural
  • Festivals:All Festivals,Ord Valley Muster


The 20th Ord Valley Muster will feature an outstanding line-up of over 30 events across nine exciting days from 21 - 29 May 2021, held in Kununurra, Western Australia.

Set against the stunning East Kimberley landscape, this event is truly a bucket list 'Must-er' for every Australian. Comedy, arts, rodeo, music, dining under the stars, yoga boats and much, much more.

From humble beginnings in 2001, the Muster came to life quietly as a simple one night affair – a pleasant dinner in the outback for local businesses. Since then, it has grown at lightning speed to be firmly established as a pre-eminent event in the national festival calendar.

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Ord Valley, Lake Kununurra, spectacular fresh water gorges, national parks and stunning reserves, the Muster rewards visitors with magical and distinctive experiences. 




Make Smoking History Derby Boab Festival Mardi Gras

The town of Derby rolls out the Horizon Power Float in this family-friendly environment with live bands, children's entertainers and WASAMBA. The night will end with a fireworks display.

  • Dates:Jul 2
  • Time(s):From 5.30pm to 9.30pm
  • Venue:Derby Town Oval


  • Hosted By:Make Smoking History
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Type:Community,Free


The Horizon Power Float Parade leaves the Derby Civic Center at 4.30pm then makes its way along town streets to the Derby Town Oval for the Live Lighter MARDI GRAS supported by Lotterywest. A huge crowd of locals and visitors will  enjoy the fabulous array of food, arts, crafts and information stalls plus an awe inspiring collection of amusements and thrilling rides. There will be roaming children`s entertainers, dancers, drummers and live music on a big stage.

At 7.30 the Horizon Power Float Parade and the Boab Quest 2021 winners will be announced. Queensland band `Black Image Band` will entertain the crowd till 9.30

Mowanjum Festival - Derby

Experience the unique art and culture of the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunambal people at this special one-night celebration at the 2021 Mowanjum Festival.

  • Dates:Jul 8-10
  • Time(s):Opens 2pm
  • Venue:Mowanjum Arts & Culture Centre


  • Hosted By:Mowanjum Arts & Culture Centre
  • Ticket Price:$5-$25
  • Type:Aboriginal Art & Events,Community
  • Food & Drink:Festival
  • Art Exhibitions:Aboriginal,Historical


The Mowanjum Festival acknowledges the vibrant cultures of Aboriginal people across Australia. The festival is open to the general public from 2pm, with a variety of cultural workshops including didgeridoo playing, boab nut carving and ochre painting conducted in a family friendly environment. Come with the whole family for an evening of culture and the arts. Bring a camping chair or a blanket. Hot food, bush tucker & drinks available. Performers of all ages participate in Junba (traditional song and dance), telling the stories of the Mowanjum people. The revival and performance of these dances are a significant moment of celebration for the local community, and deeply moving to the elders who thought they might never see those dances again. Hosted by the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre, the festival attracts thousands of visitors who join us to witness and take part in one of Western Australia’s largest cultural celebrations. Tickets go on sale from 1 March 2021 so pack your bags and travel down to Kimberley for this incredible event.

Shinju Matsuri- Festival of the Pearl

With September marking the end of Pearl Harvest season brings the opportunity to celebrate part of Broome’s unique culture with the Shinju Matsuri, the Festival of the Pearl.

  • Dates:Aug 21- Sep 5
  • Time(s):Times to be confirmed
  • Venue:Broome


  • Hosted By:Shinju Matsuri
  • Ticket Price:Free- $295
  • Type:Youth Art / Performance,Community,Workshops
  • Food & Drink:Festival,Restaurant Events
  • Art Exhibitions:Craft,Historical
  • Other:Arts & Crafts,Travel


A true Broome intuition comes in the form of the Shinju Matsuri that will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smell as the community shares this beautiful locale with the world and the people who call it home. Every year, to mark the opening of the Shinju Matsuri Festival, the Broome community pays homage to their cultural backgrounds in this colourful Float Parade (free entry) through the town centre. A vibrant evening of performances and entertainment by dance schools, schools, scouts and other community groups in the live lighter Mardi Gras! (free entry). Send your message out to the universe in one of the most symbolic ways possible at The Floating Lantern Matsuri (general $15, VIP $120.) The Chinatown Feast ($75) is a Hawkers Market with a Broome-style twist. Dine out on Masterchef favourites Shinju Matsuri’s Sunset Long Table Dinner ($295). Don’t forget to come and enjoy a sunset drink at the festival bar (free entry.)

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