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Business Events in Perth and Surrounds

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Discover what’s going on in arts, events & culture.

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Business Events in Perth And Surrounds


Meeting Compliance Requirements

This half-day course focuses on the role of an effective compliance framework as an integral part of an organisation's overall business strategy.

  • Dates:Jul 9, Oct 17, Nov 12
  • Time(s):1.30pm - 5pm
  • Venue:Governance Institute of Australia


  • Type:Courses
  • Industry:Legal
  • Hosted By:Governance Institute of Australia


In this course, you will:

- explore a variety of compliance approaches that underpin an organisation's legal framework

- consider essential regulatory requirements, compliance standards and guidelines

- gain practical information on compliance monitoring to uncover regulatory and/or legal breaches

- gain a practical understanding of how compliance fits into your organisation, especially alignment with key business objectives, and how compliance processes can reinforce and positively strengthen the organisational culture

Who should attend this event?

- Risk officers and managers

- Risk analysts

- Compliance officers and managers

- Finance managers

- Line managers

- Operations managers

- Assistant company secretaries

- Anyone whose role involves analysing, assessing and treating risk

Digital Engagement Masterclass Series

This digital engagement masterclass series combines five one-day masterclasses into one program that will bring you up to speed with everything digital marketing.

  • Dates:23 Sep - Oct
  • Time(s):9.00am to 4.30pm
  • Venue:Curtin St Georges Terrace


  • Type:Workshops,Courses
  • Industry:Arts & Culture,Technology,Leadership,Education,Human Resources
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


For those who are interested in only one, or a couple of the masterclasses, each class in the series can be also taken as a standalone class.

Week 1 – 25 September: Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Week 2 – 2 October: E-Commerce and social media marketing for the Chinese market

Week 3 – 9 October: Digital user experience design: Designing for humans

Week 4 – 16 October: Digital user experience design: Prototyping and iterating

Week 5 – 23 October: Digital Storytelling and Reputation Management




AIM WA Annual Leadership Summit

The 2019 AIM WA Annual Leadership Summit delivers another inspiring list of speakers.

  • Dates:Oct 23
  • Time(s):8.30am - 6.30pm
  • Venue:Hyatt Regency


  • Type:Talks
  • Industry:Leadership
  • Hosted By:AIM WA



Each has a unique perspective on leadership; based on their successes in a wide range of industries and circumstances. From medicine, corporate business, journalists and authors, the 5 keynote speakers will provide lessons, insights and energy which attendees can apply to their own leadership journeys. The panel speakers offer additional value through their stories and industry expertise.

The Annual Leadership Summit has become a feature of the leadership development landscape for hundreds of WA leaders.

Make a group booking for your leadership team, for your emerging stars, or simply a single seat just for yourself at this inspiring annual event by calling Client Services on 08 9383 8000.

Early Bird Rate: book and pay before Friday 30 August 2019.


Curtin Postgrad EXPO

Take your career to the next level and study your way with Curtin Speak to the experts at our Postgrad Expo about our wide range of postgrad options and take control of your career today.

  • Dates:Wednesday 23 October 2019
  • Time(s):5.30pm to 7.00pm
  • Venue:Building 410 - Curtin Medical School, Curtin Perth, Kent Street, Bentley


  • Type:Workshops,Networking,Talks
  • Industry:Education
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


Just one conversation at our Postgrad Expo could take your career to the next level. Find out how further study can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Speak to staff about courses that interest you, different levels of study and flexible study options, including full-time, part-time and online study.

You can also learn more about scholarships and fees, gaining credit for your prior work and study experience, and other support such as FEE-HELP, employer-funded study or income tax deductions.

Generating WA’s top postgraduates
According to the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016-2018, Curtin postgraduate students earn on average $86,500 a year and 83.3% are employed full-time just after graduating – the best results of all public Western Australian universities.

Step up to study
We can help you fit university into your lifestyle. Find out how Curtin removes the barriers to postgraduate study.

NFP Governance and Performance Study - Key findings from the 10th edition

AICD’s Not-for-Profit Governance and Performance Study is the largest and most in-depth research of its kind in Australia.

  • Dates:Oct 24
  • Time(s):8am-9.30am
  • Venue:Bankwest Plaza


  • Type:Breakfasts
  • Hosted By:Aust Institute of Company Directors


The AICD’s NFP Sector Leader, Phil Butler, will report on the key findings of the study before joining a panel of sector leaders to explore the issues in more detail including how recent Royal Commissions are impacting not-for-profit organisations and the increased expectations on directors. Panellists will also look at how the sector has changed over the last decade, fundamental questions about the future of the sector, new challenges on the horizon, and issues impacting sporting organisations - many of which are applicable across sectors.

AICD NFP Governance 101

This session is designed for board directors and committee members of small not-for-profit and community organisations who have limited exposure to the principles of good governance.


  • Hosted By:Aust Institute of Company Directors


What will you learn?


This one and a half hour briefing will give you an overview of:

  • The importance of good corporate governance and what it looks like in practice
  • Your role and responsibilities in driving good governance
  • How to run effective board meetings and ensure a healthy relationship with management
  • How governance practices can help you identify emerging issues early, and
  • The characteristics of a good director.


Who should attend?


This session is ideal for current, newly appointed or aspiring chairs, directors, committee members and councillors of not-for-profit and community organisations. It will also benefit managers, key staff, volunteers and public officers who seek to improve the governance practices in their organisation.

CEDA: Value generation through innovation

Bold leaders will share their vision on how Western Australia is at the forefront of innovation and development for the global resource sector.

  • Dates:Oct 25
  • Time(s):11.30am to 2.00pm
  • Venue:State Reception Centre, Fraser's Kings Park, 60 Fraser Avenue, West Perth



McKinsey & Company research shows that there has been a global decline in mining productivity over the past decade, however digital technologies have the potential to unlock new ways of managing variability, enhancing productivity, and protecting the bottom line.
Hand in hand, productivity and innovation give a competitive advantage to organisations driving value across the sector. As economist Paul Krugman put it: “productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run…it’s everything”.
Speakers will discuss how the resource sector is future proofing its collective prospects through innovation. How mining companies are integrating their innovation strategies throughout their organisations and how collaborative innovation across industries are creating greater business value.

AICD Annual Dinner 2019

Celebrate with colleagues and friends as we take in the swinging sounds of the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, at the beautiful Crown Towers.

  • Dates:Oct 25
  • Time(s):7.30pm-12am
  • Venue:Crown Towers


  • Hosted By:Aust Institute of Company Directors
  • Type:Awards


Frank Cooper AO FAICD, WA Division President, Australian Institute of Company Directors, is pleased to invite you to attend an evening of jazz at the Annual Dinner 2019.

Join us as we award a true leader in the WA director community with the 26th Annual Gold Medal.

Celebrate with colleagues and friends as we take in the swinging sounds of the ultra-lounge from one of Australia’s cultural gems, Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra, at the beautiful Crown Towers.

Guests will indulge in a decadent three course meal with James Halliday 5 red star Atticus wine.

We are also delighted to present the seventh annual PwC Director Award for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

Get your nominations in for the PwC Director Award for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector.

This is your opportunity to recognise a leader in the Not-for-Profit sector in WA.

#SMPerth October // Drinks for Perth Social Media

We're headed back to an old favourite and inviting a speaker along for the ride! That's right - an absolute legend from Melbourne is flying in just to join us for drink

  • Dates:29th Oct, 2019
  • Time(s):5:30-7:30PM AWST
  • Venue:Frisk Small Bar


  • Type:Networking
  • Industry:Education


We're headed back to an old favourite and inviting a speaker along for the ride!

That's right - an absolute legend from Melbourne is flying in just to join us for drinks

Join us at Frisk in Northbridge for a gin, or twelve, as we discuss digital transformation, innovation. and building a multi-million startup from a scrappy MVP with Sked Social founder Hugh Stephens.

Will we see you there?



Insightful investor and serial start-upper Hugh sees digital transformation and innovation opportunities everywhere.

A self-described ‘failed medical student’ with a penchant for code, he eschewed the world of medicine for a life as an entrepreneur. He's built a consulting business, become a renowned start-up investor, and build Insta management platform Sked from a spare-bedroom side project into a $multi-million international business.

Along the way, he has worked with a dizzying array of big-name brands and became one of SmartCompany’s ‘Hot 30 under 30’ entrepreneurs (two years running). He has also been listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.



CEDA: Cybercrime - a WA attack

Austal Chief Executive Officer, David Singleton will share for the first time a detailed account of their cyber-attack and the cost to business and reputation.

  • Dates:Oct 29
  • Time(s):11.30am to 2.00pm
  • Venue:State Reception Centre, Fraser's Kings Park, 60 Fraser Avenue, West Perth



Cybercrime is a growing threat to organisations, infrastructure and the economy. CEDA’s event will provide an informative overview of the attack and the processes and procedures required to return to business as usual. Coupled with a keynote presentation by David Singleton, a panel of cyber experts – WA AustCyber Innovation Hub, Director, Dr Ian Martinus, Horizon Power Cyber and Information Security Officer, Jeff Campbell and Rochelle Fleming from Sapien Cyber will provide policy, infrastructure and technological updates.
Most agree it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ attacks will happen and therefore this discussion will highlight the importance of a proactive approach to taking responsibility for cybersecurity risks, especially with regards to essential infrastructure and governance. Cybersecurity is not an option, it needs to be at the forefront of every process as we continue the migration to an interconnected society with the coming of age of automation, big data and the internet of things (IoT).

Leadership Maturity & Vertical Development

Most of us are familiar with the idea that “the significant problems that we face today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” (Einstein).

  • Dates:Oct 29
  • Time(s):5.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Venue:Leadership Centre


  • Type:Networking,Talks
  • Industry:Leadership,Education,Human Resources
  • Hosted By:AIM WA



The Challenge of Growing Bigger Minds

Most of us are familiar with the idea that “the significant problems that we face today cannot be solved with the same level of  thinking we were at when we created them” (Einstein). But how do we assess and develop our “level of thinking”?

As leaders face ever more complex adaptive challenges, it would appear that cultivating new levels of thinking is increasingly necessary. So how might organisations measure the “level of thinking” in their leadership community? And how might leaders assess whether the level of thinking is a match for their leadership challenges and develop increased capacity where it is required?

In this session, Angela explores these questions through the lens of the Leadership Maturity Framework. She will take us on a journey through the seven stages of adult development (or levels of thinking) typically seen in organisations and how each stage impacts organisational performance and shapes organisational culture.

Vertical development (the work of growing bigger minds) has been identified by the Centre for Creative Leadership as the fastest growing trend in leadership development and you will leave this session with:
• Greater insight into your own stage of development
• An appreciation for the capacities and limitations of others’ stage of development
• Insight into the value of horizontal and vertical development
• Ideas for tapping into the hidden developmental capacity in your organisation.

Innovation Central Perth Breakfast Event

WISE Morning Coffee Insights: Understanding the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for non-technical people. Join us for your morning coffee and croissant as we explore the fundamentals of IIoT.

  • Dates:30 Oct
  • Time(s):7.15am to 9.00am
  • Venue:Curtin St Georges Terrace


  • Type:Networking,Breakfasts
  • Industry:Leadership,Education,Technology
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


Innovation Central Perth's WISE program invites you to join us as we look into building IIoT capability within organisations.

By 2020, an estimated 50 billion devices around the globe will be connected to the Internet. The "Internet of Things” (IoT) incorporates major technology industry trends such as cloud computing, data analytics, and mobile communications, but goes beyond them, offering almost limitless versatility.

This versatility provides immense opportunities for IoT in the industrial space (IIoT) and our event will provide insights into considering IIoT enablement. It will illustrate how IIoT adoption and deployment is different for every organisation, but there are key fundamentals to consider when building strategy - such as the technology, the integration challenges, the stakeholders, and the cultural awareness that needs to happen around innovation vs traditional business case decision making.

If you are contemplating adopting or trialling IIoT, or are in the process of initiating IoT projects, then this event is for you! It’s also particularly useful for non-technical people who want to understand the key concepts, terminology and fundamental building blocks of how IIoT enables automation in industrial sectors.

Please note this event is capped at 70 attendees so be quick to register!


7:15am: Arrival, Breakfast and Networking

7:30am: Introduction to Innovation Central Perth and the WISE Program

7:35am: Understanding IIoT for Non-Technical People (Bradley Holding, Technology Lead, Cisco )

8:05am: Case study discussion: Industry IoT Journeys

8:35am: Networking

9:00am: Event Concludes

UDIA WA: Modern Methods of Construction

The Changing Nature of How We Build

  • Dates:30 October 2019
  • Time(s):7.00am - 9.30am
  • Venue:Crown Perth


  • Type:Workshops,Networking,Breakfasts
  • Industry:Real Estate
  • Hosted By:UDIA


The engineering and construction landscape is going through a phase of accelerated transformation due to forces both inside and outside the sector. Multiple megatrends (such as population growth, urbanisation, and innovation) are demanding greater consideration for long-term sustainability and creating fertile conditions  for rapid change. How we build (methods & materials) is thus evolving, and this will inevitably influence how residential property is developed in WA. How will the homes of the future be built?

Hear from-

  • Bert Bardoel, EY Oceania Engineering & Construction Leader, as he presents the findings of EY International’s research on the Construction Sector Transformation, including global trends and predictions.
  • Michael Berglin, Deputy CEO & Robin Gerum, Head of Business Development & Strategy at Serneke (Sweden’s fastest growing construction company) as they talk collaborative design for buildability & sustainability, construction planning & use of offsite prefabrication, and preparing for the future.
  • Bill Scanlan, EY Director will then release the findings of the UDIA WA commissioned research on the potential outcomes & implications of adopting modern housing construction methods here in WA.

Does using materials other than double brick affect housing affordability through reduced lot construction requirements and shorter construction time frames? What sort of sustainability outcomes can the use of different methods & materials drive?

This is your chance to hear insights on global best practice direct from international leaders, and be the first to hear the results of important local research.

Instagram Marketing - Hashtags, Content & Growth [MASTERCLASS]

Picture this: Instagram boosting your bottom line. Using Instagram to post pretty little snaps? You’re missing the big picture. Discover how to make Insta work for your business. From regrams to hashtags, community engagement and remaining authentic, in our Instagram training course we’ll discuss the best way to increase your presence and maximise your ROI. We will show you how to optimise your account for greater reach, give you insights into the algorithm, and explain how to spot the fakes fr

  • Dates:Oct 31
  • Time(s):TBC
  • Venue:TBC


  • Type:Workshops


Picture this: Instagram boosting your bottom line.

Using Instagram to post pretty little snaps? You’re missing the big picture.

Discover how to make Insta work for your business. From regrams to hashtags, community engagement and remaining authentic, in our Instagram training course we’ll discuss the best way to increase your presence and maximise your ROI. We will show you how to optimise your account for greater reach, give you insights into the algorithm, and explain how to spot the fakes from a mile away.

We invite you to join us at the Alex Hotel for our masterclass “Instagram Marketing – Hashtags, Content & Growth".

In this Instagram training course we will examine:

  • Write a killer Instagram bio, create a theme and make your feed sing
  • Use the right apps and time-saving content tools
  • Separate algorithm facts from fiction
  • Learn what and when to post (and why)
  • Master the art of hashtags and regrams
  • Explore the science of Instagram analytics and advertising
  • Make Stories and Highlights work for you
  • Build and maintain an engaged community



You’re using Instagram, but you’re not 100% sure why, when or how you should. You’re looking to firm up your knowledge and tap into the bottom-line boosting potential Instagram undoubtedly offers.



Barista coffee on arrival. Yep, this is not your average function. We will give you insider knowledge and practical advice to grow your business on Instagram. A delicious morning tea with another round of barista coffee will be provided, giving you an opportunity to network with your peers and fellow classmates.

Every attendee will also receive a resource packed workbook.



Social media and digital marketing strategist Meg Coffey is a certified trainer, lecturer, media commentator, award-winning entrepreneur and regular on Australia’s business speaking circuit.

Texan by birth and Australian by choice, Meg is managing director of social and digital marketing agency Coffey & Tea, and founder of #SMPerth, the free digital-marketing knowledge-sharing network. She is also the creator of the paradigm-shifting State of Social digital and social marketing conference.

Meg brings a wealth of first-hand social and digital marketing experience and real-world case studies to her training programs, with content and conversation tailored to suit each class. That’s why every session is limited to no more than 15 people: to ensure you’re able to tap directly into Meg’s know-how and apply your learnings to your social and digital marketing activities straight away.





Strategy: From Principles To Practice Program

The program captures the latest thinking from strategic management theory, delivers hands-on experience of the strategy consulting toolkit, and adapts tried and tested strategic frameworks.

  • Dates:Oct 31 - Nov 1
  • Time(s):8.30am - 4.30pm
  • Venue:AIM WA Floreat


  • Type:Courses
  • Industry:Leadership
  • Hosted By:AIM WA


This interactive and practical program allows participants to gain exposure to multiple strategy frameworks and to structured problem-solving in order to develop a range of skills critical to planning for the future. Modern business case histories from diverse industries are used to illustrate and develop critical thinking and facilitate the strategy development process. Strategies to foster and create innovative business models are illustrated, with participants gaining experience of how businesses and industries may change in future.

This program is designed for any person who wants to develop their strategic thinking, planning and doing competencies. It is particularly appropriate for managers who have, or are moving into, a position of strategic responsibility. The program is applicable to developing strategy within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Program Content:

o What is strategy and does it matter?

o The 'how' and 'why' of strategy

o Business model innovation for turbulent times

o Structured problem-solving as a key strategy tool

o Strategy frameworks and principles

o Strategy business cases

o Strategy in action

About the presenters:

Professor Allan Trench

Professor Allan Trench is a former strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company, engaged in strategy assignments across multiple industry sectors, the author of 10 books and over 50 peer-reviewed journal publications. He is a past member of the Woodside strategy team and has held a number of senior positions in the mining industry, including with WMC Limited (since acquired by BHP Billiton). Allan has over 25 years of combined industry and academic experience and has served as a director of a number of emerging ASX-listed resources companies since 2003. Allan has held academic positions in geophysics (Oxford University) and in Mineral Economics (Curtin University). He is currently the MBA Director and Professor in the Practice of Management at UWA Business School. He holds four degrees including a doctorate in geophysics (Glasgow University) and an MBA (Distinction) from Oxford University.

John Sykes

Mr John Sykes is the founder and principal of Greenfields Research. He is currently completing a multidisciplinary doctorate at UWA. John is the author of a book published in 2016 and has over 10 peer-reviewed scholarly papers. John will assist Allan in the delivery of this program.

To book into this program, please visit www.execed.com.au/open/programs/program?number=007

Master Builders Apprentice Of The Year Awards

The Master Builders Apprentice of the Year Awards recognise the achievements of the best apprentices in the building and construction industry in Western Australia.

  • Dates:Nov 1
  • Time(s):6.30pm - 12pm
  • Venue:The Westin


  • Type:Awards
  • Hosted By:Master Builders


The awards have been designed, on behalf of the Group Training Organisations, to promote the up and coming builders in our industry, those who will be bettering the industry for future generations.

The awards are attended by approximately 350 apprentices, employers, suppliers, Group Training Organisations, and representatives across the industry.

Shining a light on the truth

Three public panel discussions will be held at the State Library of Western Australia as part of our “Shining a light on the truth” program hosted by The Walkley Foundation.

  • Time(s):10am-11.30am
  • Dates:Nov 2
  • Venue:State Library of Western Australia


  • Type:Talks


Politcs and the Press 10am-11:30am
When it comes to our democracy, journalism has a vital role to play in interpreting policy and “keeping the bastards honest”. Hear from an editor, political journalists and a cartoonist about how they report on the corridors of power, from local councils to state governments and the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery. Hear from Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor, WA Today political reporter Nathan Hondros, The West Australian federal political editor Lanai Scarr, The West Australian cartoonist Dean Alston and moderator Nine News state political editor Gary Adshead. 

Press Freedom and Investigative Journalism 12pm-1:30pm
This year in Australia we’ve seen unprecedented attacks on journalists: from raids and digital surveillance to court suppression orders and pressure to reveal sources. Hear from an all-star panel of award-winning journalists about how important sources and whistleblowers are to investigative journalism; why this kind of reporting is critical to our democracy; and the risks journalists face in the current climate. Panelists include The Australian journalist and 2018 Gold Walkley-winner for The Teacher's Pet podcast Hedley Thomas, ABC Alice Springs journalist and 2019 Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Oliver Gordon, Seven News freedom of information editor Alison Sandy and moderator Curtin University associate professor Joseph Fernandez. 

The Yarn Spinners 2pm-3pm
Journalism helps shine a light on injustice and changes our world for the better; but it can also be really bloody entertaining. Hear from some of Australia’s great storytellers and yarn-spinners about the narrative techniques they use to make sure their message resonates with readers, listeners and viewers. From research to sparkling prose, you won’t want to miss this discussion about how to make great stories. Speakers include Sydney Morning Herald journalist and 2018 Walkley Book Award-winner for The House Helen Pitt, The Australian WA bureau chief and Indigenous affairs correspondent Paige Taylor and more to be announced. 

Beer & Beef's Fundraiser Lunch supporting Bravery Trust

Please join us for our 32nd Annual Fundraiser Lunch proudly supporting Bravery Trust. The lunch will be held at Fraser's Restaurant in King's Park.

  • Dates:Nov 2
  • Time(s):12.00pm - 3.00pm
  • Venue:State Reception Centre, Fraser's Restaurant


  • Type:Networking,Lunches


Bravery Trust provides urgently needed financial support to our veterans and their families who are suffering as a result of their service. The physical and mental impact of service can be overwhelming for our brave families. Help give them the support they deserve. 

FREE ‘LIVE’ WEBINAR – App your Business November 6th

FREE ‘LIVE’ WEBINAR – App your Business November 6th

  • Dates:Nov 6
  • Time(s):12.00pm - 1.00pm
  • Venue:Online


  • Type:Workshops,Talks
  • Industry:Finance,Leadership,Agriculture,Arts & Culture,Education,Tourism,Engineering,Human Resources,Environment,Real Estate,Technology,Wine
  • Hosted By:Belmont Business Enterprise Centre


FREE WEBINAR for your small business

App your Business

Through this live webinar you will gain knowledge in

• Spend money on Apps that make you money

• Cost vs. Investment?

• 4 apps every small business owner should be using

• 5 free apps to help you to stay on the top of the game

• Cash in – cash out. Make it count.

• Apps to shape your financial goals

Free ‘Live’ Webinar Online across WA

Participate from your home or office

With your PC, tablet or smartphone

November 6th

Wednesday, 12noon-1pm


bookings now open for live webinar – www.belmontbec.com/events

About the Presenter Nick Shmakov, Res-Q

Res-Q has been developing Apps for Medium Businesses and customising existing solutions to help Small Businesses to grow. Res-Q guidance helped business owners to utilise time more effectively and achieve more using less time. Having to go through the similar growth stages as most businesses, having endless “to-do” list, Res-Q brings fresh and innovative approach how you can scale and grow using modern tools. Clients love their passionate and slow-paced approach to user education, that doesn’t make you feel miserable

Overcoming Obstacles to Create a Champion Mindset

Creating a champion mindset requires a holistic view of our development; one which encompasses our physical wellness through mind and body connection.

  • Dates:Nov 6
  • Time(s):12.00pm - 2.00pm
  • Venue:Leadership Centre


  • Type:Workshops,Courses,Networking,Lunches
  • Industry:Leadership,Education
  • Hosted By:AIM WA



Yoga and mindset control are powerful tools for overcoming obstacles in our lives. Often we perceive failures as negatives, but changing our view so we see them as a learning opportunity, ultimately leads to success.

Creating a champion mindset requires a holistic view of our development; one which encompasses our physical wellness through mind and body connection. Yoga provides a great foundation for this connection.

At the session, we will explore how a heightened awareness of our physical body, using basic yoga postures (asana), can help us adopt new strategies to avoid “failure”. With this heightened awareness, and the application of our new strategy, we can remove many of the physical obstacles which we believe prevent us from doing a given posture. The same approach can be applied to our mental or emotional beliefs around the same posture.

We’ll connect the building blocks of this physical, mental and emotional approach to postures in Yoga with the fundamental thought processes of a positive mindset, and show how long term development requires greater perspective and perseverance.

Join us for lunch and learn:
• An appreciation for greater perspective through a heightened awareness of self
• Practical tools to create mind and body connection
• Strategies to create a positive mindset.

The yoga asana explored in this session are very basic and don’t require any
experience of yoga, or special clothing.

Feed Your Mind at Lunch: News without borders

Join Curtin journalism lecturer Glynn Greensmith as he explores news in the age of the internet. Enjoy a complimentary light lunch and have the opportunity to network and ask questions!

  • Dates:Nov
  • Time(s):12pm - 1pm
  • Venue:Curtin St Georges Terrace


  • Type:Networking,Talks,Lunches
  • Industry:Leadership,Education,Human Resources
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


Does it matter what the rules are around broadcasting and reporting on TV and radio? If your kids can access anything just by looking at their phone, are we falling behind in setting the standards of discourse and decency?

Curtin University’s top researchers will be sharing their insights into some of today's most talked-about subjects in this series of FREE lunchtime talks.

Carmel Business Breakfast

Join us at Carmel School's outstanding 2019 Business Breakfast event, with keynote Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann.

  • Dates:Nov 8
  • Time(s):7am - 9am
  • Venue:Pan Pacific Hotel


  • Type:Networking,Talks,Breakfasts
  • Industry:Legal,Finance,Leadership,Education


The 2019 Carmel Business Breakfast will see us welcome Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance, Special Minister of State and Leader of the Government in the Senate as our keynote speaker.  The event will be chaired by The Hon Chief Justice Peter Quinlan, with the  Welcome to Country delivered by Ms Carol Innes, Co-Chair of Reconciliation WA.

We are grateful to our sponsors who are supporting this event: Jackson McDonald; NAB; Prime West; Schaffer Group of Companies; Threat Protect LTD; and, Wingate.

Health Economics and Leadership Workshop

Economic Evaluation in Health: A three-day workshop for researchers and professionals in the health sector wishing to apply health economics approaches to their workplace.

  • Dates:Nov 11 - 13
  • Time(s):9am - 4pm
  • Venue:Curtin University, St Georges Terrace


  • Type:Courses
  • Industry:Finance,Leadership,Education,Human Resources
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


Australia faces significant challenges around the growing demand for health care, failure to meet these challenges will have significant negative impacts, both on system sustainability and health outcomes. Health economics toolkits can be used to provide evidence on cost-effectiveness and inform resource allocation decisions in health care.

Take a deep dive into Health Economics and Leadership in this three-day workshop.

You will take part in practical exercises and apply the concepts of and approaches used to measure the costs and benefits of health interventions.

Throughout the workshop you will have exposure to the tools used in economic evaluation and work with real-life case-studies to explore their application in practice.

This workshop is suitable for researchers and professionals involved in the health sector who would like to learn more about health economics and economic evaluation application to health including a focus on:

  • Costing approaches used in health,
  • Measuring effectiveness and health outcomes,
  • Modelling cost and outcomes.

AICD Director Download | Executive Remuneration & Reward

Executives strive to provide long term value creation for the companies they steward, so why are short term incentives so important and long term incentives less so? Could this be down to ‘bad’ design, or just an adaption to market practice?

  • Dates:Nov 11
  • Time(s):6pm-7pm
  • Venue:AICD WA Division


  • Hosted By:Aust Institute of Company Directors


BDO’s Remuneration and Reward Services Managing Director, Allan Feinberg will highlight the key principles every board should consider when addressing executive remuneration design, regardless of industry, sector, or stage of growth.

What should executive remuneration look like? Is a uniform scheme for all companies the way forward? Join us at the next Director Download on Executive Remuneration & Reward to find out.


What will I take away from this session?

  • Understanding what ‘not to do’ and ‘what to look for’
  • Knowledge on the key principles every board should consider when addressing executive remuneration design

Knowledge of topic required?

  • No prior knowledge

Feed Your Mind at Lunch: Work-life balance, dream or reality?

Join Curtin's Professor Julia Richardson as she discusses work-life balance. Enjoy a complimentary light lunch and have the opportunity to network and ask questions!

  • Dates:12 Nov
  • Time(s):12pm to 1pm
  • Venue:Curtin St Georges Terrace


  • Type:Workshops,Networking,Talks,Lunches
  • Industry:Leadership,Agriculture,Arts & Culture,Education,Mining,Oil & Gas,Human Resources,Environment
  • Hosted By:Curtin University


Achieving work-life balance is becoming increasingly difficult as we try to balance the demands of our work and non-work lives. In this seminar, we will consider the importance of work-life balance, its impact on productivity, career development and individual wellbeing and discuss strategies for achieving work-life balance.

Curtin University’s top researchers will be sharing their insights into some of today's most talked-about subjects in this series of FREE lunchtime talks.

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