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Local Focus Type Clubs & Associations in Perth and Surrounds

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Discover what’s going on in arts, events & culture.

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Clubs Associations in Perth And Surrounds


Cyclo Sportif York

Join us for the ultimate Father’s Day weekend in the beautiful Avon Valley, the Cyclo Sportif York is part of the York Cycling Festival. York Cycling Festival is the perfect mix of time away with the

  • Type:Non Government,Local Focus,State Focus,Association
  • Local Clubs:Sports
  • Charity:Sport & Recreation


  • Sports:Other


Join us for the ultimate Father’s Day weekend in the beautiful Avon Valley, the Cyclo Sportif York is part of the York Cycling Festival. York Cycling Festival is the perfect mix of time away with the family, friends, leisure and of course riding.There are plenty of accommodation options in and around York.

Date: Saturday, 1 September 2018
Time: From 7:00am for all distances
Venue: Pioneer Avon Park, LOT 11 Lowe St, York WA 6302

A Distance – 94km
B distance – 53km

Our rides are based on the European style team events. Riders organise themselves into teams of four to nine riders. A team can be made up of any ‘like’ group such as your friends, regular riding group or work colleagues. You can ride any type of bike provided they are consistent across your team (ie, all road bikes, hand bicycles or mountain bikes). A Cyclo Sportif is conducted in race-like conditions with each team receiving a time however it is NOT race – it is about enjoying a challenge with your friends and participating as a team – not ‘winning’. Your team must work and remain together throughout the event.

Fully Supported
Bicycling Western Australia has developed a reputation of presenting fun and exciting events in a safe environment. This event is fully supported with approved traffic management, corner marshals, on-road support and water stations.

Food Rescue Program

This sensational group rescues perishable, fresh and nutritious food from cafes, caterers, supermarkets and wholesalers and delivers it to disadvantaged, vulnerable people.

  • Type:Local Focus,Charity
  • Charity:Food,Local Community



Food Rescue is a philanthropically funded program run by UnitingCare West.

Food Rescue services disadvantaged people in Western Australia.

It aims to alleviate hunger by saving perishable, fresh, nutritious food from landfill and redistributing to those who need it.

Food is rescued from supermarkets, distribution centres, cafes, restaurants wholesalers, caterers and function centres and is redistributed through a network of agencies and programs that reach the homeless, women and children in crisis, drug and alcohol crisis centres, emergency relief, new arrivals, Indigenous Australians and low and fixed income earners of all ages.

In WA alone, nearly 14,000 people are homeless each night and a further 111,000 per year are at risk of requiring food assistance.

Food Rescue is fully funded through donations by individuals, businesses and philanthropic funding. We require donations and volunteers to continue to operate to service disadvantaged West Australians and do our bit for this amazing planet we live on.

From Paddock To Plate (FP2P) Accreditation Program

The ‘From Paddock to Plate’ (FP2P) Accreditation Program is a new initiative by ABC Rural journalist, food writer, author and passionate sheep and cattle producer, Louise FitzRoy.

  • Local Clubs:Food & Wine
  • Type:Local Focus



“…the way farmers’ markets should be”

The FP2P Program distinguishes authentic farmers’ market stallholders from other market participants. It works to recognise and promote as well as increase the profit and viability of our genuine producers. Members are provided with exclusive on-site signage and media exposure, as well as the right to display the unique FP2P Accreditation symbol and stamp of approval at their market stall. The accreditation program ensures that the public are only buying from genuine producers, giving them the rightful chance to be educated on where their food comes from and how it is grown, raised or made, as well as meeting customer’s expectations of the way authentic farmers’ market should be.

One of the FP2P Program’s aims is to continue to build the “social aspect” and “sense of community” at all farmers’ markets by encouraging customers to take more interest in the items they are buying and ask more questions about the origin of the food. Customers will come to you for information and understanding, with the reassurance you are an authentic stallholder. Producers should see an involvement in the FP2P Program as a unique chance to proudly educate the public about life on the land and take this opportunity to promote the love, passion and dedication that goes into producing food for our country.

FP2P understands the work involved in attending a farmers’ market, so make sure you to get the most out of it by becoming accredited!

Some of the many benefits provided to accredited stallholders include:

*Your own FP2P stall sign and certificate

*Widespread media coverage all year round

*Several radio interviews

*Your profile and selected products promoted on the FP2P website (www.frompaddocktoplate.com.au)

*Editorials in selected newspapers and magazines

*A short video filmed on farm for promotional purposes

*An opportunity to feature in the proposed FP2P book sequel and documentary for promotional purposes

*Social media coverage on Twitter and Facebook (a way to communicate with your customers)

*Free annual subscription to the FP2P newsletter

*Free communication with your customers via the FP2P contact database

*Notification of new market stalls available throughout WA farmers' markets

*Potential to sell more product

*Reduced competition with re-sellers

*An ability to sell your seconds

*Better control over educating customers

*More freedom of supply

If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please give Louise a call or send her an email – 0421 578 969 / [email protected]

George Jones Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) - Armadale

The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre is the first of its kind in Australia.

  • Type:Local Focus
  • Charity:Youth Welfare



Our child focused services provide holistic care to meet the needs of each child and family with compassion, understanding and skill; and to strengthen our community's response to the safety, treatment and wellbeing of children who have suffered trauma from abuse.

The George Jones Child Advocacy Centre was opened on Tuesday 1st March by the Honorable Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia.  It was a celebration of innovation and success for Parkerville Children and Youth Care, local agencies and government partners who began in 2007 to design, develop and implement this new service for children and young people who have been harmed.Right from the beginning of the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre we have involved children and young people in planning and designing the building and choosing the art work inside the centre. They told us they wanted bright and friendly spaces, colourful murals with lots of creatures, bugs and water.

Involving young people was again very important in our latest project, the urban art for the long exterior wall of the building. Artists Darren Hutchens, Dan Duggan and Lawry Halden facilitated workshops with young people, encouraged their ideas and harnessed these into a cohesive and creative design.  The dragon represents Parkerville, a strong creature who supports and guides children and helps them to go on a journey of recovery from hurt and harm; the children are in charge and tell the dragon how to help them.  The budding young artists named the dragon Parky which is how the kids colloquially refer to us.

Melville Theatre Company

The Melville Theatre Company was founded in 1982 and presents community productions of plays and musicals.

  • Type:Club,Volunteer,Association,Local Focus
  • Local Clubs:Arts,Music


  • Established:1982
  • Arts:Local Clubs,Music,Performing Arts


The Melville Theatre Company was the brainchild of the late David J. Burton who, in 1982, called a meeting for interested people in the community to form a theatre company in the Melville area.

As a result of this meeting the Melville Theatre Company was born. The newly formed company’s first production was the farce, Not Now Darling. With its second production, The Sound of Music, the young company won the Finley Award for the Best Production of the Year in Community Theatre. Since then, actors and directors have consistently featured in the list of awards at the annual State Drama Festival. In recent times, Melville has taken home three more  Finley awards for Best Play; one for our 2010 production of The Return, in 2013 for Rabbit Hole and the 2014 production of Twelve Angry Men.

Initially our seasons were performed in the Melville Civic Centre, but since 1987, our venue has been the Roy Edinger Centre, on the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway, Palmyra. For many years we shared this venue with a multitude of other users, which created difficulties for all parties, however, in 1998 we were granted sole management by the City of Melville and have thus been able to create a real theatre within the centre, including raked seating, carpeting and a new lighting and sound system.


OUTdance is a Perth based ballroom dancing group that stages various social events and runs weekly classes for same-sex couples and singles.

  • Type:Club,Local Focus
  • Local Clubs:Social Club,LGBTI


  • Established:2001
  • Arts:Dance


Starting in 2001, OUTdance is a great opportunity to meet new people while you learn how to dance in a safe, relaxed environment.

Dances include Cha Cha, Cubam Rumba, Barn Dance, Disco Madison, Evening Three Step, Jive, Progressive Jive, Quickstep, Samba, Square Rumba, Slow Rhythm and Tango. 

OUTdance is held every Tuesday from 7:00pm at the Mt Hawthorn Community Hall.



Perth Pythons Hockey Club

Perth's first and only LGBTI+ friendly hockey club who welcomes everyone from complete beginners to experienced players.

  • Type:Club,Local Focus
  • Local Clubs:Social Club,Sports


  • Sports:Hockey


While homophobia can sadly find its way into many sporting cultures and clubs, Perth Pythons believe that the best way to combat this is to be out, proud and active within our communities. This is a fun, social, inclusive and friendly Hockey Club for beginners to advanced players. 

Weekly training on Sundays from 4:30pm - 6:00pm Sundays (Summer Only) at the UWA Hockey Club.

Bring your mouthguard and shin pads and you can borrow a hockey stick if you are just starting out. 


PlaceScape works closely with communities to support the management and implementation of programs and projects that benefit local people. Our work may include community consultation, support in accessing funding, project planning, using best practice models to inform the design process, advice on gardening, maintenance and sustainability, and more. PlaceScape delivers services through a holistic project management approach.

  • Type:Association,Non Government,Local Focus



The idea of PlaceScape was born in 2008 during conversations between directors May Carter and Sabrina Hahn. Both were concerned about areas of Perth where vast tracts of bushland and other green spaces seemed to be disappearing under a sea of roofs and concrete streetscapes.

May had been working on a research project exploring links between resident perceptions of urban green spaces and self-reported health. Substantially better general health, quality of life and community connection was reported by people living near parklands that were valued, useable and provided a diverse range of settings and opportunities for physical activity, relaxation and social interaction.

Sabrina is widely known for her commitment to WA gardening and was concerned about the loss of trees and fewer gardens – in both private and public spaces – and about design of new parks being unsuitable for the WA climate and lifestyle.

May and Sabrina were aware that many people wanted to do something about growing greener places to live, work and play but often don’t know how to go about it. They used their extensive network of contacts to bring together likeminded people to co-direct this venture.

And that’s how PlaceScape was created – from the passion of a small group of people who want to save the world one tree at a time! 

York Arts & Events

YORK ARTS & EVENTS Inc. was established in 2017 to foster community engagement in arts and cultural activities and to run events such as The York Festival.

  • Type:Association,Local Focus
  • Local Clubs:Arts


  • Established:2017
  • Arts:Local Clubs


We are a membership based, not-for-profit incorporated association, thriving on a community of volunteer involvement and participation.

York Arts & Events Inc is committed to making a positive contribution to our town and to bringing the arts to the local and wider community.  We invite established and emerging artists to contribute to its programs and exhibitions.

One of our long term objectives is to establish a Community Arts & Culture Centre, which would offer learning and skills training for all age groups for things not already being offered in York.  This could include Printmaking, jewellery, painting, drawing, languages, Noongar culture, exhibitions, perhaps a community garden, courses, workshops and other activities, in addition to hosting arts and cultural events.  We would not want to replicate services already being offered in the York community and would love to hear from you if you have some great ideas and suggestions to make.

We see the old Convent School as an ideal building for a Community Arts & Culture Centre.  Its location next to Peace Park and the amenities it already has make it particularly suitable for this purpose.  Over the next twelve months, we will be working to develop a feasibility study and a plan to fund such a project.

Supporting the establishment of  Community Arts & Culture Centre is just one of the many benefits of becoming a member of York Arts & Events Inc.  If you’re interested in following and/or being involved in the developing arts space in York and the Avon Valley then please like our Facebook page and watch for updates, events and happenings.

Joining York Arts & Events keeps you in the know about what is happening in the arts community in York, and membership entitles you to discounts on events and workshops that are organised by us.  To become a member, simply click here.  We would love to have you on board. 

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